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  1. Okay that was it for me - my local DNS name is "wiki" so my APP_URL to be https://wiki (I use bridged mode so port 443 for my install) and now the most recent version is working great!
  2. Blast you aren't alone there - I blindly applied the update some time ago and just noticed it was broken - I don't rely on Bookstack every day but confirmed that ls25 did patch it up (thanks for that!)
  3. Any idea where I can do this? Sorry first time I've ran into this scenario, most route through my NginX server but in case this I don't want public accessibility to it.
  4. I'm not novice here but whenever I change the port from 8080 (to port 80) on the br0 connection, it still is not accessible over this port. I'm running 6.10-rc2 for reference.
  5. @saarg I was curious has there been any discussion on an option for PHP 8 versus 7.4? I wanted to start testing it out safely without impacting the rest of my containers. Thanks in advance!
  6. Unfortunately I gave up after multiple attempts. I'm now running https://mailinabox.email/ as a VM
  7. Any option to update to 1.14 version of Tailscale? Looks like it's been available for a week or so. No rush and great project!
  8. Fixed up my issues - great work sir!
  9. That's because guys like yourself and @doron make amazing plugins!
  10. Yes sir that fixed it immediately!
  11. In my case FCP was already set to skip and the drives still won't spin down.