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  1. That's a good point. I was thinking so much about the theoretical bandwidth I didn't even consider my existing drives aren't even going to get anywhere near that anyway. I think at this point I just need to buy somethings and quit overthinking it.
  2. Those all seem to be PCIe 2.0 as well, which would be a pretty big limitations. edit: I also just realized the M.2 card I listed uses only 2 lanes, so it's already bottlenecked, unfortunately.
  3. But even with SAS + expander, I can only breakout to 4x SATA. I would need 2 to get 8x SATA and not 10. Any cards that give more?
  4. I'm upgrading hardware. My old mobo has about 20 SATA ports. My new one has 8 but a few extra M.2 slots and some PCIe slots. I'd rather use the extra M.2 ports, and as few of them as possible. I was thinking of this: but I would need 2. My mobo uses PCIe 4.0 but I don't think there is anything out there for that yet (my thinking being more bandwidth, more ports, fewer slots taken). I was also looking at using SAS to breakout to SATA but I know little about SAS and haven't had any experience with it. This is my n
  5. <sarcasm> Geez, couldn't they make it any more convoluted and cryptic?</sarcasm> Now I feel silly for not having thought of that. Seems obvious now.
  6. It looks like one was made automatically or something. The time stamp looks like it was probably around the time I rebooted. I also included the one I just ran. I don't really know why way around the diagnostic files though.
  7. This morning I found I could not log into the UnRaid GUI nor any Docker app I have running under the same IP but a different port. I think the Dockers are actually running though because I can access my Plex server from outside. I can SSH in putty so I did a clean shutdown and then started it up again. Unfortunately, the problem still remains. I'm not sure how to post diagnostics without the GUI. I'm not sure what happened overnight that caused this. Any help is appreciated. Note: ps aux | grep emhttp shows emhttp is running
  8. Support thread for rmlint Docker container rmlint finds space waste and other broken things on your filesystem and offers to remove it. Features: Finds… …Duplicate Files and duplicate directories. …Nonstripped binaries (i.e. binaries with debug symbols) …Broken symbolic links. …Empty files and directories. …Files with broken user or/and group ID. Differences to other duplicate finders: Extremely fast (no exaggeration, we promise!) Paranoia mode for those who do not trust hashsums. Many output format
  9. I came here to make the same request so I'll add my support to this. I do believe that it does indeed say that the port is already in use. Regardless, I think it would be nice if it checked and informed you before you save the template, maybe even prevent it from saving if the port is already in use. Currently, I expand docker allocations on the template page and can check that but it would be more convenient if it put a red asterisks or flashed or something if it was already in use. It's not usually a problem as most docker image creators check to make sure another CA docker isn't using the s
  10. I don't either on the webUI. I don't know about that particular option but I do know that the webUI doesn't have all the feature available that the desktop GUI does.
  11. That was true once upon a time but they have been working for a while.
  12. I didn't think so, and that's what I'm finding. I'll probably just use my existing stuff for now and hopefully it will be fine. I haven't looked at how many more ports I need. I see same SAS stuff too, but I have no actual experience with it and I think it's all gen 3 anyway.
  13. I'm getting a new motherboard and it doesn't have enough SATA ports for all my storage. I have PCIe card I can use, but I'd rather use them for other things like video cards and use the extra M.2 slots I won't be using. I've seen several adapters that give 5 ports using the JMicron 0585 chip. My motherboard has PCIe Gen 4 and the JMicron 0585 chip uses Gen 3 ( That's fine and all, but I have been looking for a similar adapter that uses Gen4 that will have more ports than 5, due to the increased bandwidth. I haven'
  14. Has anyone seen a PCIe 4.0 version of the M.2 adapter? Since the PCIe 3 one has 5 SATA ports, I'm hoping a PCIe 4 version will be able to handle 10 but I have yet to see any.