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  1. Seems you are right, I have to figure out why there is no files but only folders.
  2. Sorry should have clarified, I checked that folder and it's empty. But if I do /boot/config/plugins/dockerMan/templates-user/ there is content there. USB Backup Destination: /mnt/disks/SanDisk_Ultra I see stuff in the USB just that folder has nothing in it.
  3. I am using CA-Backup to backup my flashdrive onto a flash drive that is in the system. I accidentally deleted a docker template but I can not seem to find it on /mnt/disks/SanDisk_Ultra/config/plugins/dockerMan/templates/so it seems that it does not backup those folders, anyone have any idea where I can find it otherwise?
  4. I have the same issue and even with secure registries using Docker registry or Harbor I noticed now after the new update it will show that it is up-to-date and not reflect it's correct status. Having this added would be great.
  5. Seems like the 6.8.1 migitates this a bit webgui: Docker: show 'up-to-date' when status is unknown
  6. Hello, I have tried using Docker registry and also Harbor docker registry with SSL but Unraid thinks there is always an update for the docker container even though there is not. It seems to not support those methods. Is this something that can be added?