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  1. Support link at the bottom of the settings page is dead, BTW. It point to
  2. It always takes me forever to reboot my server after I update UnRaid because I use it so much and it's never a convenient time. I use the autoupdate and autobackup plugins but I don't see any way to schedule a reboot after UnRaid is updated. I know I can just make a user script or something but I was wondering if there is already something available. I haven't come across anything yet.
  3. Unfortunately the plugin won't really work as a Docker container. I could probably rewrite it to use sqlite but it's not ideal. The data structure I am using lends itself better to nosql. So I'm still looking for a way to do it as planned. I know 6.12 of unraid will be changing the PHP version as well, so I'm going to work with that.
  4. I'm working on a plugin that needs the mongodb driver and I'm trying to figure out how to add it to the UnRAID PHP. It looks like it doesn't have pecl, which is how the documentation says to install it. I'm not sure where to go from here since UnRAID seems to have a customized PHP version.
  5. This container uses Arch Linux. The package manager for arch is pacman. Read here on how to install packages with pacman:
  6. Right now, this is a Python script for UnRAID to search for duplicates. It's very fast. Files found: 53,647 3.80 TB (4,181,981,773,439 bytes) After omitting 1,881 hard linked files: 51,766 After omitting 37,258 unique file sizes: 14,508 Hashing file 14,508 of 14,508...done. After omitting 968 unique hashes: 13,540 Hashing file 13,540 of 13,540...done. After omitting 185 unique hashes: 13,355 Time elapsed: 13 minutes and 10.19 seconds Files found: 26,602 2.05 TB (2,257,131,773,393 bytes) After omitting 0 hard linked files: 26,602 After omitting 22,461 unique file sizes: 4,141 Hashing file 4,141 of 4,141...done. After omitting 3,539 unique hashes: 602 Hashing file 602 of 602...done. After omitting 96 unique hashes: 506 Time elapsed: 3 minutes and 22.26 seconds I plan to eventually complete the other parts to create a full plugin with a daemon and UI. Right not it's just a one-time scan and you view the results. I appreciate any feedback or polite criticisms.
  7. I got it connected to git but it keeps asking for the login/token. I have to use token since it can't open a browser, which is fine, but the issue is it keeps asking for it just about any time I do a git operation. Anyone figure out how to get it to stay?
  8. I just noticed, the support forum link in the plugin is outdated and invalid.
  9. I have the same issue, or at least seems the same as I haven't had a chance to dig into it. Mine didn't even get to the login screen though. I boot my VM from an nvme drive that is passed through. I recently added some disks but have been frustrated that doing so has screwed up the boot order and the BIOS doesn't keep changes I make. I've just been dealing with it for now but I updated and saw new boot order options so but the NVME drive as 1 and the others blank. I try to start the VM and after a few minutes the entire server locks up, GUI and ssh are unresponsive and the only thing to do was a hard shutdown. Tried it again, same thing. I didn't try putting the boot order back yet because I am waiting for the parity check to finish now.
  10. Word of warning, if you get one of those m2 5 port adapters like this: ...make sure you get one with a heatsink. I've been having issues with my array after have finally traced it back to the chip overheating and causing weird issues. I looked online and plenty have heatsinks included now but mine did not.
  11. This deals with Docker and VMs but is mostly general. I have 128GB of RAM, 64 of which is allocated to a VM. I don't have many Dockers but a few times when trying new containers or doing some dev stuff, my VM was stopped Unraid reported it was out of memory. It always shuts off the VM, and not cleanly. That's the last thing I want. Is there some way to set it to never do that? I would have thought it would just allocate the remaining 64GB as needed but it seems to be over allocating.
  12. I was reading this issue: but it seems to be different than mine. I have been using 6.11.1 fine as far as I can recall. Yesterday Windows updated and now my VM will crash, leaving the screen frozen on the last image but it shows as stopped in the webui. It doesn't crash Unraid, just the VM. The VM log shows no errors but does have this helpful note: 2022-10-22 23:12:40.554+0000: shutting down, reason=crashed 2022-10-22 23:12:40.554+0000: shutting down, reason=crashed I believe the update was for the new 2h22 Windows update. It will run for probably 15 minutes before it crashes. I am rolling back the update to see if that fixes it. I have attached my diagnostics. Not sure if anyone else has had a similar issue.
  13. I've got a few plugins in the works but my main issue is that I'm pretty new to web development. There are just a few things that conceptually, I guess I'm just having an issue with. The biggest issue I'm facing is I have been unable to run shell commands with node.js in several projects and environments. I've spent a few months off and on with this but I keep getting "require not defined". I know what it means, but everything I've read and followed on how to resolve it hasn't worked for some reason. I've been in IT for a LONG time so it's a bit frustrating being stuck on this. I can go into more detail if anyone is interested in giving me a hand.
  14. I have 3 Nvidia GPUs installed in one VM. I use Aster to have multiple workstations with the same Windows installation. I don't think that's relevant but mentioning it just in case. I did some reconfiguring with my server and now two of the video cards are showing as other devices in device manager. This isn't a problem per se, as this is the normal state when first setting things up. The issue is that installing the driver so that it works for all the GPUs involves a big song and dance. Additionally, I dare not update the driver and have to go through it all again. Running the Nvidia driver installer fails. I usually have to remove all the drivers, unassign the video cards, assign a VNC as GPU, and reinstall the drivers and it's a long and frustrating process. I don't know if anyone else has had similar issues. Does anyone know of an easier way? My GPUs are GTX 1060, GTX 1050 Ti, and GTX 950.
  15. I just finished a lengthy parity swap where my array was unavailable for a few days. It is now rebuilding the data disks and as I was configuring rclone, I tried to mount under /mnt/user and now I am getting the "Transport endpoint is not connected" error. A common issue/mistake. So my data is inaccessible pretty much until I reboot. Is there a way to either pause the rebuild and continue after reboot, or fix the transport error without rebooting? I read that allowing rebuild to continue after reboot was planned but I don't know if it was ever implemented. I'm currently on 6.11.0.