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  1. Thanks you for the reply! It started working again, I did nothing, made no changes, and it's just working again. Weird.
  2. I've been having issues since updating to the latest version of unraid (6.10.0-rc5 ) , no issues for months previously. Deluge will only load if the VPN is set to "off". I've confirmed this is currently happening with the binhex-delugevpn & binhex-qbittorrentvpn. I've tried changing server locations but having the same issues. I've confirmed my VPN is working elsewhere (I'm with PIA using OpenVPN)
  3. Have no idea what I did, but it just.. started working. Won't complain haha Thanks again!
  4. Trying to install your Keycloak docker but having issues - the docker starts to load, then freezes and crashes after about 15 seconds. I've tried using multiple databases in case its a database error, no luck though. Any ideas why it might be crashing?
  5. So I've been doing some more playing around, and I've got it working.. (kind of) I installed a VM on another host , followed your guide exactly, and... it worked! First try. I'm now able to log into Authelia & Nextcloud(which are hosted on my unraid) using the FreeIPA running on a VM from another non-unraid host. Any idea what could be preventing this from working on unraid, but working fine from another host? Nice to see your site is back up, I was finally able to sign up for that monthly membership. Thanks again for your hard work on the guides
  6. First off, Just want to say thanks for the guides and videos. Absolutely loving them! Used your guides to install Authelia using the yml users file as a test, got everything up and running fine (again, thanks for the videos, made it super smooth!). Able to protect pages and access them with no issues. I followed your guide on setting up FreeIPA and connecting it to Authelia. All went well until the last step , actually logging in on my Authelia login page. I keep getting this error when trying to log in: "level=error msg="Error while checking password for user new: LDAP Result Code 49 \"Invalid Credentials\": " method=POST path=/api/firstfactor" I've also followed your guide to setup Organizr with FreeIPA and it won't authenticate, which has confirmed my suspicions there's an issue with my FreeIPA. I can log into FreeIPA on my domain using the admin account and any other accounts I try to make in either the Web GUI or command line in the Fedora VM. I'm using your config file and have replaced everything with my own domain. Any ideas what could be causing the problem? PS - Tried to sign up for membership on your site but it was down Plz get it up and running so you can take my money
  7. Thank you for this! Can't wait to get everything setup I'm still getting the "This package has reached the end of its life, please migrate to the sonarr or sonarr-develop AUR package." , I've followed your steps above to switch to "binhex/arch-sonarr:latest" Version Package Version