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  1. I'm not finding any info in either documentation regarding an existing configuration option for permissions or how to add them to the template. I'm probably overlooking it.
  2. Is there an environment variable available to set UMASK for the SLSKD container? Right now all files/folders are set as -rw-r--r--
  3. I am using the default. Oddly enough, I upgraded unRaid last night from v6.11.5 to v6.12.4, and now it is working as expected. Loving the container!
  4. I just installed SLSKD and it works great! However, if I launch the WebUI via unRaid, browser URL field is blank and nothing loads. However entering the IP:PORT in the browser works. I am routing the container through another for VPN. In the VPN container I have added both the HTTP & HTTPS ports indicated in the SLSKD template. I'm sure I'm overlooking something basic in my config.
  5. I've been putting off upgrading but think I'd like to take the plunge so as to not fall any farther behind. I've been reading up on the history of the MACVLAN vs. IPVLAN issues and am hoping I won't have trouble. But I'd like to know if there are steps I can take to help make sure it will go as smoothly as possible. For instance: I've not used any manual/static IPs for my containers. Would it benefit me to switch them all/some over prior to the upgrade? Should I try switching to IPVLAN before the upgrade? Server mobo has 2 NICs + IPMI. I currently have the NICs as bond0 for redundancy, but only 1 is currently connected to the switch. I am using a custom Docker network for all of my containers (except iPerf3 as Host & Macinabox as Bridge). Will this help or hurt my chances for issues? I am using a domain with Cloudflare tunnel + NGINX reverse proxy. I only 1 router port forwarded to the server for PLEX. Will anything need adjusted on my router? Home network is simple: Modem > Router > Switch (unmanaged) > Clients (unRaid Server, PCs, VOIP, & AP [for phones, tablets, & TV]) The server is assigned a static IP in the router. I don't have any other Container-specific configurations, VLANS, or special firewall rules for unRaid What tests/diagnostics/errors should I look our for after the upgrade? Anything else I'm overlooking? Here is a link to my Network & Docker configs. Please let me know if any other settings or console outputs would be useful.
  6. I've used "GRANT ALL" & "SET OWNER" for the user on this database Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
  7. I've tried to follow the install instructions for Invidious but I am unable to access the WebUI. I am getting the following error in the logs (seems to repeat for all tables): Unhandled exception in spawn: permission denied for table users (PQ::PQError) from lib/pg/src/pq/ in 'handle_error' from lib/pg/src/pq/ in 'handle_async_frames' from lib/pg/src/pq/ in 'read' from lib/pg/src/pq/ in 'perform_query' from lib/db/src/db/ in 'query:args' from lib/db/src/db/ in 'query:args' from lib/db/src/db/ in 'begin' from src/invidious/ in '->' from /usr/share/crystal/src/ in 'run' from ??? Please let me know what info/files I can attach for more info.
  8. Is this not possible? Should I just delete the VM and start over?
  9. Every time I spin up the VM I get an error about memory module configuration. Here are screenshots of the error as well as the info from macOS.
  10. Woke up to this error notification this morning. The system seems to be ok now so I'm not sure of the severity, other than this should never happen if everything is configured correctly, right? I set up a macOS VM yesterday using the Macinabox container. This is the first VM I've used (aside from quick testing way back when), so I'm guessing I might have configured that wrong somehow? can someone please take a peek at my diagnostics to see what the culprit is so I can read up on a solution?
  11. I used SpaceInvaderOne's tutorial and Macinabox to spin up a Big Sur VM. I want to shrink the vDisk but am not sure how. Right now the vDisk is designated 100GB and 29GB shows as allocated. I'm not familiar with macOS or how the Disk Utility manages the volumes, so I don't know what work needs done there before editing the VM image in unRaid.
  12. Ok after backing up AppData and documenting all my current container and client settings I decided to try the :libtorrentv1 tag direct from v4.3.9. Now here's where I feel real dumb. I remembered that I was using a custom webUI and thought, "hey I bet that's not compatible or something". Sure enough, I revert to the default webUI, restart the container, then update it, and voila! Now it nuked my settings but they were easy enough to revert. It also nuked any empty categories, but I just recreated them with all their paths. Now I just hope it keeps running stable while I look for a new dark theme.
  13. Bumping , please advise on upgrade path. i.e.: What versions between 4.3.9 and latest have major changes that need applied it configured before advancing versions. I want to get this container current before upgrading unRAID. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk *Edited because I had the wrong version listed. I'm on 4.3.9 and looking for a safe upgrade path. I'm the meantime I'm reading up on qt6 and libtorrent 1.2 to see if either caused the issues I had trying to upgrade directly.
  14. Is there a step-stone approach I need to take to safely upgrade to :latest from v3.3.9? What is the proper way to get current from this old release? I tried to go directly but it blew up my Category/Folder config. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk