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  1. I'm not really sure. The author of the software seems to use the weekly schedules for this somehow (see here Best you ask the author himself, though it doesn't seem he is really actively answering any issues...
  2. @Lonewolf147 Glad you found a solution I'm sorry I didn't answer immediately, the week through I was in the military + sick so I have a lot of sleep to catch up to.... If you have any other questions or such, I will be able to answer until Sunday afternoon (UTC+1)
  3. @M00se@musicking Yeah seems like the author of the Docker has made a typo and I did not check myself. Thx for the info, fix will be live in about 2h as soon as possible. And I really hope everything works now, this is getting a little bit embarrassing and ridiculous :). Edit: Changes are now committed. 2h from now then...
  4. @M00se I've now pushed a proper fix, it should be available in max. 2 hours. I think the best course of action is to just wait and then install the fixed version. Please do tell me though if you have any problems with the fixed version or if everything works as expected.
  5. Okay so @cammelspit, @veizour, @SuperKing, @Alphacosmos and @nirav I found a temporary way to fix this. Beware though it is temporary and involves some work. So you might want to wait for an official solution. Delete your Rollarr container and image Create in your '/mnt/user/appdata/rollar' directory a new file with the name 'data.json' Enter the following lines into the 'data.json' file {"URL":""} Reinstall the Rollarr app and change the 'Appdata' path variable to the one shown in the attached file. I think that should work. You essentially mount a single file instead of the entire directory. The creation of the file beforehand is necessary because Docker would otherwise jsut create a directory with the name 'data.json'. @Squid I've made an issue on GitHub. Is there something else to be done? Because I'm not entirely sure I can just leave this like this until the issue is fixed.
  6. Yep that will load just fine but as soon as you restart update the container all of your configuration will be deleted. This or install all the permanent data into a subdirectory. Sadly I am not the author of the docker file or software this is using. Figured as much this morning but life and work came between me and fixing this. I am going to contact the dev/make a PR to the repository and try to find a solution too. Hold thight, gonna do that as soon as life allows me too this evening.
  7. That's strange. I'm gonna take a look at it, thanks for the info.
  8. Overview: Dedicated support topic for the Docker templates I made Rollarr🎥 Docker Hub: Repository: Template Repository: Plex Pre-Rolls: Rollarr is a python script with web GUI that allows you to automate your Plex Server Pre-roll. You can specify if you would like your pre-roll updated monthly, weekly, daily, or for specific holidays. For example you can have this setup to apply a standard Pre-roll during regular times of the year and then during holidays update the pre-roll automatically! Installation instructions: Before creating this container you will have to: Create the appdata folder as '/mnt/user/appdata/rollarr' Create a new file inside that folder with the name 'data.json' Enter the following text inside the 'data.json' file: {"URL": ""} After that you can download and start the container. Rollarr and the associated Docker container are made by thehumanrobot, not me. If you want to support him, consider buying him a coffee. prometheus-qbittorrent-exporter🧭 Docker Hub: Repository: Template Repository: A prometheus exporter for qBitorrent. Get metrics from a server and offers them in a prometheus format.