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  1. You could try posting your IOMMU groupings (not your VM XML yet) and your unRAID startup options (visible at the Flash sub screen). Maybe someone else will pipe up to help. I am done wasting my time trying to help and getting pissy posts.
  2. Please dont blame me when you failed to ever provide the requested IOMMU groupings. I even PM'd you to explain how you failed to help yourself. Nothing I have suggested would have led to your VMs being deleted. I note you editted your brief previous message to add some detail but still you never provide the requested info. You wont help yourself but you want to blame me. Good show. Good luck getting anyone else to help with that attitude. Community here is good but being rude and deliberately difficulty is not the way to get help.
  3. Please do make efforts to read the thread not just give up after 1st post is 5 years old You have (sorry) posted only an incomplete section of your groupings (I suspect you have more than 2 controllers!). The principles are laid out here clearly in thread. Make sure you have separate groupings, make sure your unRAID USB is NOT on a controller you decide to pass. Then stub ALL the items in that group (Sorry if this isn't a spoonfeed answer but I'm not running unRAID now, so not sure of latest method but it IS in the thread) and then reboot server and in the VM template you will have those stubbed items appear as passable PCI devices. Pass all the bits and then you should be golden.
  4. Good idea.. then at least you WOULD be the right thread and wouldnt need to post again (PS edit would have sufficed rather than another post)
  5. I have no idea what you mean, wired or wireless. You dont seem very keen to actually tell us what we need to be able to help you. Also you decided to post your query on an UNRELATED thread about passing the whole controller NOT about passing a USB device. Maybe have a rethink about your approach and post a new thread with a little more expansive info and you might get a solution. The community here is helpful but it isn't (yet) psychic
  6. IDK how Ed could make it easier.. Maybe watch video AGAIN ?
  7. Try not passing the USB wireless adapter and just passing the one device to eliminate variables. It might be just that mouse then or it might be interactions
  8. Can anyone confirm a DisplayLink adapter can be used as Primary and run the unRAID "head" allowing other GPU(s) to be passed through? I am trying to passthrough both a GT1030 and RX5700 and would be handy to have another adapter for display
  9. Plus for those who want to indicate separate VMs for Nvidia and AMD Windows systems (sorry about the sizes) and
  10. @SpaceInvaderOne Ed, are you updating your repo at all? Not seen a single reply in this thread 😞 Two more for it... and for Mojave and Catalina in the TonyMacx86 style
  11. Any update on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-tnFzPaVBY seems to suggest that another patch for kernel has been released. Would be back to unRAID use if I could use my RX5700 properly with it
  12. Yes but not running unRAID right now. You are correct. Buy one with a header and connect that. Any USB controller should be fine except ones with multiple controllers onboard which can be hit and miss (see previous post above yours)
  13. I'm guessing that has TWO controllers on same card which may be the issue. Buy one with ONE controller. Almost any will work for me. Renesas/NEC is what I used mainly (like that card!) but multi controller cards are giving you added complications
  14. Sorry no idea. I never do my IOMMU groups from that.. just grab the unRAID output from the webUI and snip out so you JUST have the USB controllers groups (and anything else in them, if there is, which there shouldn't be). Just wanted to see what you had to choose from. Better yet, PM me? This isn't really a general support thread for your specific issue (which isn't cos the guide doesn't work cos it does - worked for many of us)
  15. I am going from memory here but your default boot option looks wrong. Try replacing that ' after multi-function with a space and see what happens! Also list all your USB controllers as (also from memory) some will work better than others. My AMD 3.1 controller was a bad choice but I had an Asmedia 3.1 controller that worked better.