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  1. Well, I DID get it working shortly after I posted, but I will be honest and say I have NO idea what I did differently to make it work. That being said, that bug fix you linked clearly seems like it would be the fix I needed. But on the same note, that patch is 10 days old and I was messing with this less than 10 days ago.... who knows. It's currently working and everyone (for now) is happy. Thanks!
  2. MineOS-node Ok, I seem to have a problem with this docker. I can make new servers just fine, but when I import a server from zip, it unzips into <server name>/world and then moves everything back into <server name> leaving /world/ empty. Then when I launch the server, it creates a new server inside /world/. I thought I could manually just move all my files into the /world/ but I don't seem to have permissions to do so? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm tearing (what's left) of my hair out here. Thanks!
  3. In regards to MineOS-Node... Can anyone help me with permissions? I'm trying to import an existing world (either via .zip or by the root folder itself) and I can not get my files copied to the docker. It appears I don't have permissions or anything to the folder. I've even tried within Krusader but with no luck. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
  4. can somebody help me with folder permissions? This is something that has plagued me for years with UnRaid and I'm at my breaking point In this scenerio, I'm trying to set up a Minecraft server for my kid and I need to copy over his existing /world/ folder to the /appdata/minecraft/servers folder so the minecraft server docker can see it and I can import it. But I can not copy over any files to that folder. I've even tried changing "Minecraft Files" container path in the docker to something outside the /appdata/ folder (I tried an unassigned device for example) and I still can't write files to it. these are the permissions on the /appdata/minecraft/ folder in question: drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users 80 Jun 18 19:23 minecraft/
  5. I'm having some issues getting this set up. I installed mySQL as the database server with what I think are the correct parameters. After entering everything in Piwigo's initial setup for database configuration I get a "Cannot connect to server" message. Though I'm pretty sure everything in there is right - at least as far as I know.
  6. I've attached the latest diagnostics. If it helps at all, the most recent crash was around 10am CST today, 01/02/2020 shelbyville-diagnostics-20200102-2200.zip
  7. Well this is a new one for me as my unRaid has been very stable for all the years I've used it. Over the past week or so however, I've been getting daily crashes. The only thing that has changed is I did do some fairly major drive shuffling around - reduced to single parity, replaced remaining parity, replaced 3 array drives with single drive. I've been getting random crashes, roughly every 24hrs or so it seems since then. What's my course of action here? What log(s) should I be looking at to help diagnose this? Thanks in advance
  8. Best thing? The community - here in the official forums, reddit... anywhere. It's insane the amount of free (great!) help people are willing to provide. Thing to add? separate and distinct arrays
  9. I've just started messing with Tdarr, and had some questions in regards to setting up a plug in to do what I'd like it do. Ideally, I want only English audio streams in my movies (I have a billion .mkvs already). The only problem I see is that in my /movies/ folder there are a handful of Chinese/Japanese movies already where I would want to keep those in the native language (I prefer subs to dubs). So, short of seperating those out of the /movies/ folder, I'll have to resort to just keeping all English, Chinese and Japanese audio streams for mkvs found in /movies/ , correct? If so, is that possible? On the same note, I really don't need any fancy audio streams - I basically just have a TV and no soundbar/stereo setup. So I'd like to just convert any audio streams to AC3 (I think that should be sufficient?) and save a lot of file size. If so, is that possible as well? Thanks for you time!
  10. Waste of time.* I have all my shares set to "fill up" with roughly a 10GB minumum free space. 10 out of 11 disks are at 99% and ~10GB remaining. When the 11th disk hits 90%, then I will order a new one. No sense in having free space sitting on disks and for that matter empty disks sitting around doing nothing. I'm not overly concerned about getting every drop of speed out of my drives. Under normal usage (99.99% of the time) nothing comes close to saturating the speed of the drive even at 99% full. *there are differing thoughts on this though.
  11. I have a SuperMicro X8TD6 MB. I had working sensors and temps. Started messing around and reinstalled the plugin. Now I get no sensors listed. This stinks.
  12. Likely a dumb question, but can somebody explain the Low temperature threshold vs High temperature threshold in he Fan Auto Control plugin?
  13. I am too. And my server sits in a cold, dark corner of the basement where nobody will see it or know WTH it is. And I still want a badge!
  14. Ok I need a little help and excuse my extreme ignorance on how to get this running, please. I have a backup .tgz of a MC server. I have installed MineOs-node on my unraid server. How do I get this .tgz installed and running in MineOs. Babysteps, if you don't mind Thank you in advance Edit; let me point out I was able to create a NEW server that he could connect to and run around and everything worked fine (as far as I know). I just want to restore this /world/ folder so that he can get back to the progress he had previously. Edit2: Well, what the heck. I restarted the docker within unRaid and went back to the webgui for MineOS-node. Now the test server I created isn't listed in the gui? The files are still in the /appdata/minecraft/ folder like before. It's just not showing in the gui itself?
  15. Seemed to work for me. Was able to identify some files on 2 disks. Using unBalance and "Gather" function to clean them up. Also found some files where I just had duplicates but with different names. Just deleted the duplicates directly. Is there a switch to only search for certain document types/extension?