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    SuperMicro X10SRH-CF Motherboard
    128GB ECC RAM
    Intel Xeon E5-2640 v3 CPU
    UnRaid OS v6.9.1
    Nvidia GT1030 GPU
    Noctua Fans
    Seagate 18TB Hard Drives
  1. Thank you to all for your post. Sorry for the confusion my bad writing caused. Correct, the UnRaid OS boots from the USB stick. However, my question is really about what order does the UnRaid OS address the PCI slots while it is booting up from the USB stick and loading itself into the RAM. Does the UnRaid OS first recognise the PCI slot closest to the CPU (#3 in my graphic above)? Or does the UnRaid OS first recognize the PCI slot farthest away from the CPU (#1 in my graphic above)? SpaceInvader One in his video only mentions "Primary Slot". So I was left confused what does th
  2. Hi All, Below is an illustration of my Supermicro X10SRH-CF motherboard. Can anybody in the community please clarify for me if the UnRaid OS boots from a Left to Right PCI slot order or a Right to Left PCI slot order? Right now the problem is my 710 card is in PCI SLot position #1 however for some reason I don't know the UnRaid OS chooses PCI SLot position #2 as the default GPU to boot from. I do not want it to boot from the 1030 Card. I need my UnRaid OS to choose the PCI slot holding my 710 Card to run as a "Boot To GUI Mode" operation. And I need the UnRaid OS to choose the 1030 c
  3. Hi All, I just learned QNap NAS users recently got hit with a ransomware attack. All their data got encrypted and now they have to pay in Bitcoin to get their data back. I have all of my shares set to PRIVATE. Is that safety measure strong enough to protect my data from any possible ransomware attack directed to the UnRaid OS in the future? Should I also disable the FTP and SSH features in my UnRaid OS for extra security? Any opinions welcome.
  4. Hi All, I got a new 710 Nvidia Card and a 1030 Nvidia Card. Is the VBios dump process performed on both cards or only a single card? I'm using the 1030 card to support my Ubuntu VM and I'm using my 710 card to run my UnRaid OS in GUI mode on the same server. My thinking is I only need to perform the Vbios dump on my 1030 card due to how it is functioning as passthrough for my Ubutnu VM and my 710 card is not. However, I would appreciate it a lot if somebody in the Community can confirm if my thinking is correct or wrong. Thank you for your time.
  5. Thank you for the post Tjb_altf4. This problem with my 1030 card dissappearing from my UnRaid OS System Devices list after I addied a 710 card seriously kicked my butt. I spent an entire day fixing this problem. Not sure which of the three approaches listed below fixed the problem: I reset my Supermicro Motherboard BIOS to factory default settings. I deleted the SpaceInvader One VBios dump script. I deleted the data found in the /config/vfio-pci.cfg file located on the Flash drive. The result is shown in the screen capture below. In short, I can now see both my 103
  6. Thanks Squid for the post. You are correct. Using the lspci command gave me a list that matches the System Devices list which includes no 1030 card. As a troubleshooting test I removed the 710 card and after bootup my System Devices correctly shows my 1030 card as shown in screen capture below: However, my 1030 card does not successfully boot the UnRaid OS to GUI mode. it freezes after the last three lines of code appear shown below: overlayfs: upper fs does not support xattr, falling back to index=off and metacopy=off. overlayfs: upper fs does not support xattr
  7. Can somebody in the community please post the UnRaid OS command I need to type into the terminal so I can see a list of the graphic cards I have installed on the motherboard. I need a way of confirming why my UnRaid OS is ignoring my 1030 card which is connected to the 16x PCI-E GPU slot on the motherboard. System Info: SuperMicro X10SRH-CF Motherboard 128GB ECC RAM Intel Xeon E5-2640 v3 CPU UnRaid OS v6.9.2 Nvidia GT1030 GPU passthrough for my Ubuntu VM Nvidia 710 GPU for my UnRaid OS in GUI Mode Noctua Fans Seagate 18TB Hard Drives
  8. Hi All, My System Devices List no longer shows my Nividia 1030 card after I installed a 710 Nvidia card for the purpose of seeing my UnRaid OS in GUI mode on the same monitor connected to the UnRaid OS server machine. My 1030 card was perfectly running my Ubuntu VM after I set it up using the SpaceInvader One Vbios Dump script. The screen capture below shows the 1030 card errors I get in my VFIO PCI log. The ERROR reads: "Vendor:Device #### not found at ####. Unable to bind device." One error is for the GPU and the other error is for the Audio on the GPU. In short, the 710
  9. I am adding the screen capture below which shows my VFIO PCI Log. The pink errors are associated to my 1030 card which is showing up missing after I installed my 710 card. The ERROR reads: "Vendor:Device #### not found at ####. Unable to bind device." One error is for the GPU and the other error is for the Audio on the GPU. Does anybody in the community have any advice on how I could fix the error below so my 1030 card can come back as a passthrough binded device? Before adding the 710 card my 1030 card was working correctly and I was able to launch my Ubuntu VM remotely from my
  10. Hi all, tjb_altf4 thank you for your post. I went to my System Devices area as you advised and I have the following to report. I was not aware of this before making my last post but It looks like adding my 710 card has made my 1030 card dissappear from my System Devices area. I no longer see it listed in System Devices and when I go to my Ubuntu VM it shows the 710 card has taken the place of the 1030 card. This is bad news for me because my Ubuntu VM was working great on my 1030 card setup as a passthrough. I hate to think my Ubuntu VM no longer works due to how my 1030 card has disappe
  11. tjb_altf4, Thanks for the help. Just a followup question I hope you or anybody in the community can answer. I have two Nvidia cards. One is a 710 and the other is a 1030. The 1030 is designated for my Ubuntu VM and setup as a passthrough card. And the 710 is designated for my UnRaid OS to run in GUI mode. Is it possible to install this Nvidia driver plugin you mention so it only impacts the 710 card and not the 1030 card? My 1030 card is working great for my Ubuntu VM as a passthrough and I would like to know before I install this Nvidia driver plugin for my 710 card if this driver c
  12. Hi ich777, I just created the post shown in the link below which relates to 4k resolution support when booting straight into UnRaid OS GUI mode before learning about your plugin: In short, I have two Nvidia cards installed. My 710 card is dedicated to supporting my UnRaid OS booted into GUI mode. My second card is an Nvidia 1030 which is setup as a passthrough to support my Ubuntu VM. I hope you can clarify the following. My Ubuntu VM is working perfectly and I can see the
  13. Hi All, I am using UnRaid OS version 6.9.1 and booting straight into GUI mode on the same stand alone machine. Additionally, I am using an LG 4k Monitor which is connected to an Nvidia 710 card via an HDMI cable and also have an Nvidia 1030 for my Ubuntu passthrough. The problem is my UnRaid OS GUI resolution makes everything on the display appear very big as shown in screen capture below: When I go to the DISPLAY SETTINGS area in the GUI I cannot find any monitor resolution setting that will allow me to see my GUI in a 4k resolution. How do I install
  14. Squid, thank you for your post. Fortunately, my LG monitor has an HDMI 1 port and a HDMI 2 port. So it looks like it is a matter of using the SIGNAL selector button on my monitor to manaully switch between HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 source signals. Also I am going to disable the onboard VGA on my SuperMicro Motherboard. Having it enabled is most likely going to cause some kind of problem.