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  1. ... --- --- -. -....- -.. .- -.-- / -.-- --- ..- / ... .- -.-- ..--.. -.-.--
  2. Long story short I've converted a Beelink Sei12 Mini PC into a 8TB all flash (1 NVMe, 1 SATA SSD) array unRAID server. The surrounding setup is a UniFi Dream Router, NetGear NightHawk M6 Pro (AT&T), and BLUETTI EB3A Power Station - all packaged into a neat milk crate so the all setup is ultra portable. Currently whenever I am home, I plug in a USB NIC to the front USB-C port to allow it to get a local IP on the network which then I can rsync the latest library updates across. Problem Statement: unRAID gets a little cranky when network adapters are added or removed while Docker is running; frankly the whole thing gets a bit finicky as even if up force the interface online (ifconfig eth1 up), the Web UI won't load. Presently I've written a bash script that queries the number of current network devices when the system boots, and if it changes, reboot. Question: Is there a better way? (Below is my script) #!/bin/bash if test -f "/tmp/current_nics.log"; then current_nic_count=$(ifconfig -a | grep -i eth | grep -i mtu | wc -l) previous_nic_count=$(cat /tmp/current_nics.log) if [ "$current_nic_count" == "$previous_nic_count" ]; then echo "No Change In Network" else echo "Network Changed; Rebooting" /sbin/reboot fi else ifconfig -a | grep -i eth | grep -i mtu | wc -l > /tmp/current_nics.log echo "Default Network Count Being Set" fi
  3. I identified that if you rename your Cache Pool (maybe any pool?) it will lose it's mapping, oddly enough naming it back will fix it. Edit: This is a bit concerning because an exclusive share (See "nextcloud" user share) has reverted directly to "Array" and therefore may end up with some broken configs or missing data. Before Any Changes: Renamed "Cache" to "Speedy":
  4. Did you see?! UNRAID OS VERSION 6.12.0-RC5!!!
  5. For anyone curious - test/beta builds are still happening - 6.12.0-rc2.11 just came out
  6. Dashboard Updates, AutoTrim for xfs and btrfs, Linux Multi-Gen LRU, Release bz file restructure - all kinds of stuff!
  7. It took about 3-5 minutes for it to recognize the backup had stopped. I did edit my post but it fixed itself. Great update to this app also!
  8. Confirmed working now! Found an interesting issue though - I clicked Abort but it appears the gzip stuck in the middle of running so I killed the gzip command at the CLI level. It's now stuck thinking the backup is in running mode; but it isn't as you can see on the screen. Edit: it did finally recognize the backup had finished; I just jumped the gun.
  9. Sorry yes it is Safari Version 16.4 (18615. on macOS Ventura 13.3 - omitted an important word, apologies.
  10. Just tested in Chrome Version 111.0.5563.146 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 11 and it appears that OS/browser did work
  11. Operating System: macOS Ventura 13.3 Browser: Version 16.4 (18615.
  12. You can also see in the config.json I have "Skip" to "No" but yet the Web Interface says Yes
  13. Nuked config.json, updated to Beta 2 and reconfigured. Scheduling still looks bugged in the Web Interface but is saved properly to config.json config.json
  14. I just installed the beta version - when clicking the "Save" button under "Some Extra Settings" -> "Done?", the "Scheduled Backup Frequency" reverts to "Disabled" (I selected Daily) and also the "Skip?" defaults to "Yes" for each Docker container. Downloading the logs results in a 19 byte file that says no log found. Able to help any way I can to troubleshoot. Finally decommissioning the v2.5 version to jump to a beta version that doesn't appear to migrate any data automatically is a bit rough - wish there was an export/import or something.