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  1. Can confirm I got the same issue as @cammelspit
  2. @Froodle Yeah no dramas I can do that now.. Cheers
  3. I didnt make the application, the Github Developer should take all the credit. I just made the template for the CA store.
  4. Overview: Support for Plex Library Cleaner. Application: Plex Library Cleaner Docker Hub: GitHub: Documentation:
  5. Hey All, Im trying a get a custom web server running with swag and i'm having some dramas upstanding the documentation so i was wondering if i could get some help.. I have set up multiple reverse proxies but never hosted my own html. I have created a .html file id like to host with my own sub-domain. As far as i understand i should move my html files into /config/www folder and in site-confs folder i should have a config file that points to said config/www folder. Within said conf file I should have which subdomain swag should be pointing too. Im not really sure if im missing anything or if my config file is correct or not. Does anyone have any guides or documentation that could help. Regards, Justin
  6. Overview: Support for Docker image CNCJS. Application: CNCJS - Docker Hub: GitHub: Documentation:
  7. @b3rs3rk Thanks for the response. I have 3 gpus in my system at the moment and im happy to help and test you would like. I also have 2 older gpus if you require a card for testing yourself
  8. Hey Mex, I love what your doing here! If possible I would love a Phanteks Enthoo Elite please!
  9. Hey Guys I love the Plugin, If i may place a feature request. Can I get multi gpu support. either the option of multiple dashboards or just seeing which apps are working across multiple gpus.
  10. I got this working following the guide and using docker-folders. I cant seem to get reverse proxy to work, its making my SWAG fail. has anyone got this working
  11. Has anyone got a working SWAG conf file for reverse proxy
  12. @darkrom Cheers. I just made the templete for unraid. Feel free to go to the discord and thank Matt. He is the real mastermind.
  13. Overview: Support for Docker image Posterr. Application: Posterr - Docker Hub: GitHub: Documentation: Discord:
  14. Yeah got it going nice work man. How would i amend the docker to work with the new 6.9 beta 22 that released a few hours ago. Id love to test the pools