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  1. In my opinion this change should not have been a forced update. There should be a migration path on a share by share basis and perhaps an additional tool to help identify any dependencies that are still pointing at the old share path that need updating. This was sloppy and not called out enough in the release notes.
  2. When you connect manually to your server, what error do you get? Can you screenshot and attach? Also open the Console application and see if you can pull any related logs.
  3. Do you get any errors? Can you connect to your server from another computer?
  4. Is the issue you can't see the server or connect to the server? Can you go to the Finder, click on the "Go" menu, then connect to server. Type on "smb://" (or whatever the IP of your unRAID server is) and see if it connects?
  5. I haven't been able to replicate your concern. I am on RC2 and have successfully connected and moved/copied files from my 6.9B30 unRAID system without problems.
  6. 6.9 beta 30, settings are attached as a screenshot. AFP is beta 30 is no longer a thing, so it's SMB only.
  7. I’ve used Beta 10 to transfer multiple 1gb (and larger) files to and from my array without issues. I’ve tested this pulling from the cache or from the array, neither has presented issues.
  8. While unRAID themselves to not package drivers with the installation, the unRAID nVidia package installs 450.80.02 (for beta 29/30). I believe it is 440.... for 6.8.3 (stable)
  9. See attached screenshot - I believe this confirms P8 state after Transcoding.
  10. I just updated and confirmed the build works and Plex HW transcoding is functional. Thank you @CHBMB!
  11. I didn't stop to think why the Drobo still worked but unRAID didn't until you poked the "huh" trigger in my head. I checked and the Drobo is still mounting over AFP FS - since I'm on unRAID 6.8.3, I can test this in a bit later as a temporary work around.
  12. I started doing some digging to file a proper bug report (side note Apple updated my ticket and there are more than 10 reports on this issue) and it appears to be a permissions or kernel problem based upon the attached screenshot.
  13. I haven't attempted it, not sure if Fuse is Big Sur compatible either. I'm doing what I need to over SSH, my Drobo is still my primary NAS at the moment, unRAID is running Docker images and VMs for me.