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  1. My Ombi is acting up. I go to the page or the app to request a show and nothing happens. On the site, I click request and that's it. No messages and nothing shows up in Sonarr. It's as if I didn't click anything. In the app, when I hot requests the message pops up from the bottom saying I made a request but nothing happens in Sonarr. Nothing in logs for Sonarr, no errors in either. In the Ombi app, clicking "more" also does nothing. I tried restarting the docker and doing a forced update.
  2. I've been having a strange issue lately and I'm not sure what it is related to. I've noticed that data seems to disappear in rtorrent. At times it will download something but when radarr tries to import it, it's not there and I have to dowanload it again. I've looked for the files everywhere on my server. Or it will run a hash check and part of the files are gone. It seems it even does a hash check before it is done downloading but the check is extremely slow. I'm not sure what's going on so I'm still gathering information, looking for patterns, seeing if the same happens with programs other than rtorrent, etc. I recently had a disk report errors. I replaced it, ran a full SMART report on the disk that had errors and precleared it. It seemed ok as neither of those processes reported any problems with the disk so I put it back in the array. Now, I'm not so sure. That disk is the most empty so everything is being put on it. I might just move the data from the disk and do further test. I ran docker safe permissions script and it didn't help. Any ideas what might be going on?
  3. This is a forum for UnRAID so I'm not sure if anyone will be able to help with Synology. You should try the Synology forums.
  4. Weird, that column is in the stock image but not on my actual router. I did try the remote port settings but I must have done it wrong initially because I tried it just now and it worked. Hopefully I can manage from here. Thanks for the help, I know I wasn't making things easy but I just really needed another set of eyes because I haven't been able to keep things straight lately.
  5. No, I fully understand port forwarding. I'm just really distracted lately and at the risk of getting too personal, I'm on some new ADD meds that are kind of messing with my memory and cognition (and you guys have been super patient with me so thanks). I see what you are saying now, I just didn't notice it before. The router doesn't allow me that level of control like my other did and I just didn't notice it until you said something. It seems I can only forward a port to a specific IP of the SAME port. The layout sucks but it seems start port and end port refers to port range and not source and destination. I included a stock image of the menu (not what I actually have in my settings). So I don't think I can forward port 80 from outside my network to 8008 on my UnRAID server, just 80 to 80. I may have to go back to my previous set up. This is kind of what I meant when I said the feature of ISP branded routers being sub-par.
  6. Oops, sorry. It basically says the same thing. "Timeout during connect (likely firewall problem)." I realized that a while after the fact. Thanks for the reminder. I'm all over the place lately. I did have it at one point. I added it. Now I have 443, 80, and 8008 forwarded. Still getting the error.
  7. I don't see what post you are referring to. I checked canyouseeme.org and now it seems my port forward is not working. It was working previously but now isn't I'm pretty sure I didn't change anything, the port forward settings are still there and correct. Redid them and rebooted. I'm starting to think my new router is a dud. Given the unexplainable behavior I mentioned with only my sister being able to access the site, that would make sense. In my experience, extremely bizarre/impossible behavior usually indicates a hardware failure.
  8. On the warranty info for the drives, it would nice if I could put in the warranty expiration date instead of (or in addition to) the warranty length. It's a little more exact but also with older drives or if you just forgot to put the info in when you bought it, one would have to look up the manufacture date and warranty period, instead of just using a warranty check tool and getting the date it expires and put it in. Also, and less of an issue, it would be nice to have a link to the manufacturer's warranty check page. Sometimes they can be hidden and difficult to find. These suggestions probably don't add a whole lot of value but I think they are nice details to have.
  9. docker run -d --name='letsencrypt' --net='bridge' --privileged=true -e TZ="America/Denver" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'EMAIL'='myemail@gmail.com' -e 'URL'='mydomain.com' -e 'SUBDOMAINS'='mysubdomain' -e 'ONLY_SUBDOMAINS'='true' -e 'DHLEVEL'='4096' -e 'VALIDATION'='http' -e 'DNSPLUGIN'='' -e 'PUID'='99' -e 'PGID'='100' -e 'HTTPVAL'='true' -p '8008:80/tcp' -p '443:443/tcp' -v '/mnt/cache/Docker/letsencrypt':'/config':'rw' 'linuxserver/letsencrypt' Although, now that I look in the log, I'm getting an error I hadn't before: ERROR: Cert does not exist! Please see the validation error above. The issue may be due to incorrect dns or port forwarding settings. Please fix your settings and recreate the container Not sure what I changed to get that. I'm losing my mind.
  10. I too am in the camp trying to restore individual dockers. I tried untaring manually but because of softlinks, things get messed up. I know I can selectively untar folder via cli but I was hoping there is an easier way.
  11. I think it was the only think I changed, at least at first, but I can't be certain. I made some other changes after the fact (had to regenerate the cert, possibly more), lost track of what I did and so am now starting over with only those assumptions I mentioned. Networking isn't my specialty (nor my favorite) but I have a Security+ so I'm pretty competent with networking, for the most part. Here is my router config: There is also a built in "app port forwarding" feature, which is just a bunch of predefined port forwarding settings for common apps and protocols. I tried the one for webserver (forwards 80 and 443) and that didn't work either. is my UnRAID server. I tried one of those websites to check for open ports and 80 and 443 are both open from outside my network. My router/modem is a Zyxel C3000Z from Centurylink. Previously I was using an older modem with the router function disabled and used my Linksys WRT1900AC with DD-WRT. I'm wonder if the port forwarding function on the Centurylink router is just broken. It wouldn't surprise me. I've known routers, especially ones issued from ISPs, to have some of the more advanced features not implemented correctly or not working. As far as my sister only being able to connect, believe me, I know it makes no sense and if I were you I'd be telling me I'm wrong or mistaken because that's impossible... But the site had been down for over a week, I didn't have time to fix it, other family members asked why it was down... Then out of the blue my Ombi phone app said it got a request from my sister. I thought that impossible, maybe and old request got stuck and just went through. I messaged her, she said she just requested it a few minutes ago. The Ombi logs say the same. She confirmed that she still can load the page just fine. I don't remember if she uses the app or website but that shouldn't make a difference. My sister is by no means a computer expert but she is very smart, good with technology, and I trust that she knows enough about computers that she isn't mistaken about it. She is still the only one that can access it. So unless I was sleep walking one night and set up a firewall rule in my router to only allow connections from her IP on that port (which I checked anyway), that shouldn't be possible. That's mostly why I am leaning towards a fault in the router firmware, which is up to date. I have manually updated my domain to point to my IP (can't get crappy ISP router to do it with my provider just yet) but using the IP address doesn't work either. My router doesn't have hairpin NAT in the settings, just NAT and a simple enable/disable that is already enabled. The thing is it's not that it only works from outside my LAN, it that's it only works for my sister, who is outside my LAN. No one else outside my LAN can access it. See the above more more detail.
  12. I'm having a little issue. My modem went dead and I got a new one. Previously I was using a separate router but my new modem is a modem/router. I had this docker set up with Ombi and a dynamic DNS. I don't think this is an Ombi issue so I'm asking here. I could access my Ombi page over the internet. Well now I don't know what's going on but nothing seems to be working. I tried so many different troubleshooting steps that now I'm all turned around and can't make any assumptions as to what I did or didn't do. What I do know is: 1. I can't get the dynamic dns to work in my router but that's tabled because... 2. I cannot access Ombi from outside my network just using my ip address either 3. I have port 80 and 443 forwarded to my unraid server 4. I have the letsencrypt docker settings for domain and subdomain correct for my dynamic dns 5. I have the letsencrypt docker ports mapped as 6. There are no errors in the letsencrypt docker log 7. If I try to go to the letsencrypt webui through the unraid docker back I get "ERROR_INTERNET_SEC_CERT_REVOKED", which I find strange as there are no errors in the log That happens in Edge. When I use Chrome it says the cert is wrong because it's for my dns subdomain and not my internal IP. I expected that, make an exception, and it loads using my internal IP. 8. I know this sounds crazy but my sister has no problems accessing the Ombi app that this is linked to. I actually got a requests from here the other day. I'm completely baffled why she is the only one that can access it outside my network. 9. I do IT professionally but I really LOATHE networking I'm all sorts of turned around. I might try and just put my old router back and turn off the router features on my modem but I don't think that will help anyway. I'll try as a last resort though. Any ideas?
  13. I'm at 43TB and probably about to add another 6TB soon.
  14. I'm trying to build my own docker using this base image https://github.com/jlesage/docker-baseimage-gui for running GUI apps on a headless server. Unfortunately I can't figure out what package is missing because when trying to run the GUI I am getting Failed to load shredder: No module named 'shredder' I looked at the compile requirements for rmlint but it doesn't have Alpine so I've just been trying to figure it out as I go.