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  1. A docker container can be connected to multiple docker networks, just not if i remember correctly anywhere in the unRAID web interface. You would use the command docker network connect from the terminal to connect a container to a second network. The annoying bit, again if i remember correctly, is that you would have to rerun that command everytime the container is re-created, such as when you use the update button in the web-gui.
  2. So I am seeing something oddly similar. I just installed 6.9.1 yesterday and now i see this at the bottom if the "Array Operation" tab on the "Main" page. The thing is I dont have the s3 sleep plugin installed, and I havent for quite some time.
  3. A user script that runs on a schedule and looks in the next cloud share for specified file extensions maybe?
  4. @ogi Its not really an answer to why the above happens but you might want to look at using ionice on you cmd line copy operations
  5. I use Syncthing to backup my photos from my phone. Yes i realize that it is sync not backup, but i have it setup to oneway sync and ignore deletes, and then the folder on unraid is backed up by other means.
  6. out of curiosity what plugin was the problem?
  7. unRAID is not meant to be a multi-user system. Users only come into play for share access.
  8. If you are commiting the image to the same repo/image name as the original container I would recommend using a different tag. Such as 'mylatest'. So you dont end up pulling the real latest image and blowing away your tag (unintentionally you can always retag things if you want). Using other tags in docker templates works just fine. A repo/image with no tag however defaults to the latest tag, not sure whether that is built into unRAID's implementation or docker itself.
  9. Once setup netdata is pretty intuitive to use. For example the below screenshot shows the graph of the per-cpu usage of one of my docker containers.
  10. I am not aware of anything Unraid specific. My goto for resource monitoring is a Netdata docker container paired with a docker-proxy-acl container to pass through the docker socket (though the second container is not strictly necessary more of a peace of mind security thing). I think it would provide all of the metrics you are looking for and more.
  11. I have been a Lastpass Premium user since way back when they charged for multidevice access the first time. I started paying for it for that feature alone. When they switched to allowing multidevice use for free accounts i honestly didnt realize it for quite some time. Overall i have found Lastpass' features and attention to security worth the money. I will probably continue using them for the foreseeable future.
  12. Why would you need to disable the docker service to change the appdata share settings?
  13. Sounds like plex is not transcoding to the correct directory. You probably should verify your settings for the transcode folder. Both in the docker template and in plex iteself.
  14. I would not recommend this. All applications on unRAID (that dont directly require access to the host OS) should be run in docker or VMs. That isolates them from the host OS to prevent potentially unwanted / destabilizing interactions with other applications. Additionally and more importantly it allows them to run in their preferred os environment rather than requiring you to figure out how to get the application running on unRAIDs custom, stripped down, ram-based slackware variant. Also even outside of docker you would still need to wait for the array to be up before running an a
  15. Make sure that you have the search dockerhub setting enabled in Community Applications. Then use CA to search for the docker image you want to use. When CA returns no results, click the whale to continue on to results from dockerhub. Select the repo you are looking for and CA should open the template creator/editor. As for what you will need to add to the template i am not really sure. The docker hub page for the repo you listed doesnt give much for setup info, such as what ports to bind, what volumes are needed etc. Nor do i see a direct link to a github page that might have that info.
  16. I know exactly 0 things about VLANs or how to achieve what you want. Best I can give you is that there appear to be a number of docker images for socat. Maybe that method you linked above would work in a docker container running on unRAID?
  17. Is it though? I thought that under the hood there werent any other real (in the sense of *nix) users defined.
  18. I would suggest building it into a docker container.
  19. Based on the link you provided you should have setup 3 volume mounts for your container - /path/to/local/config.json:/app/config.json # For easy editing of the config - /path/to/local/plugins:/app/plugins # Only needed if using plugins - /path/to/local/libraries:/app/libraries # Only needed if using external libraries In the case of unraid the "/path/to/local" would likely be a folder in your appdata folder like "/mnt/user/appdata/amoungus". Within the amoungus folder you would have a subfolder "plugins" and a subfolder "libraries". The config.json is a bit of
  20. Without knowing the first thing about the application itself i would assume you want a bridge network seeing as the documentation suggests publishing a port mapping. You should setup the mapping in the template rather than using extra parameters. Publish equates to a Port mapping. Volume to a volume mapping. Yes that looks right to me. It is best to use Community Applications to install containers. In the CA settings there should be an option to allow searching docker hub. Once that is enabled, simply search for the particular image you want in CA, then c
  21. As most of the veterans here will tell you, except in the cases of a gaping security hole or potential array corruption, there is no immediately with the unRAID developers. Its more likely that they are unaware of the issue or that it is just to far down the priority queue. There are so few actual employees of Limetech that things tend to move slow and they dont monitor every forum post. It looks to me like the Bug report post is extremely new.
  22. This is completely dependent on how the docker container was implemented, but in my experience container most container authors rarely go the extra mile to trigger a game save on shutdown. Is there perhaps a CLI RCON client? If so you could perhaps script triggering the save via the RCON Client. I would imagine if you found one it would be in a docker container. So you would use a docker run command in your user script to run the RCON client save in a autoremoved container before shutting down the server container. Alternatively if ARK the game has options to autosa
  23. You can use the User.Scripts plugin to run a bash script on a schedule. So far as running youtube-dl specifically the best way is within a docker container. You would use a docker run command in your script (probably with the --rm option to delete the container when done) to launch a youtubedl container from your script. Depending on the image you choose you may need to override the container entrypoint to directly launch youtubedl and then your would pass your arguments in the docker cmd.
  24. It depends on what the base image of the container is and what package manager (if any) is installed.
  25. My suggestion is to build a docker image (using one of the official python base images), include your python script (run it from the entrypoint) and all of its dependencies. Then run the container from your user script.