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Community Answers

  1. The help icon switches the global help on in unraid. You should be able to turn it off by unclicking the help icon in the side bar.
  2. Would you be able to run the following on the command line an PM the result to me? /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/compose.manager/scripts/ -c list
  3. Maybe what the webui needs is a sort of reaper task to periodically clean up the nchan processes if no clients remain connected. Can nchan detect if there are active subscribers to a channel? If not is there a way for a nchan client page to send a periodic keep alive back to the server?
  4. You do need to have the http:// portion of the address as well as the the IP and port numbers of your server. Also the [IP]:[PORT] syntax of dockerman will not work in the compose plugin.
  5. If yours is the same post i saw on reddit it appears that you are trying to mount a device (disk drive) rather than a file. Unfortunately I have no experience with mounting devices rather than files.
  6. Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce the issue on my local machine. It could be due to the docker folder plugin as i dont use it or test compatibility with it. There is also a chance it has something to do with unRAID 6.11.1 as I am still using 6.9.3 and dont directly test against newer versions. That said this is the first i report of the issue I have seen and I have no idea of what the distribution of unRAID versions this plugin is being run on. One other question, do you have any compose stacks running on your system that were not created through the compose plugin webui?
  7. You must define containers in your compose yaml first. Once you do this the popup will show options for which labels can be modified. To my knowledge there is no plan to officially integrate compose support into unRAID. Dockerman is the official unRAID method of administering docker and is unlikely to go anywhere.
  8. Would you be willing via PM to provide me with a list of Stack Names as well as the names of the project folders in which they reside (and any indirect paths that are used)?
  9. This plugin does not provide such a thing. If you really want auto-updating for docker containers i would look into something like Watchtower.
  10. Use the update stack button on the docker compose page. This is not normal. What OS version are you using? Is your plugin up to date? Do you have the docker folder plugin installed?
  11. You forgot the repo name in your docker run command. nexius2/plex_user_manager:latest You have to use the whole thing.
  12. Yes there is. The plugin directory on the flash drive is meant to be managed only by the compose plugin and should contain only files create by the plugin. The option for the indirect path is meant to allow the user to build more complex stacks in their own directory while still integrating with the plugin. I would not recommend putting any extra files in the compose.manager folder.
  13. I have absolutely no idea how the patches might interact with Docker Folder.
  14. If the patch applied correctly, the patch button should disappear and on the docker containers page all of your stack containers (created with the compose plugin) should have "not available" in the version column.