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  1. @awediohead not sure why discord isn't letting you chat? I'll look into it. To answer your question, if the port is already in use by different app just use a random one one digit up or down if you like. It can't be the same one because the other app is using it and unraid won't let you anyway.
  2. You need to use latest configuration.yml on my Git or the official Git. Mine has FreeIPA LDAP otherwise either will work.
  3. Hi all! I have now updated the configuration.yml file for Authelia on Git. The new file is a replica of the latest official one with a lot of new changes and also customized ready for use with FreeIPA. Enjoy
  4. Thanks guys I have been notified that Authelia was updated. I will update the template files on GitHub
  5. Exactly the answer I needed. I thought something was going wrong my setup because each time I pressed it manually nothing would move. But this makes total sense since my threshold is at 70%.
  6. Thank you for the support His! Really appreciate it mate. Yeah we lost power in the one week I decided to take a break away from home. Murphy's Law aye? So if that's the case, are you bridging the VM in Unraid? Could also be DNS maybe? Seeing as though my instructions are for using the VM with a FQDN. To be honest I don't know for sure with so many variables but that's seems odd. Having freeipa as a seperate machine is always preferable in reality. But who here really runs a corporation in their home.
  7. Came late to the party but the question seems to have answered. Cheers! Apologies for the delay.
  8. Thank you mate I'm glad you find them helpful! It's all personal preference of course. As a beginner honestly I think NPM is best but for those that want to be more flexible and advanced SWAG has its benefits. You really can't beat the CloudFlare option since it's completely free as a base in my humble opinion. Also you just taught me a new word - didactic! Looking forward to sharing more