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Server randomly shutdown today

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My server shutdown today without warning. It was not a graceful shutdown as it started a parity check immediately after restart.

When I restarted the server it did not boot into unraid, but got stuck in the bios, I had to force it to choose the unraid flash drive to boot up correctly.

I've set my unraid to be a syslog server, and looking at unraids own logs, the last entry before the restart (19:52) was at 04:10 today. Looking at the logs from other devices, I see that the last entry from them to the syslog server was at 14:16, so I guess it went down at about that time.

We've not had any power outages here today and my server is on a UPS (the NUT server plugin is outdated and needs an upgrade, but this should not have caused the problem). We've had no electrical storms here today and nothing else in my home is affected.

It may be that the flash drive (which is USB 3) is not happy, although it is just over a year old. I have found a Transcend JetFlash 600 USB 2 drive with MLC nand that I plan to migrate the OS to in due course.

I've attached diagnostics and would appreciate any suggestions about what may have caused my server to shutdown


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