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  1. My favorite feature about unraid is just the webui and how much flexability the OS has. If i could add a feature, it would be a package or installer to add drivers to the OS for ease of device passthrough into dockers or VM's. Obviously that increases the size of the OS but i think unraid is at that point that it needs to be an option at least. Keep up the good work and i look forward to multiple pool support in the future releases.
  2. Every single time i had an issue with unraid i watched your videos. I honestly think i have watched them all. And everytime someone needs help with unraid they like a video of yours. How does it feel to literally be the main person for all up and coming unraid users.
  3. I went around different operating systems for years trying to make the perfect home server. Windows was a bust. Ubuntu didnt have the right stuff i wanted. Unraid with parity and docker containers and VMs is perfect. I have used Unraid for just over a year and im super impressed with its flexability. There is no better OS
  4. I have searched everywhere and I cant seem to access or find my Grafana.ini file. I need to edit it so i can set disable_sanitize_html to true for embedded links. Has anyone dont this or can get me a quick guide. Nothing i have looked up or tried has worked. Apparently I can edit the variable to make this work but im not sure what im doing in regards to it.
  5. I would love to see an offical version of the nvidia and dvb intergrated into unraid so drivers can be added as required.
  6. Hey Customizer Guru's, With the new 6.7 RC Releases I really love the new case models on the dashboard. I see how they have alot of different cases including cases like the darkbase 600. I was wondering if there is a plugin to change these or grab more model types. I would love to have a model of my Phanteks Elite in there.