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  1. I'm gonna take another crack at it in a few days. When I was working on it last I ended up catching COVID-19. Was dead for about 2 weeks, when I got sorta better work exploded, cats and dogs..... Sorry. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  2. So I've been crazy sick the last week, I was diagnosed with COVID-19, I just decided to try nuking out all the folders in the plugins folder except the theme folder with my backed up appdata folder and now it's working. I could have swore I tested that yesterday. I blame the fever I've been having on and off yesterday and today. I'm sorry, carry on! Ignore the ramblings of the sick girl!!!! lol
  3. The plugin isn't there, if i go through the appdata share and look in the same folder I can literally take everything out of it and it will still put that file back at /usr/share/webapps/rutorrent/plugins/extsearch/engines/. I even tried removing the Docker, it's Image, going stock, it will launch the first time just fine completely stock (yes, I removed the ~/appdata/binhex-rtorrentvpn directory) and it will do it on the second start.
  4. So a LOT of debugging later I figured out what's giving the error; If I go in to the docker via the shell and go to /usr/share/webapps/rutorrent/plugins/extsearch/engines/ I see that for some reason I have JPopsuki.php and jpopsuki.php. If I manually remove the lowercase one (rm jpopsuki.php) and go to the site for my rtorrent and hit F5 the interface loads up normally. If I restart the docker it will auto re-create the file and I will be in the same situation again. I manually created the Uppercase version from
  5. Any idea why I would be getting the 500 server error with these? supervisord.log
  6. How did you get it patched? I've put my efforts on hold right now, was just confirmed to have COVID-19. Been too sick to look at it lol. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  7. For some reason I'm not able to get in to the WebUI. I'm getting this in the logs.
  8. Don't get excited, an update on 6.9. I'm currently looking, line by line in the kernel's source code trying to figure out how to patch it. I'm trying to find information mentioned by rafalz on the ProxMox forums at "" Who's got it working on a 5.X kernel. If you want to help, please DM me. An alternative is to downgrade your BIOS to something sub 2009ish but I don't feel that's a very good workaround.
  9. Can someone help me figure out what's filling my rootfs?
  10. Home Assistant renamed the tab ( to "Supervisor". As for a reverse proxy, I had to edit it to point to the IP vs. the Container name to get it to work. Any add-ons you install with Home Assistant you will have to proxy them too as they have different port mappings.
  11. Is there a way to have the hassio_supervisor just start up normally without having to edit the template each time?
  12. Is your NIC a card or integrated on the board? You may need to get your logs and ask@limetech to add the NICs drivers to the next build. Out patch only fixes a very specific issue with virtualization, nothing driver wise is modified from stock. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  13. Did you replace the NICs in it? My DL370 G6 runs fine after unRAID added my NICs drivers for me like 2 years ago. Just remember your system will also have a iLO Ethernet port on the back which isn't for general data transfer. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  14. Can you get us the system logs please? Like go to Tools then Diagnostics and attach that file. You can anonymize your data if you want.