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  1. I have the same issue but a restore did not resolve it.
  2. Hello - I have a Sandisk Cruzer Fit that I'm trying to passthrough to a VM. The issue is the usb device does not show on the list of available devices to attach. It does show up in unassigned devices though. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. I have an existing container that I manually created the template for. I would like to install a second copy of that container and use the "official" template that is now available on CA. How can I do that? I can't seem to figure it out...
  4. I don't have thousands of documents, but maybe in the dozens. I don't mind uploading them to Nextcloud and removing the duplicate on the share. I use the default notes app and the android notes app as well. It's just ok. The one thing I see missing in Nextcloud is being able to edit PDFs. Sometimes I have to fill out forms that are in pdf format.
  5. I'd like to organize my files on unraid as well as move away from paper copies. How do you manage your files? 1. SMB Share on unraid 2. SMB share on unraid with external storage support on Nextcloud 3. Only Nextcloud These are the three scenarios I can think of, but perhaps I am missing some. Interested to hear how you organize your personal files and why. EDIT: Also, do you use Paperless (or something similar)?
  6. Can you bake SNMP into the OS without the need for a separate plugin? Unraid is the only NAS without SNMP installed by default...
  7. Yes, I edited the rc file directly as well as made the changes in the gui. Anytime the container updates, those two settings revert back to a default.
  8. @Djoss I see that sound support is added, however, I don't see /dev/snd as an existing path on unraid. Is sound possible for this container on unraid, or do the instructions for "Sound Support" pertain to other docker hosts?
  9. Any particular reason this container is ignoring configuration defined in rtorrent.rc? Despite setting variables in the rc file, this container defaults the global max upload and download rates.
  10. I did that based on this recommendation. Let's try that test you just mentioned. I think you solved it! A quick test from a container in br0.80 subnet I can't believe that script was the reason I was having issues. Thank you so much for helping. Does everything seem right now if I delete that script?
  11. I have this custom script since entries in the routing table don't persist a reboot.
  12. Sorry about that. I said before to ignore br0.100 since I created that as a test. In any case, I cleaned up the test VL100. Unraid is in the LAN Unraid cannot ping containers in other networks. Also, I don't think I have IP addresses on all the VLANs. Is this screenshot what you mean by having IP addresses on the VLANs?
  13. Which screenshot shows default route to This is my LAN network. I just recently moved unraid to VL100 as a test to see if the issue persists. VL100 =