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  1. Anyone having issues with rarbg as an indexer? It has been working great for 6+ months. Now it won't search. A test fails. But the test on radarr for it works fine. Any ideas? I removed it and added it again but it wont save because it wont pass the test. I've restarted the server and the docker and nothing. I'm trying not to wipe the entire thing off and start again but I will if I have to.
  2. DOH! I didn't even see that there last night lol🤣
  3. That worked perfectly. But now the nitpicking in me needs it to open in a new tab without having to right click on it. Any ideas? I'm going to start googling haha
  4. So question. Trying to create a webui button. But when I put in my Serverip:Port and then go to the dashboard and click the webui button it takes me to ServerIP/ServerIP:port. If I create the button with just :port it takes me to ServerIP/:port As you can see I need to get rid of the /. How do I make it so it doesn't do that?
  5. Well right now I'm getting a server error 500 when trying to connect. So I can't even connect to the webui currently. I'm just frustrated with this project. I wish I could figure out how to wrap it into a nice docker template.
  6. Kind of a question haha. This helps. Didnt know it was a feature. But I've completely broken this docker now. It doesnt work. hmmmph
  7. So I put that in. But now I need to restart it. But i can't remember how I did it the other day 🤣 fml I suck at this
  8. I would die if someone would make The Spaghetti Detective into a docker on Community Apps. I got it running on Unraid but it is so hard to tweak and hardly works. https://github.com/TheSpaghettiDetective/TheSpaghettiDetective
  9. I am running some docker-compose containers on my server. But I am unable to do the traditional "edit" to change the network they are running on. How do I change them to my custom proxy net?
  10. Figure out how to get it running or combine them? Because I have it running. I just want it in the Community Apps to download for future use. There isn't one there yet. I removed it and did a fresh install and it worked.
  11. Thanks for the info. I tried it and it will not work. I keep naming the folder, selecting the dockers and then clicking submit. It acts as if it works but then it does not.
  12. Hey all. So I am using The Spaghetti Detective(detects errors during 3D printing) and I have it installed on unraid. But it is split into 4 different dockers. Is there a way to combine them into one? I would like to be able to publish it to the community apps if possible to help other people use it. If anyone is interested in helping out tons of people would really appreciate it. This is the info I used to install it. https://github.com/TheSpaghettiDetective/TheSpaghettiDetective/issues/192 https://github.com/TheSpaghettiDetective/TheSpaghettiDetective
  13. Is gameconfig in the server appdata? Because I clicked on the docker icon and clicked edit. Then I deleted the UDP settings and changed them to 34196 and 34198 to see if either would work and they did not. Would you mind posting a screencap of your settings so I can see what I am doing wrong?
  14. I thought I did answer the questions. Did I not? I changed it in the template. I had port forwarded and a static IP for the dockers already. If I don't change the docker container port from 34197 I can only run one of them at a time. But if I change the docker container port then one of them wont be able to be accessed. It will show on the factorio multiplayer finder but will not allow a connection. You have two active factorio servers that are up pointing at the factorio servers? Allowing other players to connect?