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  2. That is indeed the video I followed back when I originally set up cloudflare and NGINX. However I since followed their video for creating an tunnel via CF. To clarify, my setup is working currently with other containers. It has also worked previously with a different template for Nextcloud ( I switched to this official container because of other problems I was having with Nextcloud. Since this has worked previously and is currently working with other containers, I think the problem is with my Nextcloud config. Given the fact that the requests are making it through CF and NGINX and hitting Nextcloud, but are getting flagged as insecure, I don't think I'm whitelisting properly since it doesn't solve the issue.
  3. How to access remotely via Cloudflare tunnel & NPM ? I'm running unRaid 6.11.1 I have a Nextcloud container using the official template with default port mapping. It is running on the same custom docker network I use for all of my containers. I have a domain ( on Cloudflare with a tunnel set up to my server. I have created a CNAME for Nextcloud ( I have set up a proxy host in NPM using my domain cert from CF and the following settings enabled: HTTP scheme, cache asstes, block common exploits, force SSL, HTTP/2 support, HSTS Enabled, HSTS subdomains I can't connect remotely. If I try with HTTPS scheme, I get a Bad Gateway Cloudflare error. If I try with HTTP scheme, I get a Nextcloud "Access through untrusted domain" error. I have tried adding variations of mydomain to the whitelist in config.php with no change (*;;; etc.) What is the proper, most secure way to get remote access to an official image instance of Nextcloud from CA?
  4. New theory: issue occurs when Plex is transcoding AND Nextcloud sync operation is running? That was the system state at the time of hanging today anyway. So far Plex has been running for all the hangs I've been present for. And the only non-Plex was with Jellyfin?? Also new with today's freeze: the UI returned many errors of devices not being available for unmounting during the Powerdown, resulting in an unclean shutdown. mootower-diagnostics-20230120-1458 - HANG mootower-diagnostics-20230120-1501 - POST
  5. I had a though last night, don't know if it's relevant. I have been getting CRC errors on one of my data drives. I've kept an eye on it, and recently it started happening more frequently. I've swapped the cable, and the mobo port and they continued. Yesterday I moved it into a different bay in the Norco 3x5 and if it still grows then I'm assuming bad drive. With that said about the drive, is it possible for an error communicating with a data drive, like during playback or transcode or whatever, could cause the OS/UI to freeze? With several of my reboots from hangs, the system fails to POST due to a SMART error with that drive. I press F1 to retry and it boots normally. Just grasping at straws really. I hope to have funds in the next few months to rebuild my server and replace/upgrade everything but the data drives. Just needs to hang in there until then lol.
  6. ok thanks for looking. I will keep going with plugins, then I'll try disabling iGPU transcoding. Just grasping at straws really. If I can't find a root cause, I hope to have funds in the next few months to rebuild my server and replace/upgrade everything but the data drives. Just needs to hang in there until then.
  7. Just hung up again. This time, a user was initiating a Plex remote stream that was transcoding from 1080 - SD (no idea why she would have her iOS Plex app set to SD). Attached are the diagnostics from during the freeze (~15:25) and right after reboot and starting the array. Any help anyone can provide in parsing these for a potential cause to start troubleshooting next would be greatly appreciated. I will continue disabling 1 plugin at a time unless other suggestions come in. Though I the fact that the 2 most recent incidents involved Jellyfin playback or Plex transcoding/playback make me inclined to think it's something related to video? I'm at a loss really. mootower-diagnostics-20230116-1527 -- DURING mootower-diagnostics-20230116-1537 -- AFTER REBOOT and ARRAY
  8. I was not able to force a hang by replicating the actions with Jellyfin. It might have just coincidentally froze while I was testing Jellyfin - client stream?
  9. So I disabled all plugins and have been running in normal mode since 12/30. Every couple of days I re-enabled a few plugins, with the final batch being on 1/12. So far, no issues or freezes at all and I thought all must be well, the issue was with a plugin that was corrected by reinstalling. Today I was testing the Roku Jellyfin app (having recently setting up a container), and upon playing a file and returning to the menu, unRaid locked up again. Just the same as before, with all shares accessible and the console as well via SSH. Just the UI and apps are not responding. I can log into the Main and container WebUIs, but nothing loads. I'm attaching a diagnostic zip from during the hang (generated via console command), as well as the auto generated post-boot one. The freeze occurred at ~12:10. Syslog doesn't seem to report anything relevant, but I can attach it if needed. mootower-diagnostics- DURING - mootower-diagnostics- POST REBOOT -
  10. So far running stable after a couple days running in safe mode. I've renamed the extension of the .plg files. Clarification on the plugin testing: Is it enough to install one at a time during the current safe boot session? Or do I need to reboot into normal mode after restoring each .plg extension?
  11. Or can I just restore a copy of the .plg file into the /plugins/ folder? I have backed up the folder to another PC.
  12. This is by deleting all plugins (per below from a different post), then re-install one-by one and boot in normal mode? Can I leave the config folders in /plugins/ for the re-install?
  13. I will try safe mode. But, since I don't have a definitive way of forcing the issue, or any correlated events to test, how will I rule out plugin issues? Do I leave it run and if there's no freeze-up for x # of days then I assume it's a plugin?
  14. and here is the version created just before powerdown reboot
  15. Just had another OS freeze. The shares are still accessible but not any of the webUIs. I was able to run generate a diagnostics via IPMI and have attached.