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  1. Suddenly, I can't get the page to load in Chrome or IE. It's just a blank white page, no login. Works fine in FireFox. I cleared my cache as well.
  2. I have a need to access a block level device from unRAID. I don't know a whole lot about iSCSI and AoE. I have been reading about iSCSI on unRAID but it looks like either a custom kernel is needed or a complicated VM solution. What about ata over ethernet (AoE)? Does that need a custom kernel or can I just install a few slackware packages? Any other suggestions?
  3. +1 I'm not much of a networking guy. I've heard of iSCSI but once I looked into it I realized it's a feature I've been looking for for years.
  4. Do you use it for Plex? Currently I have a gaming VM with a GPU passthru and the integrated GPU from the CPU is used for Plex. But from what I understand only certain Intel processors can passthru the integrated GPU to a docker container.
  5. Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for that. Do you have a Ryzen yourself? I'm mostly interested in hearing about how it works with UnRAID. I know passing through the integrated GPU to a docker is only possible with certain Intel chips. I'm wondering about any other types of "gotchas" I'd have to worry about, other than just comparing specs.
  6. I used to use AMD CPUs exclusively but switched to Intel about 20 years ago. I haven't really kept up with AMD since they acquired ATI. I think that was mostly because Nvidia was the king of GPUs, AMD CPUs didn't play as well with Nvidia CPUs they did ATI, and Intel was getting better. Anyway, I am looking to upgrade my server within the next year or two, no immediate plans. I see a lot of discussion about Ryzen and Threadripper. Additionally, it seems every time there is a CPU security vulnerability discovered it only affects Intel processors. Maybe that's just a perception thing. My initial thinking was to get an i9 (and motherboard) when the time comes but now I'm wondering if I should consider something from AMD. What I want is a server with a lot of RAM and cores/threads, and preferably SATA ports without expansion cards but that is secondary. I want to be able to have a gaming VM with a good GPU but enough RAM and cores/threads to have more VMs if I need without having to shut some off and shuffle resources. I also am doing more 4k content in Plex so I want it to handle that. I don't know anything about recent AMD offerings really, other than just the names. Does anyone have any bullet points or suggestions on what to focus my research on for my needs and how they compare to i9? Any issues with UnRAID I need to be aware of, such as onboard GPU passthru? Anything I should consider with the motherboard or RAM as well? I don't want to settle on the CPU only to have some unforeseen limitations in motherboard chipset or something.
  7. Ah. Interesting and good point. I wasn't aware of that issue. Is that all Marvell controllers? I just wonder if there is some way to make it work for this particular board. It would be killer for specific application. For me, the biggest thing is only one PCIe 1x. It can't really be used for anything other than NAS, even if the controller wasn't an issue. No GPU for a VM in unraid.
  8. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-motherboard-32-sata-ports,40408.html Not very practical for most uses but interesting nonetheless.
  9. I did. But I figured a way to get around the issue with the program. I hate networking on Windows. I always have a different issue with any computer I want to connect to the server through Windows.
  10. I am having trouble being able to see my unraid server under networks in explorer. I've looked at the other threads but I'm not getting anywhere. I alteady have the drive mapped but the problem is I have a program I am trying to use that doesn't see the mapped drives. So I can only access it through the network part of explorer. I enabled SMB1, allowed insecure logins, but still nothing.
  11. That's useful, thanks. I'd still like to keep power button functionality though, if possible.
  12. I'm trying to think of a way to power on a specific VM using a power button. I want to get it as close operating a normal PC as possible. Either wake it from the attached mouse/keyboard or some kind on custom made button or something that powers it on. Maybe it sends a WOL packet. I know sending a WOL packet from my phone is an option but that's not quite what I'm looking for. Any ideas? Anyone know what options there are? Maybe even something like a hacked Amazon Dash button or Raspberry Pi Zero or something? Or something less complicated.
  13. My Ombi is acting up. I go to the page or the app to request a show and nothing happens. On the site, I click request and that's it. No messages and nothing shows up in Sonarr. It's as if I didn't click anything. In the app, when I hot requests the message pops up from the bottom saying I made a request but nothing happens in Sonarr. Nothing in logs for Sonarr, no errors in either. In the Ombi app, clicking "more" also does nothing. I tried restarting the docker and doing a forced update.
  14. I've been having a strange issue lately and I'm not sure what it is related to. I've noticed that data seems to disappear in rtorrent. At times it will download something but when radarr tries to import it, it's not there and I have to dowanload it again. I've looked for the files everywhere on my server. Or it will run a hash check and part of the files are gone. It seems it even does a hash check before it is done downloading but the check is extremely slow. I'm not sure what's going on so I'm still gathering information, looking for patterns, seeing if the same happens with programs other than rtorrent, etc. I recently had a disk report errors. I replaced it, ran a full SMART report on the disk that had errors and precleared it. It seemed ok as neither of those processes reported any problems with the disk so I put it back in the array. Now, I'm not so sure. That disk is the most empty so everything is being put on it. I might just move the data from the disk and do further test. I ran docker safe permissions script and it didn't help. Any ideas what might be going on?