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  1. I do have the Plex Pass, I’ll have up to 5 streams at any one point. And as for endpoints these will be either mobile devices such as iPads etc or smart TV’s with the Plex app installed.
  2. I see, I was under the impression the transcoding was done by the GPU. In that case that’ll save me a fortune lol
  3. Ahhh Excellent, I’ll hold off until Black Friday and see if any of my parts go on offer. 🤞🏼 John_M mentioned above to run a 1050ti you’ll need a special version of UnRAID. Did you need to install this?
  4. Ahhh, Ace! Tbh I thought with the amount of dockers the thermals wouldnt be great. but seeing you manage makes me no longer worry lol.. I heard that plex transcoding was pretty resource intense and thought of getting a bigger case with more fans and possibly a AIO CPU cooler.
  5. Very Nice, Looks ace! What do you use your unraid server for? I originally wanted a build very similar to yours however I run my unraid server as a NAS with 5/6 Dockers (PiHole, Sonarr, Radarr, Plex, DuckDNS and Lets encrypt.) I know Plex can be abit resource greedy at times. I may rethink my spec if you're doing similar with yours. Thanks,
  6. Very Nice, Funnily enough I was looking at the exact same case, as I wanted something that looks remotely similar to the Microserver. I was scared off by thermals though. I'm curious to know how it runs? Thanks,
  7. Hello John_M, Appreciate the feedback, being honest I'd prefer my build to be as minimal hassle as possible. Do you recommend any other boards for under £150. As for the suggestions regarding the GPU. do all GPU's require a "Special version" of Unraid? As mentioned I'm looking to run the vanilla install of unraid with minimal hassel I really apprecaite the feedback and support with helping my on my first proper unraid build though... Legend 👌
  8. Apologies, Please see updated link below; https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/MrMooreIOM/saved/#view=2ZWq3C
  9. Thanks for such a detailed response, After understanding what you said I've changed the motherboard, I'll buy the disks at a later date. Probably once everything has arrived, but In the end i'lll be going for the 8TB Ironwolf Pro's. I've also added a half decent GPU as you mentioned theres no onboard Graphics and It'll help transcoding on plex.. I've removed the PSU as I already have the same one as a spare.. Please review my changes and let me know what you think..
  10. Hello All, After having multiple issues with my HP Proliant Microserver (Gen motherboard, I've decided I'll do a custom build and hopefully with fresh hardware ill be up and running again with minimal issues. Below is a link to PCPartPicker where I've listed all components I'm planning on buying for my build. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/kDJD8M Feel free to take a look and make suggestions., any feedback is welcome.. EDIT: Just for a bit of extra info. I currently run PiHole, Plex, Radarr, Sonarr, SabNZB, LetsEncrypt and DuckDNS. I'm not sure if these specs will be enough to manage the previous.. Thanks
  11. Hello All, I have a couple of issues. the first issue is when i run fix common issues I see the following; "Unable to write to disk2Drive mounted read-only or completely full. Begin Investigation Here:" Any ideas? The second issue I have is when I create a share called "shared" it errors with the following; "Oct 11 21:38:26 HPMicroserver root: mkdir: cannot create directory '/mnt/user/shared': Input/output error" Any suggestions Would be appreciated. I've also attached diagnostics :) Thanks, hpmicroserver-diagnostics-20191011-2038.zip
  12. Thanks, I'll be sure to try it
  13. Good Morning All, Following up from my thread yesterday Please could someone help investigate issues I'm having with my unRAID System. I currently run a single parity setup with 2 Data disks. Recently Disk 1 Failed so I put a new disk in hoping the data would be rebuilt. The Parity/Data Rebuild has been running now for over 13 Hours to rebuild a 1TB disk. Could someone check over my logs and advice where I'm going wrong.. I've just recieved some new disks which are 2TB so I need Disk 1 to be rebuilt before I can upgrade my parity drive. Cheers hpmicroserver-diagnostics-20191009-0632.zip
  14. Hey All, So I had my unRAID server up and running for a month or so now and recently one of my drives failed. I've popped another drive in and its now saying that other disk is full and cant be read from. any suggestions. I'm only running a single parity so I may have lost all of my data.. Please see the screenshots attached. Any suggestions would mean alot. Cheers,
  15. It’s a its a HP Proliant Gen 8 Microserver. Can you advise how I can fix this? thanks I’m advance.