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  1. What did the logs say? Do you have a lot of files in /mnt/user/mount_unionfs/google_vfs/.unionfs ?? Maybe the script can't cope with the cleanup. I hate this part of unionfs - it looks like rclone union is really coming soon as work resumed last week.
  2. @Bolagnaise I think you've got a rogue docker as script is spot on. @yendi had similar problems that he resolved by doing some rebuilding, maybe he can help
  3. post your mount script please. Have you tried running without dockers on and then turning on one at a time say every hour?
  4. Hi can I get some help with what is probably an easy fix please. I've started using this python utility https://github.com/adamgot/python-plexlibrary where I've saved the files to /mnt/user/appdata/other/python-plexlibrary-master. When I run the python utility via command line from the folder e.g. python plexlibrary movies_recommended everything works fine, but when I try to do via script e.g: #!/bin/bash cd /mnt/user/appdata/other/python-plexlibrary-master python plexlibrary movies_recommended exit I get this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/runpy.py", line 174, in _run_module_as_main "__main__", fname, loader, pkg_name) File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/runpy.py", line 72, in _run_code exec code in run_globals File "/mnt/user/appdata/other/python-plexlibrary-master/plexlibrary/__main__.py", line 3, in main() File "plexlibrary/plexlibrary.py", line 61, in main r.run(args.sort_only) File "plexlibrary/recipe.py", line 696, in run missing_items, list_count = self._run() File "plexlibrary/recipe.py", line 172, in _run matching_total, item['title'], item['year'])) UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u2013' in position 23: ordinal not in range(128) I've also tried: #!/usr/bin/env python cd /mnt/user/appdata/other/python-plexlibrary-master plexlibrary movies_recommended plexlibrary movies_imdb_top_250 exit Help please Help please
  5. Plex Stats script - run using script plugin https://github.com/ajkis/scripts/blob/master/plex/plex-library-stats.sh
  6. I've just checked and I've got 8 years of content (2946 days) so I'll never get around to watching all of it, so yep I'm a hoarder! To counter the large library problem I've been considering using https://github.com/adamgot/python-plexlibrary which @Spladge shared with me. Although I find the plex random recommendations e.g. 'top unplayed movies' 'top movies in history' to be useful
  7. Phew we got there finally 🙂 Rclone + Plex docker rocks. Saw a post on the forum today about w7mc which brought a smile to my face and made me realise how much my setup has changed over the years: 2002: dell windows machine watching shows at desk 2003-2006: modded xboxs running XBMC 2006-2014: several windows media centers in various rooms + TMT5 mainly, with windows home server for files, although dabbled with Plex at times 2014: bought Plex lifetime licence, Chromecast or Amazon clients on TVs 2016: unraid server built + Plex docker 2017-2018: switched to Kodi running mainly on Android TV clients 2018: back to Plex docker + unraid + rclone 2019: moved all files to gdrive via rclone with no local media. 3 second launch times and creeping towards 400TB stored!!
  8. Last post - @yendi can you play ok from other servers using rclone?
  9. Maybe suffering from this problem? https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/stable-releases/67x-very-slow-array-concurrent-performance-r605/page/8/?tab=comments#comment-5416 I.e the files that stutter are local files that haven't uploaded yet, that you are accessing via unionfs?
  10. Everything looks ok with the mount file. - you've added a log file to the mount - is that giving any clues as to what's going wrong? - have you uninstalled the rclone plugin and reinstalled to get the latest version? Other than that, I think you've exhausted this thread and I'd see if ncw or someone else over on the rclone board can help
  11. sounds like a plex problem as you've got enough RAM and CPU power (and bandwidth if I remember correctly - what's your line speed?). When testing I would stop all other dockers that are accessing the mount to double-check they aren't doing something daft. Can you post a screenshot of your plex scheduled tasks page. And to eliminate rclone, can you post your mount script please.
  12. Not sure what's going on - have you tried the rclone forums? Post back if you find a solution
  13. What are your Plex scheduled task settings, and radarr/sonarr? Something is hammering the mount?
  14. It sounds like you are using the rclone client_ID - it's strongly advisable to create your own: https://rclone.org/drive/#making-your-own-client-id
  15. No real issues moving the paths if you're careful and update the scripts in the right places. Changing your docker mappings as well though will mean Plex, radarr etc will need to rescan, but still manageable
  16. Hmm I think you're low on RAM - try lowering the buffer:
  17. CPU requirements (I think) shouldn't be much different to when playing locally, so if you can do locally they should work remotely. Bandwidth clearly isn't an issue - how much ram do you have? Are they choppy right from the beginning or after a while? you could try increasing --vfs-read-chunk-size 128M to 256M ..it will slow your start times, but might help
  18. rclone sync will do the job and you can run the job on a cron schedule using Custom User Scripts
  19. Read the first post for how unionfs works - local files added to mount_unionfs are uploaded to Google via rclone_upload
  20. Recently I've spotted mover running a few times when I'm nowhere near my threshold - diagnostics attached.highlander-diagnostics-20190829-0738.zip
  21. You might run into memory problems - see some recent posts in this thread on the topic
  22. VFS v cache are the different mount types - you choose the remote to use. If you don't want encrypted then just substitute gdrive: for gdrive_media_vfs: in the script and add an unencrypted version of mountcheck to your /mount_unionfs folder
  23. You've just confirmed my suspicions and why i asked for the mount script. Google_media_vfs: decrypts files that are encrypted on Google - files on Google that aren't encrypted won't be displayed in the mount. That's why the mountcheck file was all goobledegook on Google as it's encrypted. If you want to see your non-encrypted files mount gdrive: