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  1. I tried updating again, to the latest version. No issues with the disks but I still get no user shares. Any ideas?
  2. Hadn't noticed it was outdated, thanks. Although, every time I make a change to this server it goes to shit and I spend days fixing things so maybe I won't. I probably am long overdue for an upgrade TBH.
  3. Is it going to start a parity rebuild if I do that? I'm worried about the array being unprotected.
  4. That's how you change it. What do you mean it did nothing?
  5. My machine was becoming unresponsive so I did a reboot. It was a safe reboot, didn't have to force anything to shutdown, although it did take a while. When it came back up, a parity disk and an array disk were in error state. There doesn't seem to be any obvious reason though. No read or write errors, no SMART issues. I've attached my diagnostics. Any idea what happened? I'm just worried about re-adding them. tower-diagnostics-20200217-0345.zip
  6. Well, I checked and everything was backed up so I just decided to format and restore.
  7. Actually, I did managed to get the restore command working but I don't think it worked very well. there were lots of errors. The main file I was concerned about was a VM image. It restored it but it's 232gb with only about 500MB on disk.
  8. Well, this isn't good. I tried all those options. None of them worked. They all basically said no BTRFS system found. The restore command restored 2 files though. Not the ones I need unfortunately. I'm really unsure of what I did but I did not format anything.
  9. Should have done that to begin with. Sorry. tower-diagnostics-20200216-0438.zip
  10. I really screwed this up. I was trying to replace my cache drive with a larger one. I only have the one. I guess I didn't really understand the process. I stopped the array, changed the cache to 2 drives, and added the other. I guess it copied everything after a while. I checked both drives in the terminal and they both had the same amount of information. Turn out the new one (old one really) was too old and I didn't like the smart report so I replaced it. I thought I could just remove the smaller one from the pool and put it back down to one but now I can't get the cache drive back online. I just tried a few combinations of things, even putting it back how it was, but with just one drive it says it has no filesystem. I did not check the box and format so I don't know why it would say that. I thought maybe I could mount one in unassigned devices and copy it over but it won't mount in UD. I'm not sure what to do. Any ideas? At the very least, can I back it up somehow?
  11. Ok, I restored the flash and used one of the backup config files. The array started fine and is doing a parity check now. Thanks for pointing out those old config files. It didn't seem to like the backup I had.
  12. Yes, I have the assignments. One of the config files is human readable and it's in there. I might try and redo some tests first. It was late last night so maybe I messed something up.
  13. I updated to 6.8 and after reboot is says I have no exportable user shares. I've tried rebooting, restoring to a backup config, and downgrading but now I have no disks assigned. I can assigned disks but it will recreate parity a nd I'm nervous about data loss. I don't think it's an update issue. I've attached my diagnostics. tower-diagnostics-20191223-1901.zip
  14. Well, it was showing that before I downgraded. It showed the disks but no user shares. I tried rebooting and then it show no assigned disks. That's when I tried downgrading. Still, I don't think it's an upgrade issue so I'll post there. Thanks everyone.
  15. It still show no disks assigned. I can reassign them, but then it will rebuild the parity.