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  1. Hello - I am updating my OTP software to a different provider. Trying to locate the 2FA setting in my account (account settings) but don't seem to be able to find it. Where is this setting?? repo
  2. @Asparon Hello - thanks for this container. Couple questions. 1) when I try to authenticate via youtube it displays an error input/output error likely related to the container's web browser. I get the same thing when attempting to use the web browser in the container. 2) I think this is related to 1 but I don't see manage broadcasts Thanks!
  3. with most recent update frigate is no longer looping / crashing. That said; my configuration unchanged, I'm not getting any object detection events which I did in v12. I see cuda / gpu being loaded in the logs but doesn't actual do the detection. v12 worked great.
  4. Hi @KluthR New to using this plugin and think I'm doing something wrong. I've mostly taken the defaults in the plugin template. When starting the backup; I notice the compressed file is very very large compared to the actual container size on disk. docker system df -v (23mb) plugin backup size of container on disk (31+ gb) in the plugin configuration I have the value set to no for saving external paths. The external volume for krusader is /mnt/user What am I doing wrong here?
  5. @JorgeB requested diags cybertron-diagnostics-20230321-0720.zip
  6. @JorgeB I adding a second ssd and then rebalance happened so I believe we're good on my original request. After that was successful I pulled the bad SSD and put in the replacement. After adding the replacement into the pool I assumed rebalance would run again on the newly added drive but didn't. However didn't see that when clicking on cache drive. How can I tell if the two drives are mirrored correctly?
  7. cybertron-diagnostics-20230309-1053.zip
  8. Hello - I have a single ssd drive acting as cache. It's in pre-fail now so I need to do something with it soon. I have another same size (not brand) SSD and wondering if I can convert my current single disk cache to a mirrored cache without losing data on the current drive. Possible? If so can someone provide steps to do so?
  9. Hi folks, Having some trouble with my unraid server past week. unraid goes unresponsive first where I can't get to the web app, then after some time services like containers and vms stop responding. Have to hard shutdown the server by pressing and holding the power button. System before this has been incredibly stable; hoping to troubleshoot and fix whatever is causing this. attaching diagnostics. cybertron-diagnostics-20230309-1053.zip
  10. No - That said I have a home assistant vm running great on unraid.
  11. Did this; have the same problem. 1) removed plugin (including plugin in failed plugin tab) 2) ran rm -rf command 3) reinstalled plugin Get the same error during install. Results in this in plugins which I can't mouse-click on to get into plugin.
  12. Just upgraded to 6.10 today and appears the plugin failed. Went to reinstall the plugin and get this: In this state I can't click into the plugin or leverage it. Shows as "unknown" in my installed plugins list.
  13. @binhex Is there a way to add forge and paper mc to the profile selection? I don't see these options currently.
  14. Easy fixes are the best. Thanks for prompt response. Good now.
  15. New to this container but having some issues with it hoping there's a solution. After login of root:mineos I get this in firefox / chrome Looked in the supervisor.log in /mnt/cache/appdata/binhex-mineos and didn't see any errors. unraid: 6.9.2 BR4 is a VLAN and the IP is unique only to this container. Traffic my my client to this vlan is completely open (firewall wise)
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