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  1. Is that for the subdomain issue? I keep getting a 502 Bad Gateway error - none of my other subdomains are having an issue. Although I did have to change port 8118 to 8119 (which I may have done incorrectly) since 8118 is being used by deluge. I have both deluge and qbittorrent because the deluge version isn't whitelisted by a private tracker I use. When I search "iptable" in supervisord.log I see many instances of this: With the only differences between them being the timestamps and the "4" and "8" on lines 4 & 5.
  2. I just added this docker today and was able to get it up and running. Was on the WebUI (via without issue, but wasn't able to connect, and still can't, from my subdomain (qbittorrent.WEBSITE.com). In my troubleshooting I went into the QBitTorrent Options -> WebUI and turned on the WebUI and set the IP address and port to match my Unraid QBitTorrent docker. After this I immediately lost connection to the WebUI and have not been able to get it back. I imagine setting the WebUI in the QBitTorrent options to match the Docker caused a conflict, but now I'm not sure how to resolve this issue. Edit: I solved this issue by going to \\tower\appdata\binhex-qbittorrentvpn\qBittorrent\config and editing the qBittorrent.conf file. At the bottom you'll see a section for WebUI -- at first I tried to just wipe the "WebUI\Address" to "*" but that didn't work. So I deleted the entire WebUI section. It reverted the password back to the default so I had to go change it again, but it got me back onto the WebUI.
  3. Hey guys, so I recently started using a wireless USB drive to store dashcam/security cam footage from my Tesla following this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/teslamotors/comments/au0f3h/accessing_tesla_dashcam_and_sentry_mode_video/ I set the USB drive to a static IP address through my router ( and was able to connect to the drive and map it as a network drive through windows explorer: \\\files\TeslaCam So now the part where I'm stuck is trying to backup/sync this folder with a folder on the Unraid server. The options I've considered are: - Setup a scheduled task through windows on my main PC to sync the TeslaCam share with one of my Unraid shares. (Looks like Task Scheduler doesn't have access to share drives in Windows, also I'd have to make sure my main PC is always on for this to work) - Use Unassigned Devices to connect to the USB stick over the network (I'm not sure how to connect to the drive using NFS/SMB which seem to be the only options for Unassigned Devices) - Auto-Pull the folder contents to Unraid through terminal (I have no idea where to start for this) I've been running into dead-ends with each of these. If anyone has advice or alternative suggestions I would very much appreciate them. Thank you!