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  1. Thanks for the tag! haha. I'll take a look!
  2. We already made the first one on SWAG if you haven't already checked it out. We'll be making more in future too 🙂
  3. Both are fine it really depends on your SMTP provider and what they require
  4. If it works on Flexible and not on strict it could be your SSL certs. We highly recommend you run the tunnel to avoid poet forwarding entirely. Be sure to check our docs at:
  5. Thanks mate, we did also add this to our docs incase anyone doesn't know about it:
  6. Well written mate! So, if you go to you public IP and port will it let you reach the app?
  7. Awesome thanks for the suggestion! Have updated our docs with this in the FAQ. Thank you.
  8. Very true @bonienl and that is a fact I can't deny. Still, a very useful to use alongside existing VPNs. Thank you for checking it out!
  9. Glad you liked it mate, thanks for your hard work on it 🙂
  10. @GuildDarts - Let me know your thoughts mate!