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  1. I can get you another copy of the TPS report. haha joking. DJoss - thanks for your support on this container.
  2. Agree - it's a great step in the right direction. For future updates I'm hoping to see some further hardening. Can someone explain the technical authentication details of how the remote access works? Is it my login, pass, 2fa token plus a unique generated ssh key? If those credentials fail what occurs? Block, Reject or hold the session open for a period of minutes?
  3. This is mostly likely because I was already authenticated within my browser sessions with unraid forum but I noticed when I logged in with the my servers plugin it did not prompt me for 2FA which I have enabled. I assume the plugin referenced my authentication session token here. Wonder if it would be better security when setting this up to prompt for 2FA.
  4. Thanks - that fixed it. Can the unraid team add this to the install wiki (unless this will be handled as part of plugin update later)?
  5. There's a few guides out there I can probably leverage around reverse proxy. Ultimately I want my unraid server itself to be behind the proxy while leveraging this new feature. Not too comfortable with having an internet exposed port with a direct shot to unraid os security wise. Is there a technical white paper / write up about this new plugin? Sounds like i need to do some tinkering. I really do like this new plugin.
  6. My unraid machine gets it's DNS from a VM running on unraid so dns is not up at boot. To counter that, I used the download button within your plugin so it was cached at boot. All working now though; next time I'll change DNS to resolve to as a safeguard.
  7. Hi @jonp I'm really like this plugin but before I dive into it would it work behind the one of the nginx proxy containers within different vlans (which includes custom docker networks)? I would like to like to leverage this new feature from the unraid team but put the following behind nginx proxy - unraid server (no vlan) - plexmedia server (container) (external vlan / custom docker network) - homeassistant (VM) (external vlan) thanks!
  8. Hi @ich777 I ran into an issue this morning when upgrading to 6.9.1. I had your latest version of the plugin installed and I had manually downloaded the latest gpu driver before upgrading to 6.9.1. After upgrade to 6.9.1 none of my nvidia gpu enabled containers would start (bad parameter execution). I then went to the plugins page and noticed your plugin had disappeared. I went back into community apps to get it and when I downloaded it the first time the UI told me it was skipping the install because the plugin was already installed however it wasn't listed in the unraid UI (
  9. Hi @ich777 just confirming but the proper process with your plugin is to select the latest option?
  10. Hi @ich777 noticed that unraid 6.9.1 is available today (I'm on 6.9). Do I need to consider the plugin version before upgrading to 6.9.1? I'm on the latest as of this writing, checked to see if there was a plugin update and there isn't one so assume I'm on the latest.
  11. Thanks for the clarification @JorgeB
  12. Hi @JorgeB Can you help me clarify this statement. I was on 6.8.3 (brtfs - single ssd cache drive) and have upgraded to 6.9 now that the release is in production. The bit I don't understand is the need to reformat. How will reformatting the cache/ssd help here in context of 6.9 and regarding excessive writes?
  13. Thanks - I'll check out the reddit thread. I suspect may also have something to do with custom docker networks. My plex being accessible remote is on br3 (different subnet)
  14. I had to complete uninstall and remove app data but the plexpms container is now transcoding. Silver lining here, my plex folder size was pretty bloated so this reset helps
  15. Hello @binhex. I'm jumping over to your container but having issues. I don't see my server even if I hit the local IP:port my server doesn't show up. I have a lifetime plex pass account and even logging in to or local I can't see the server. New install; at odds why I can't even see the server local. Ideas?