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  1. I use timemachine to backup a couple of Macs on my network to a share on Unraid. This works flawlessly, but because of my limited scripting skills, I'm struggling to automate the (one way) sync from the share to the external hard drive. I currently manually run the two following lines from terminal and the output is satisfactory, albeit a little time consuming rsync -vgloptruc "/mnt/user/TimeMachineShare/Mac1 iMac.sparsebundle" /mnt/disks/TMB1 rsync -vgloptruc "/mnt/user/TimeMachineShare/Mac2.sparsebundle" /mnt/disks/TMB1 Ideally, I would just like to be able to plug the drive in, the above sync runs and then the disk unmounts on completion. At this stage I do not feel that I need to be notified of the completed job, as I'll just see the disk as unmounted in the Main menu. I've looked around here and other places to try to find a solution, but I really don't know where to start. My attempts to copy similar solutions have resulted in the ext hdd not mounting and getting stuck in a loop.
  2. I've taken your advice and changed the font. I've also done as you've asked and pm'd you the debug output
  3. I can't see Settings>Credits. Here's a screenshot of my Settings menu Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks, I tried that first, before I posted here. I am able to access the unraid UI from my phone. I can access the plugin UI by either typing in x.x.x.x:2379 or xx.unraid.net:2379; both which go to the Controlr web portal on https. If I type in the same addresses with 2378, (the default port number on plugin config page), it resolves to the https pages, so I guess https it is being forced. I have no ad-blocker on my phone, but I do use Pihole as DNS which is supposed to block ads across the network.
  5. I'm on the same LAN and not on a guest network. I am able to ping the server from my phone Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  6. I've had your app for several months now and I haven't been able to get it to work as I keep getting the "No servers available" notification when adding server details. I've been too busy to deal with this until now, but I would dearly like to get it fixed and working, so your help would be greatly appreciated. The automatic search just passes my server IP, and the manual does not find it either I have tried port 2378 which is listed in the plugin. I have tried port 80 which is accessible from my LAN (although it resolves to xxx.unraid.net). I have tried with both the Secure switched on and off on all combinations above. I have upped the timeout to 10000 I an running 6.7 and 4.10.0
  7. The 2 main uses of my Unraid box (apart from file storage) are Plex and a Win 10 VM running Blue Iris, both video intensive items that can hammer my CPU (Xeon E3-1230v5) when in high demand. I have been considering upgrading the CPU to Xeon E3-1245v5 to get the added benefit of Quick Sync Video, to take some of the load off the CPU by letting it do hardware encoding, but it turns out that my motherboard (Supermicro X11SSM-F-O) does not support this feature, so this idea is DOA. Could someone tell me if adding a separate graphic card would work in this circumstance, or will it also be precluded as the motherboard doesn't support Quick Sync Video, and would I just be better off getting another motherboard to make this work?
  8. I'm still not sure what is causing this problem, so I've decided to pass through a hardware NIC to the VM. This has been up for a day now without issue, only time will tell if this works.
  9. I'm not sure if this is a Blue Iris, a Win 10 or Unraid issue, or some combination of the 3, but the same problem occurred on a previous install on another dedicated Win 10 VM, also running BI which I couldn't get to the bottom of then and now the same problem has returned to the new install too. Furthermore, I run other Win 10 VMs on the same server with no issues. This VM is fully patched, runs only BI, antivirus and backup software. The VM uses the e1000-82545em driver, the same used on my other machines. The VM has access to 8 logical CPUs and 6 GB RAM. Loss of connectivity seems random and not necessarily tied to to any excessive throughput from my CCTV cameras. It can happen at any time. When I lose connectivity, the only thing I can do to get it back is to either restart the VM or reset the ethernet adapter, which is the fix that the Windows trouble shooter does when run. I've got access to the Network Diagnostic Log, but not sure what to look for to find a more permanent fix. Any suggestions greatly received.
  10. My understanding is that it will not work, which is why I'm looking at alternative ways of doing this. Will the process I outlined above work? My main concern is that unraid will not be able to find the user share if I've moved them to another disk.
  11. I have a 5tb WD Red drive on the array that is failing and needs to be returned to the manufacturer for a replacement under warranty. It contains a total of 2.5tb of data, which is too big to move to the other 5tb Red that already contains 2.6tb of data. So while waiting for the disk to come back from WD, I need to get another disk to copy the data across to. Because WD Red 5tb are end of life now and no longer carry the full 3 year warranty that I need, I will most likely be getting a 4tb Red, so I won't be able to just replace the disk into the array for the faulty device and rebuild it from parity. Consequently, I'm going to have to copy the data across to the new disk and I just want to make sure that I go about doing this in the most efficient and data resilient way, so that I don't break my server or lose my data. My parity drive is 6tb btw. My plan is as follows: Preclear 4tb disk and then add it to the array (it will now become disk3) I need to find a way to stop data being written to the faulty drive while I am copying stuff off of it, would excluding all the user shares from writing to disk2 be sufficient or would I need to do something else? Use krusader to copy the content of the disk share from the faulty drive to the new drive (from /unraid/disk2 to /unraid/disk3) Alternatively, use the copy command in terminal (cp -vRap /mnt/disk2 /mnt/disk3)- I feel this to be more robust. Delete the contents of disk2 Delete the faulty drive from the array Power down server and remove faulty drive. When the replacement drive arrives from WD, preclear it and add it to the array as an altogether new disk. Would the above work? In moving the contents of the disk shares from disk2 to disk3, will unraid still map and link to the shared folders and keep adding to them as if they were on disk2, or is there some other change I need to make?