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  1. I know I can do this docker stop -t 300 DOCKERNAME but what I want is to implement this somewhere so is the default behaviour when I click on the docker and then click stop is this.
  2. But that is basically the same than stopping the container from command line. I only want to do this with 1 container. Not all.
  3. @limetech I would need to do the same, the database of the Storj Docker keeps get corrupting becuase the timeout is too short. I could shut it down manually but it would be great to be able to customize the timeout for this docker in particular, or for all of them, whatever is easier. Is there a way to do this without you requiring you to modify unraid? Stopping the container from the interface with a bigger timeout Thanks
  4. No one else is having this problem? the docker apparently works but it stops to update the IP after a week or so. Is there an automatic way to restart the docker every day?
  5. I have updated the docker, and somehow it failed in the middle of the process because docker isn't able to kill the container. The icon was there before I can't stop the container manually I can't delete the container This is the log e":"can not get logs from container which is dead or marked for removal"} If I stop the docker service it doesn't work because docker service can kill this container so the service can stop. What can I do? unraid-diagnostics-20190628-0757.zip
  6. @binhex Can you add a simple file editor to the docker?
  7. There are many plugings made by the community covering basic options that should be available out of the box in Unraid. Have you consider integrate\absorb them in a future? How do you plan to finance Unraid in the future? How is working so far with the lifetime licenses? Can you give a tentative roadmap of the product? Or at least a few hints of what you are working on
  8. @spants Can you include unbound in this docker to do this? https://docs.pi-hole.net/guides/unbound/
  9. Lately I'm having the same problem, DuckDNS looks like it works but is not updating the IP when it changes. Did you find a solution?
  10. I took it from docker hub and configure it manually, if you copy my settings it will work I don't know how to do the template to have it in unraid apps
  11. Have you seen this? https://github.com/AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome https://github.com/AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome/wiki/Docker
  12. I have started a new dorcker from scratch, same config than always and It doesn't work, I can't reach the web interface Have been considered the latest changes? https://hub.docker.com/r/pihole/pihole/