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  1. Thanks.. nice write up. About to buy same board but would be useful to know which headers etc go to which USB controllers. Normally you get two in same group and one separate. The two same group can be stubbed and passed separately from memory.
  2. So Sleeping unRAID does NOT sleep the VM first ? Seems to me that would be cleanest way to do it....
  3. This looks incredible but even though I have run unRAID before for a year or so, I confess I find the 1st post a bit confusing. Its got everything there (I think) but its not laid out in a very noob-friendly manner (I would suggest how if I understood it!). This looks a great candidate for a @SpaceInvaderOne video (and we know Ed has Nvidia cards ANd a Radeon 5700XT or maybe he's dumped it?)
  4. So @JorgeB do you think I could have two of these cards in my 2 empty PCIE 4.0 x1 slots and be okay for Parity speeds etc? Theory says at PCIE 3.0 x1 speed they get 1GB split 4 ways so 250MB each. Can't think that is going to bottle neck spinning rust drives!?
  5. Thanks... that tells me on F3 BIOS (VERY old) you need ACS patch.... But your board now has MANY more BIOS updates I suspect if you were on latest you might not need ACS patch at all... If you do update, please LMK. This board has the layout I want
  6. @Vitor Ventura do you still have the mobo and on newer BIOS? What IOMMU groups do you get with a) No ACS patch b) ACS downstream patch c) ACS downstream multifunction
  7. Came across a video where a guy compiled QEMU to support Virgl... Didnt look at all complicated!? Would be nice as an option
  8. I suspect Ed is using a similar approach to GibMacOS script which downloads the Recovery installer from Apple's servers but when Apple changes versions of MacOS that are available then an update may be needed to Ed's docker?? @SpaceInvaderOne is that correct? (Have to say I am hugely impressed how much better this is than ALL previous methods of MacOS VMs). My few suggestions for Ed - 1) would be nice if it was possible to specify VM HDD size in the same GBs that MacOS uses... ie 47GB in unRAID input gives 50.31GB in MacOS VM... I'd like my MacOS VMs with e
  9. In response to the question I bolded... i don't think that's been well tested.. My 1st VM was totally as per video and works.. My 2nd fails.... "operation failed: unable to find any master var store for loader: /mnt/user/system/custom_ovmf/Macinabox_CODE-pure-efi.fd"
  10. Install Nerdtools and install Netcat and nc ... Not sure you need both but nc alone didnt work and someone else said Netcat alone didnt work for him but both worked for me to fix that issue... Now off to wipe and start again as not sure how much testing was done installing two versions of VM. I got Catalina working fine but BigSur afterwards threw error "operation failed: unable to find any master var store for loader: /mnt/user/system/custom_ovmf/Macinabox_CODE-pure-efi.fd"
  11. So, pretty much "sell your AMD card if you want to do GPU passthru without a 6800xx card" ? I like my RX5700, its MacOS compatible, but no good for passthru.... 🥺
  12. LOL.. double price - Bezos obviously not making enough billions during pandemic 🙂
  13. suggests the ASM1064 is JUST a PCIE 3.0 4 port chip rather than a port multiplier version of the ASM1061 (which has 2 ports anyway!) I think this should be fine with unRAID... Now if I was still running unRAID I might try it....
  14. @DoeBoye I wish you'd responded to the last post here, to know which mode you had it set to. I wonder if Simple Mode is like HBA mode but even dumber? Are all your disks connected to the Adaptec or some to mobo? What sort of parity speeds do you get from it in that config? I'm also v curious to know how it would be in a X4 slot (4GB/s split 15-24 ways would still max out spinning HDD speed). How many extra seconds does the controller add to boot time?
  15. Happy Xmas @jonp & @limetech Is it soon yet? (sorry, could not resist)