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  1. Ah, thanks. You know, as long as I've been working with computers, I've never heard the term HBA. I've apparently used them before, just never referred to as such. That helps when trying to search. It's probably because I don't work with enterprise level hardware often. One last thing, I actually found some kind of SAS expansion card while salvaging at my local electronics recycler months ago. I highly recommend it BTW. Companies throw out stuff all the time that still has some life left. Anyway, the SAS cable broke out into 3 SATA cables, two of which where power AND data. If that common? It would make things much tidier if the cables were like that. Could I just get those type of cables or am I correct in assuming not all cards have that capability?
  2. I'm well overdue for an upgrade. My current server has about 20 SATA ports on the mobo. I've used PCIe SATA cards before but didn't like the extra time and complexity they added to boot. That's probably just me being nit-picky. While I have read up on the technology, I have no experience with SAS. Is there anything I should be aware of when looking to get a SAS card for a new server build? All my drives are SATA. I have around 15 or so. I want to try and minimize the amount of cards and cable clutter as much as possible. Any advice?
  3. Anyone had an issue with data disappearing? I frequently find completed torrents are stopped and says it is missing the data. I run a search on my server and the files are no where. I know there is an option to remove and delete files after seeding is complete but I don't have that option enabled. I'm not even sure if this is a qbittorrent problem or not.
  4. Have you tried running docker safe permissions in the unraid menu?
  5. I've had the linuxserver dockers for Ombi and letsencrypt set up for quite a while now. Users can access it outside my network. I am trying to dabble with FlexTV. The first issue I am running across is the sparse documentation. All I am trying to do is get Alexa and/or Google to work so I can make voice requests. Apart from that, I'm assuming I would need to make it accessible so user outside my network can use their voice assistants as well. Has anyone figured out how to do this?
  6. I tried updating again, to the latest version. No issues with the disks but I still get no user shares. Any ideas?
  7. Hadn't noticed it was outdated, thanks. Although, every time I make a change to this server it goes to shit and I spend days fixing things so maybe I won't. I probably am long overdue for an upgrade TBH.
  8. Is it going to start a parity rebuild if I do that? I'm worried about the array being unprotected.
  9. That's how you change it. What do you mean it did nothing?
  10. My machine was becoming unresponsive so I did a reboot. It was a safe reboot, didn't have to force anything to shutdown, although it did take a while. When it came back up, a parity disk and an array disk were in error state. There doesn't seem to be any obvious reason though. No read or write errors, no SMART issues. I've attached my diagnostics. Any idea what happened? I'm just worried about re-adding them. tower-diagnostics-20200217-0345.zip
  11. Well, I checked and everything was backed up so I just decided to format and restore.
  12. Actually, I did managed to get the restore command working but I don't think it worked very well. there were lots of errors. The main file I was concerned about was a VM image. It restored it but it's 232gb with only about 500MB on disk.
  13. Well, this isn't good. I tried all those options. None of them worked. They all basically said no BTRFS system found. The restore command restored 2 files though. Not the ones I need unfortunately. I'm really unsure of what I did but I did not format anything.
  14. Should have done that to begin with. Sorry. tower-diagnostics-20200216-0438.zip