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Community Answers

  1. Seeing these comments, I was reminded to bump this old request.
  2. Note that the version of CA that you are currently using will likely to function for a while, at least until incompatible changes are made to the appfeed. I am also still on unRAID v6.11.x and I am not feeling compelled to update as of yet.
  3. Its an interesting idea. Perhaps it deserves to be its own feature request.
  4. I asked to have it marked completed based on its 2014 creation date. I read this as solved by the presence of dual parity.
  5. Traefik can be used for free without signing up for anything. I am sure they sell some sort of service but I wouldnt even know what it was.
  6. @JonathanM @SpencerJ Bit of a semantics question here, what should i do with "Feature Requests" that are solved by functionality available in a plugin? My thought would be move them to completed unless the request is specifically to integrate the functionality (or plugin) into unRAID itself. Also what about requests that weren't really completed so much as they already existed and the user just needed to be pointed to the functionality? p.s. Happy Thanksgiving
  7. I wasnt suggesting a reverse proxy to the internet. I use one (traefik) purely locally so that all my services are on different named paths vs different ports. You can go a step further and put the reverse proxy container on an ipvlan type network so it has its own ip address and serves on the common ports 80 and 443.
  8. You would change the host port. Using the linux user id sounds kind of complicated to me. Would that be the user id from unRAID or from another machine? How will the users know their id? Personally i prefer using a reverse proxy like traefik for something like this. Then each user can have a nice address to use http://Server_IP:Traefik_Port/username/
  9. Thats what i thought just wanted to make sure
  10. @JonathanM Just to be clear when you say report, do you mean using the forum report function or ping a mod from the thread?
  11. Considering posts like the above, maybe at some point the Feature Requests forum deserves a cleanup. It would make it easier for people, especially new users and those coming in from searches, to know what feature requests are still valid. Can moderators mark a topic as Solved or is it only the original poster? Or maybe there should be another subforum called completed?
  12. The only labels currently supported are for icon, shell, and webui.
  13. Yeah that is what should work, make sure the containers were redeployed after you added that line. You can do a "docker inspect 'container_name'" on the containers to make sure the labels are set. You may need to reboot unRAID, one downside of using the container labels is that currently the webui caches the icon and changing the icon url label will not change the image until that cache is invalidated.
  14. @Kilrah was talking about the Compose manager unRAID plugin, not docker compose itself. I dont really know that much about the template system itself but if you can get your master container to add labels to the containers it spawns that would be the easiest way to get icons. All you need is to add a label "net.unraid.docker.icon=url-to-icon" to each container. Alternatively maybe look into the FolderView plugin.