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  1. Just uploaded the latest template from IBRACORP. Ghost - with SMTP and MariaDB mappings thanks to Bitnami and their amazing images. Big credit to Bitnami. Hope this template will be an asset to the community. Cheers EDIT: found some issues with the template. Now fixed, please wait for about one hour for the changes to come across to CA store EDIT 2: Again, had to fix some template issues. Just waiting for the next CA update to pull it.
  2. Hi @gizmerthanks for the feedback, glad to help. So yeah with the API stuff I'm going to do a video on that because it comes up a lot. Keep an eye on the YouTube channel and you'll see it come up if subscribed. I'll end up putting it here too
  3. Hate to ask mate, but this question comes up a lot, have you watched my videos covering this? It's mostly a config error in NGINX Proxy Manager (if using)
  4. Hey mate thank you very much for sharing. If you could do a pull request that would be awesome. Not too sure what they do either but with the wide array of apps people publish it can be helpful as it doesn't cover everything.
  5. Haha no problem at all. I know it can be a pain but once you've got the hang of it it'll be worth it. Enjoy
  6. Your backend file config is not correct. It needs to look like this: file: path: /config/users_database.yml password: algorithm: argon2id iterations: 1 key_length: 32 salt_length: 16 memory: 1024 parallelism: 8 You have entered a password after the 'password:' line. The passwords are saved in the actual backend file only.
  7. Glad to hear it! You just taught me something too! Enjoy
  8. You can find my new in depth video up now on our channel. Perfect for beginners:
  9. Hi there and welcome to unRAID! This can often happen because of permissions applied by unRAID/Docker. One the ways I combat this is using the Krusader container from the App Store. It allows you to view/edit your files and have full permissions. So I would install Krusader then when you open it, navigate to your appdata folder (mnt/user/appdata/authelia) and simply delete the config file. On your Windows 10 machine, once you've finished creating your config file just copy it into the appdata folder for Authelia. It should keep the right permissions so you can co
  10. Created and tested mate, seems to work for me. I've just put it on Github so give it a few hours then check app store