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  1. primeval_god

    Swap File Plugin for unRAID v5 and v6

    AFAIK it is still not possible to have SWAP on a BTRFS filesystem. I think i read somewhere that it may become possible in Linux Kernel 4.21, but I dont think that is available yet in the wild, much less in unRAID.
  2. Just want to throw this out there, one of the main reasons some of us choose to mess with compose is to get around some of the limitation of the unRAID template system. In particular when it comes to complex multi-container applications, which often use several frontend and backend networks.
  3. primeval_god

    [REQUEST] Traefik reverse proxy

    Slow in what way? I have been generally pleased with the performance of Traefik, however i have noticed that it recently seems slow to see and update new docker configurations and occasionally misses them all together. I am fairly certain that mine is a setup issue with the docker socket proxy i am using however.
  4. @bonienl Did any of these features ever come to fruition? In 6.7 perhaps?
  5. primeval_god

    6.6.6 > encryption questions

    The reason you havent found anything is there is not a way. unRAIDs concept of users does not extend to the web GUI or to the underlying linux system. Users really shouldnt have or need access to the unRAID web GUI, only the admin.
  6. primeval_god

    6.6.6 > encryption questions

    I am not sure i understand what you are saying here. It sounds like you are saying a user could go to the web gui start the Krusader Docker and get access to your files? Do your various users have access to the root password for your unRAID machine?
  7. primeval_god

    RAM for Ryzen 7 [solved]

    I believe this is because in the Ryzen architecture the infinity fabric is clocked based on the RAM speed. Thus RAM speed effects not just how fast data can be moved to and from RAM but also how fast data can be moved around within the processor and to the peripherals.
  8. primeval_god

    New to UnRAID - Question about GPUs

    A GPU is not required to boot and run unRAID. I have a system with a Ryzen 2700 and Gigabyte Aorus AX370 Gaming 5 running completely headless. As you are aware, unRAID is configured through the WebGUI, which is accessed over a network and does not require a GPU to work. VMs can also be run without a GPU, they are accessed over the network (on another pc) via a VNC connection. For things like web browsing, file manipulation, and basic application usage a VM does not need a GPU. To do things like Gaming, Video editing, or any graphics intensive application a VM would need a dedicated GPU (passed through directly to the VM) and a monitor(s) keyboard mouse etc. (You would access your VM locally as a workstation rather than over the network on another computer)
  9. primeval_god

    Supermicro Servers Hacked?

    You might want to read the latest update there. It sounds like the allegations against Supermicro were completely unfounded.
  10. primeval_god

    AMDGPU driver support?

    Unraid does not include drivers for AMD or NVIDIA GPUs. Only Intel iGPUs are supported for use with docker containers. There are feature requests open for GPU support in unRAID, but in my opinion ( as a only moderately advanced user with no affiliation or inside knowledge of Limetech) I think it is unlikely to happen. Your only options for using Dedicated GPUs for plex transcoding are running plex in a VM with GPU passthrough or working out how to build the unRAID kernel yourself with the required drivers (which someone here is doing and distributing as a plugin for TV tuner drivers but to my knowledge no one has taken on GPU drivers).
  11. primeval_god

    [Support] Djoss - JDownloader 2

    I am not sure what the Djoss's official stance is on this, but I update the program in the container all the time. Jdownloader updates far more frequently than the Container it seems. I have never had an issue updating the program within the container.
  12. primeval_god

    New Ryzen Build

    I am just finishing up the build right now, planning to boot it up in the morning. I didnt really look for server motherboards, but I would suspect the answer is no since the 2700 isnt really a server processor (EPYC) or even the enthusiast grade (thread ripper). Based on my research the motherboard I chose does support ECC RAM, and linux does report that the RAM has multibit error correction available. One warning though if you go with a board like mine, that needs a bios update to support the 2700, be prepared for a headache. Even though i was assured multiple times by the retailer that the bios would and was updated for my processor, it was not.
  13. primeval_god

    Development platform / ci?

    There is nothing that i am aware of that would prevent you from doing this. I have played around with it on very limited scale. UNRAID's custom docker manager makes it nice and easy to run apps using docker from the webgui, it doesnt change any of the underlying semantics of the docker engine (again so far as i am aware). The one downside to doing this that you will experience is that the unRAID GUI will still see the containers you launch via other means, and it will still display them on the dashboard. Since they dont have XML templates, unless you make them, they will just show up as question mark images and depending on the tool used to launch them perhaps non-descriptive names. It is neither aesthetically pleasing nor harmful to the system in any way.
  14. primeval_god

    [Support] Djoss - JDownloader 2

    Similar. As I mentioned i dont use the Chrome plugin only the my.jdownloader webapp and the android mobile app. I am making the assumption that they use the same backend communications channel as the browser plugin(s). Looking back at your original posts though I am not seeing errors on either app that tell me i need to log back in, rather I see occasional (more like often) terrible performance/connection drops/inability to connect to jdownloader. A further difference is that i have never found that bringing up the docker WebGUI (which always works fine) does anything to resolve the issues, they just eventually get better. I have not however found any indication that the Jdownloader application is crashing/freezing/or losing network connection within the docker container and i have maintained 24-7 uptime for upwards of a month at a time.
  15. primeval_god

    [Support] Djoss - JDownloader 2

    Have you tried seeking support from the makers of Jdownloader or maybe on its support forum? I am a user of this docker container, the MyJdownloader site, the android app, though not the browser plugins. My first instinct would be to say that the problem probably lies within the Jdownloader application itself and not the docker packaging. From my personal experience running Jdownloader 24/7 I have noticed that the Jdownloader remote access architecture, that connects the MyJdownloader site -> a Jdownloader instance (and likely is behind pluging connection), generally does not work all that well. I see connections from the site run slowly and fail all the time when i am certain the container and Jdownloader instance are running fine. In past version it has been more stable but lately it has been really hit or miss. I havent yet been bothered enough to seek support for it.