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  1. Hi all! I have now updated the configuration.yml file for Authelia on Git. The new file is a replica of the latest official one with a lot of new changes and also customized ready for use with FreeIPA. Enjoy
  2. Thanks guys I have been notified that Authelia was updated. I will update the template files on GitHub
  3. Exactly the answer I needed. I thought something was going wrong my setup because each time I pressed it manually nothing would move. But this makes total sense since my threshold is at 70%.
  4. Thank you for the support His! Really appreciate it mate. Yeah we lost power in the one week I decided to take a break away from home. Murphy's Law aye? So if that's the case, are you bridging the VM in Unraid? Could also be DNS maybe? Seeing as though my instructions are for using the VM with a FQDN. To be honest I don't know for sure with so many variables but that's seems odd. Having freeipa as a seperate machine is always preferable in reality. But who here really runs a corporation in their home.
  5. Came late to the party but the question seems to have answered. Cheers! Apologies for the delay.
  6. Thank you mate I'm glad you find them helpful! It's all personal preference of course. As a beginner honestly I think NPM is best but for those that want to be more flexible and advanced SWAG has its benefits. You really can't beat the CloudFlare option since it's completely free as a base in my humble opinion. Also you just taught me a new word - didactic! Looking forward to sharing more
  7. Yeah that sucks mate sorry I can't be much help on this one. You can try specifically listing the path in your rules like it says in the official docs in the example section down the page ( Otherwise might be a question for Emby or the Authelia team
  8. there's your issue. You don't have the correct rules in your Authelia config file. Reading this it looks like you are unauthorised. Try adding a rule for that subdomain if you haven't or you can cover all subdomains with a wildcard such as * Here's an example config file I made: Let us know what you find
  9. That's okay, we were all beginners at some point. So usually if an app has a API endpoint this method shown will allow the authentication to be skipped for the API, but if someone was to log in directly still be presented with the sign in for say Authelia or Organizr. I tried looking it up for Emby but can't confirm if it allows API access. From what I can see you need to actually log in. I could be wrong, but that's all I know sorry. I don't use Emby personally. You should provide the logs from Authelia. You can do this in Unraid by clicking the Docker container for Au
  10. Thanks for watching my videos, appreciate it. For the first issue I'm not entirely sure but it could be that a header needs to be forwarded on? I'm currently using Organizr Auth for Ombi so can't test it right this second. The second issue is because your API path is being blocked by Authelia. Please watch my Organizr Auth video to undertand how to circumvent this for API paths. The video is about Organizr but the principle and the method is exactly the same:
  11. Interesting. Sure I can do that, not sure where you're based but I'm in Melbourne. PM me and we'll post back with a solution for others
  12. Haven't seen this issue before mate. Maybe worth blowing the cachet container away and trying again? As long as the database is reachable by network there should be no issues, I've tested it again to make sure. Are both containers in the same network type in unraid?
  13. Check your Authelia config file and comment out or fix the TOTP part.
  15. Added Cachet template to CA store. As well as the URL plugin. Video will be coming out soon on our site first so check it out
  16. @everyone very important news here. If I could ask for ten minutes of your time please consider checking it out: