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  1. I don't know if this has been covered in the 83 pages but I had an issue running the helper script the first time. I didn't see the appdata, Macinabox only data, and Basesystem settings in the docker because you have to expand it to see them and my appdata folder is different from the default. Once I figured this out I figured it would be better to start over than to change the helper script. I deleted the scripts, the vm, the docker, and the appdata folder. When I reinstall the docker, the script still has the default appdata folder. I'm waiting for the image to download from the Apple server
  2. I am trying to create VM with my NVME drive. My problem at the moment is what bus to select. I was doing some reading but it seems selecting SATA, or presumably anything else, will limit it. It's extremely fast. the reason I bought it. So I'm not too keen on loosing that. Any ideas?
  3. I am upgrading my server and now have enough resources for multiple VMs. I plan on making a few gaming VMs but am trying to figure out the best way to physically locate them. I really don't want them all in the same room as the server. I happen to have a few amx-fg1010-310 and amx-fg1010-500 boxes but I have never used them. I've looked at a few similar solutions but it looks like they all have to be directly connected via ethernet. I don't know if there is a solution where I can use my existing router, although that would need to operate on a different layer since it would be I
  4. No problem. I'm glad it's working.
  5. No, nothing should be sensitive. The command looks ok. Did you get the XML file from the flash drive? Are you using the webUI to edit the template or editing the XML directly? Anyway, it looks like you manually edited the XML and I believe that's the issue. Manually editing it in Windows with a text editor will change the line ending and it can cause issues.
  6. I'm not sure. I just did a fresh pull and can't recreate the issue. Can you post your template settings and the shell command it is using?
  7. Just wanted to mention that I highly recommend switching to wireguard instead of openvpn. I had a few downloads stuck for days that were stalled even though they were connected to seeders. Once I switched to wireguard they finally started moving.
  8. Quick question, is there any way to do a selective restore? Typically I have an issue with just one docker app and I end up just manually opening backup file, extracting, and replacing the app folder. If not, would it be possible to add this? Maybe have the plugin compress each app folder individually and then combine them into one zip.
  9. This is why I love UnRAID and its community. THANKS! I wasn't aware of such a plugin. That solves the grouping issue but I don't see a way to start/stop them automatically. Admittedly, it's probably not as needed now since the way they are grouped makes it easier.
  10. I have a few docker containers that are dependent on others to run. Some need mongodb, swag, or elasticsearch. The only reason I have those containers is because other containers require them. Sometimes one of those is turned off for whatever reason and my app doesn't work and I have to start the dependent container. It would be convenient if I could link the containers and hide the dependent container from the normal view. That way, when I start and stop the main container, it will automatically start and stop the dependent container. I'd also like to hide the dependent container from the nor
  11. That's a good point. I was thinking so much about the theoretical bandwidth I didn't even consider my existing drives aren't even going to get anywhere near that anyway. I think at this point I just need to buy somethings and quit overthinking it.
  12. Those all seem to be PCIe 2.0 as well, which would be a pretty big limitations. edit: I also just realized the M.2 card I listed uses only 2 lanes, so it's already bottlenecked, unfortunately.
  13. But even with SAS + expander, I can only breakout to 4x SATA. I would need 2 to get 8x SATA and not 10. Any cards that give more?
  14. I'm upgrading hardware. My old mobo has about 20 SATA ports. My new one has 8 but a few extra M.2 slots and some PCIe slots. I'd rather use the extra M.2 ports, and as few of them as possible. I was thinking of this: but I would need 2. My mobo uses PCIe 4.0 but I don't think there is anything out there for that yet (my thinking being more bandwidth, more ports, fewer slots taken). I was also looking at using SAS to breakout to SATA but I know little about SAS and haven't had any experience with it. This is my n
  15. <sarcasm> Geez, couldn't they make it any more convoluted and cryptic?</sarcasm> Now I feel silly for not having thought of that. Seems obvious now.