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  1. Thanks... I did some searching and found this 4 port PCIe 3.0 card, cheap too, https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001590302280.html
  2. Hi Looks like I have to move all my data back to a new unRAID server - so tell me, how long for parity build with 16TB drives and how long for parity check with 16TB drives? The price per TB seems to make 16TB drives sensible now.... I can live with long initial build but a weekly or monthly parity update could be an issue if it kills my Plex server!!
  3. Pretty sure from memory when I looked at that board at launch it was 3rd slot wired to CHIPSET
  4. Thread necro time but,... The way I read it, you need mobo sound activated and a pulse audio driver running and the your QEMU can pretend to have "sb16" sound in your Win98 VM and it would come out of the mobo sound ports. Would be sweet for some of the retro and quirky OS emulation.... I can think of 3 cases I would love to try
  5. Another way to do it, without needing the unRAID UI is to run the script from the VM... so to switch from VM1 to VM2, just hit an icon to run a script from the VM you are closing
  6. Using i440fx v4.2, Seabios, USB2.0 emulated, GPU passes through fine. Tried with passing through a USB3 controller (AMD platform only has USB3) but no dice Tried passing through a USB mouse as a device but not recognised. My Win7 VM boots to installer and sits there. Any ideas why?
  7. Is there a clever way to script plug/unplug? With one GPU, I may want to close one VM and open another. I can do that by scripting it What would be good would be to script unplugging the USB devices from that VM before loading the next VM which would plug in the same devices. I would pass through USB controllers (and do) but not much use for Windows XP (no USB3) or Windows 2000 (no USB3) when my mobo only has USB3 controllers, no PCI slots for a USB2 controller and the only PCIe USB2 controller I found is stupid expensive for what it is. Scripting unplug after each VM close would be such a help. I assume its some sort of virsh detach command? @dlandon ??
  8. Well I have Ryzen 3900x and get the same problem... Do you mean System Devices/AMD/ACPI... as there isnt one for me there....I have installed AMD chipset drivers as this "VM" was a baremetal install then converted to be able to dual boot bare metal or VM via unRAID
  9. pass through a USB controller and problem solved...
  10. Hi New install a couple of days ago and installed lots of plugins and 3 VMs. After a force restart I have the same errors on boot and cannot access webUI. You say you traced it to this plugin which I do have but what makes you think its that? I saw your post on the plugin thread but I see nothing to indicate why you are sure this is the cause? And is there a repair other than reinstall ALL MY UNRAID AGAIN!? Please no...
  11. Another question (maybe an FAQ needed for this thread)? If I install Catalina and also want Mojave and High Sierra VMs, should I create 2nd and 3rd instances of Macinabox container? Or if I do not, will it just "know" to not wipe out my Catalina bits when I change the settings to Mojave?
  12. @jonp this is VERY useful info (I have some OS to virtualise that only will work with these options) but please, do share where you got this info from? I am looking for the same on networking - I know we have vmxnet3 as an option but where is the list of what we could use??
  13. I have no idea to be honest.. I have failed to find authoritative text that convinces me anyone really KNOWS which is best for VMs or when to use. I'm having issues myself with a simple Win10 VM (the one that was always easy a year ago when I used unRAID last) but my Ubuntu and Macos VMs are fine...
  14. Have you tried i440fx rather than Q35 (as per SIO's video guide)??