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  1. Ahhh okay, Thanks for this info.
  2. Wouldn't this then make the VM unable to boot on next startup? I have a ubuntu VM and whenever its rebooted It reinstalls everything again causing it to use default logins etc.
  3. Hey All, Hope everyones well. I recently started using VM's on my UNRAID Build. They work flawlessly however I find when I reboot the VM's they display the attached error, and also seem to go through the OS installation again. Could anyone advise where im going wrong :) Thanks in advance.
  4. find diagnostics attached. unraid-diagnostics-20191223-2045.zip
  5. Hey All, recently noticed my cache disks are filling up and the mover doesn’t seem to clear anything up. So I’m thinking something’s been partially downloaded and got stuck on the cache disk. Do you know of any good apps to check what the largest dirs on the cache disks are. Or am I best going into terminal and checking that way
  6. Does anyone know the default username/password?
  7. Hey All, Recently installed MineOS as a docker on my Unraid server, however i dont know default username/password. I did specify the password so assuming i know that. can anyone advise the username? Thanks
  8. Hey All, Hope everyones well. I've recently rebuilt my unraid server as the previous Gen8 HP Microservers motherboard died. I've got new disks and now when trying to start the array I get the following error. "ERROR:TOO_MANY_MISSING_DISKS" is there something I can do to make unraid forget about my previous build. I would just get a new USB however my key is on this one and I've already transferred it so cant do anything without emailing support. Hope there is something in the config I can remove to make it forget my previous disks etc..
  9. I've recently done a complete rebuild of my unraid server, I moved from a HP Gen8 Microserver to a custom AMD Build. (See Build list below) https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/v9FrvW I'm housing this in the Fractal Design Define R6 which can house up to 10 drives, I've powered my first drive up with the SATA Power from the PSU to the drive however the cable only can supply power to 3 drives. (Image of cable i'm talking about below.) Is it possible to get one that will supply power to 5+ Drives? Ideally I dont want multiple cables running if i can get one decent one and run that instead. and advice/tips would be apprecaited.
  10. I do have the Plex Pass, I’ll have up to 5 streams at any one point. And as for endpoints these will be either mobile devices such as iPads etc or smart TV’s with the Plex app installed.
  11. I see, I was under the impression the transcoding was done by the GPU. In that case that’ll save me a fortune lol
  12. Ahhh Excellent, I’ll hold off until Black Friday and see if any of my parts go on offer. 🤞🏼 John_M mentioned above to run a 1050ti you’ll need a special version of UnRAID. Did you need to install this?
  13. Ahhh, Ace! Tbh I thought with the amount of dockers the thermals wouldnt be great. but seeing you manage makes me no longer worry lol.. I heard that plex transcoding was pretty resource intense and thought of getting a bigger case with more fans and possibly a AIO CPU cooler.
  14. Very Nice, Looks ace! What do you use your unraid server for? I originally wanted a build very similar to yours however I run my unraid server as a NAS with 5/6 Dockers (PiHole, Sonarr, Radarr, Plex, DuckDNS and Lets encrypt.) I know Plex can be abit resource greedy at times. I may rethink my spec if you're doing similar with yours. Thanks,