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  1. Hey folks - this container / nzbget unpacking correctly now? Seems a while back there was a validation/unpacking issue that wasn't being fixed in the short term so I abandoned it. Taking a pulse from you guys to see if it's working properly again.
  2. This did the trick! Didn't notice the alert until now. thanks
  3. brand new install and the web ui login and pass (admin : adminadmin) does not work. I missing something? The only change I made from the template was to put it on a separate bridged network, assign to IP to container and to update the LAN_NETWORK variable to use my bridged subnet. All browsers tried and no luck.
  4. my googlefu suggest there is already a HIDS agent install for slackware. HIDS agent works with Alienvault OSSIM (free) I'm debating of trying to install this into the Unraid environment manually so i can get SIEM monitoring within unraid.
  5. Hey unraid team. Would be nice to have a HIDS agent (for Alientvault) running on the OS so that I can connect unraid to Alienvault. Was thinking this could be placed tools section or maybe a plugin.
  6. anyone done this previously?
  7. Queue up the now you know. Thanks for correcting me.
  8. Hi folks, I'm standing up a SIEM (Alienware OSSIM) in my home environment and would like to put the HIDS agent on Unraid. Any guidance from the community before I go installing this in the unraid environment? repo
  9. MineOS / forge / mod question. generator-options={"profile"\:"rarecities"} Does anyone know how to work around the \ being inserted in this server.properties upon start up? This is messing up a mod from properly running. Obviously the : needs to be escaped but in doing so mod doesn't load the profile. Seen this before?
  10. Hi Unraid Dev, Saw this in one of my feeds today and wanted to bring to your attention. https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2019/05/31/unpatched-docker-bug-allows-read-write-access-to-host-os/ https://seclists.org/oss-sec/2019/q2/131 repo
  11. I can see both sides of this discussion and what risk is appropriate for unraid's primary audience. Personally I like the idea of encrypted usb within this process, just to keep the file systems all encrypted. As a side note; I'd like my unraid to boot needing both the usb boot device but also a yubikey. What about a docker container escape writing to the usb drive? My understanding is once the array is booted up, the file systems can be read/write which includes the boot usb device.
  12. little late replying to my own thread here but agree with melmurp. unraid, and it's community, leverage a lot of docker containers and just making an assumption that those dev owners who author containers for use of unraid have taken steps is a bit risky. I know emails, password resets including api tokens has occurred. I may jump over to the community plugin support page to see if they are mitigating this at all. Would make me feel better about it at least.
  13. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19763413. May be worth a bulletin to users given the significant use of containers within unraid.
  14. Hey guys - unsure if Alpine / Unraid is impacted but passing along just in case. https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2019-5736 https://seclists.org/oss-sec/2019/q1/119 repo
  15. silly question as I'm trying to get this functioning. Is setting up the openvpn as server with google 2fa required on logins supported on the android openvpn app? If so; I must be missing this setting somewhere.