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  1. primeval_god

    Unraid, SSH and custom linux services

    In my opinion this is the key answer. Diving deeply into the underlying linux system is neither the recommended nor supported way of doing things in unRAID. The way I have always understood it is applications and additional services belong in dockers (where possible), extension to the unRAID system (particularly the webUI) should be done with plugins (and should be used sparingly), all else can be handled by a VM if needed. Can you do what you want directly on the unRAID system? Maybe but probably not without frustration, and unless you are following in the footsteps of someone else on the forums you may end up in uncharted waters with questions that no-one else here knows how to answer. Though I have no knowledge of the services you are talking about specifically, my experience has been that the performance of dockerized applications, both large and small, is surprisingly good, not bare metal but good. I also want to jump in on this question, but i admit i am not the most knowledgeable on the topic so maybe we should both defer to the wisdom of @trurl on this one. Yes unRAID has SSH, which I use regularly locally. However the common consensus is that no surface of the unRAID OS itself should be exposed directly to (made accessible directly from) the internet (containers and VMs being a different story). UnRAID is by no means a hardened or security focused OS. The OS and its components are updated relatively slowly, though it has gotten a lot better is recent times particularly in regards to security related patches. unRAID is designed to be safely sequestered in a local network and the recommended way to access it remotely is through a VPN into your home network (then on to the WebGUI or terminal). I hope that helps somewhat.
  2. primeval_god

    [Support] Data-Monkey - netdata

    No, netdata does not at this time provide any Windows support.
  3. primeval_god

    Swap File Plugin for unRAID v5 and v6

    Hi @theone, I am having some trouble getting SWAP to work on my setup running unRAID 6.6.7. I have the plugin set to make the swap file on a drive mounted with the Unassigned Drives plugin. The filesystem is ext4, and on hitting start the swap file is created. But the plugin never shows a check for Swap File in use and there is no sign in Netdata that the system is using swap. Checking the system log the only output produced by the plugin is as follows: Mar 11 20:59:24 Nexus emhttpd: req (7): cmd=%2Fplugins%2Fswapfile%2Fscripts%2Frc.swapfile&arg1=start&runCmd=Start&csrf_token=**************** Mar 11 20:59:24 Nexus emhttpd: cmd: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/swapfile/scripts/rc.swapfile start Mar 11 20:59:24 Nexus rc.swapfile[19406]: Swap file /mnt/disks/Kingston_DataTraveler_20/swapfile re-used and started Mar 11 20:59:41 Nexus emhttpd: req (8): cmd=%2Fplugins%2Fswapfile%2Fscripts%2Frc.swapfile&arg1=start&runCmd=Start&csrf_token=**************** Mar 11 20:59:41 Nexus emhttpd: cmd: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/swapfile/scripts/rc.swapfile start Mar 11 20:59:41 Nexus rc.swapfile[19941]: Swap file /mnt/disks/Kingston_DataTraveler_20/swapfile re-used and started Any help would be appreciated Edit: I managed to figure this out. Turns out due to the speed of the drive I was using and the size of the SWAP file I was trying to create, the start script was taking long enough that the web request was timing out. Running the script from the console allowed it to finish correctly and everything is working now.
  4. primeval_god

    Dynamix - V6 Plugins

    So far as i am aware the S3 sleep plugin does not have any native support for waking up the server on a schedule. When I last used it, I had the "Before Sleep" commands feature to run a small script to program an RTC wakeup alarm. Support for RTC wakeup can be a pain though.
  5. primeval_god

    Hardware - CPU Hyperthreading

    With this CPU you would have 8 threads to allocate to unRAID/VMs. With this CPU you would have 12 threads to allocate to unRAID/VMs. Though I believe that if you are going for best performance the recommendation is to not split thread/hyperthread pairs between VMs. So you might be better off doing 6 threads (gaming), 4 threads (general), 2 threads unRAID. Or maybe dont dedicated any threads to the general use VM and let it and unraid share. Note: I have no direct knowledge of either of the processors mentioned above, my answer is based only on the information you provided about their core count and hyperthreading capability.
  6. primeval_god

    Use Cookie for Font Size

    I would suggest both if possible. That is a modifiable default, and a cookie override.
  7. primeval_god

    Ability to Pause Parity Check

    It has been a while since i used the S3 sleep plugin, but I vaguely remember a debug mode where it would do all the decision making and output to the log but not actually execute a sleep command at the end. If not I am sure the sleep script could be modified to make that happen.
  8. primeval_god

    Swap File Plugin for unRAID v5 and v6

    AFAIK it is still not possible to have SWAP on a BTRFS filesystem. I think i read somewhere that it may become possible in Linux Kernel 4.21, but I dont think that is available yet in the wild, much less in unRAID.
  9. Just want to throw this out there, one of the main reasons some of us choose to mess with compose is to get around some of the limitation of the unRAID template system. In particular when it comes to complex multi-container applications, which often use several frontend and backend networks.
  10. primeval_god

    [REQUEST] Traefik reverse proxy

    Slow in what way? I have been generally pleased with the performance of Traefik, however i have noticed that it recently seems slow to see and update new docker configurations and occasionally misses them all together. I am fairly certain that mine is a setup issue with the docker socket proxy i am using however.
  11. @bonienl Did any of these features ever come to fruition? In 6.7 perhaps?
  12. primeval_god

    6.6.6 > encryption questions

    The reason you havent found anything is there is not a way. unRAIDs concept of users does not extend to the web GUI or to the underlying linux system. Users really shouldnt have or need access to the unRAID web GUI, only the admin.
  13. primeval_god

    6.6.6 > encryption questions

    I am not sure i understand what you are saying here. It sounds like you are saying a user could go to the web gui start the Krusader Docker and get access to your files? Do your various users have access to the root password for your unRAID machine?
  14. primeval_god

    RAM for Ryzen 7 [solved]

    I believe this is because in the Ryzen architecture the infinity fabric is clocked based on the RAM speed. Thus RAM speed effects not just how fast data can be moved to and from RAM but also how fast data can be moved around within the processor and to the peripherals.
  15. primeval_god

    New to UnRAID - Question about GPUs

    A GPU is not required to boot and run unRAID. I have a system with a Ryzen 2700 and Gigabyte Aorus AX370 Gaming 5 running completely headless. As you are aware, unRAID is configured through the WebGUI, which is accessed over a network and does not require a GPU to work. VMs can also be run without a GPU, they are accessed over the network (on another pc) via a VNC connection. For things like web browsing, file manipulation, and basic application usage a VM does not need a GPU. To do things like Gaming, Video editing, or any graphics intensive application a VM would need a dedicated GPU (passed through directly to the VM) and a monitor(s) keyboard mouse etc. (You would access your VM locally as a workstation rather than over the network on another computer)