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  1. Does anyone have any idea what this means?
  2. Yeah very confusing. I thought it was the GUI bugging. however even after a reboot its not changed..
  3. See Attached HPMicroserver_Share - Google Chrome 2019-09-09 21-41-34.mp4
  4. Hey All, So I've got my UnRAID server all setup and working great. I'm wanting to lock down my shares. When I change the Security from Public to Private and click apply, then done It doesnt change. I've tried rebooting the server, stopped and restarted the array and still nothing.. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. 1 - Pass 2 - Pass 3 - Pass After 5 continuous reboots doing the above it seems to have resolved itself lol. Thanks for your assistance 😀
  6. Yes Boot sequence is set to boot from USB 1st. What exactly do you mean by "array key"? And yes I will try these steps once confirmed array key.. Cheers
  7. As mentioned, So I downloaded the unraid files of the site, copied over the bz* files and put that in and its booted with no issues. However after a reboot I get the following; So I Thought the USB must be on its way out as its old and could be dodgy. So I took a backup of the USB and created a backup USB using the unRAID USB creator. So I boot the New USB and get the following; I then thought this was a disk issue and tried to run the makebootable as admin. but the same happens. any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I cant reboot my machine without having to rebuild the USB stick...
  8. System passes Memory test no problem. I'm using a HP Proliant Gen 8 Microserver which only has USB2 ports. the issue is very strange as it boots no bother when i create a fresh USB. then after the first reboot its corrupt. Thanks,
  9. Any update would be appreciated right now...
  10. Hey Guys, I'm having issues booting, every time I reboot the Unraid Server I get "LMZA Data is Corrupt. System Halted" when booting. At first I thought it was the current USB (Its old) So I bought a new Kingston 8GB USB, Used the USB Creator tool to deploy the backup onto the stick (as per guide https://wiki.unraid.net/UnRAID_6/Changing_The_Flash_Device) So After the above I now get "Non-system disk or disk error" Struggling with this and would appreciate any assistance I can get.. Cheers 😊
  11. Hey All, anyone had had issues with Sonarr DB corruption. The exact error I’m getting from the logs is; “Task Error: database disk image is malformed database disk image is malformed” googled it and seen a couple threads where people have recommended restoring backup, however only having installed UnRaid around a week ago I haven’t backed it up. I’ve tried removing the Sonarr docket however when redownloading it again I find myself in the same situation. Any suggestions would be appreciated..
  12. Thanks Squid! Appreciate it
  13. Tried all of the above, was convinced the USB had failed. Created a new UnRAID USB and copied over the bz* files and it seemed to boot. No idea how that solved the issue but it’s seems to have fixed it (atleast temporarily). Thanks for your assistance though :)
  14. Apologies, edited with correct image format.
  15. Hey all, Wondering if anyone can assist. Completely new to unRAID and had my HP Microserver Gen 8 up and running for around 5 days with no issues. Decided to give the server a reboot. and now the machine wont boot into unRAID. i've connected a monitor to the server and I'm getting a "end trace" error I've attached a screenshot of the error... any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks,