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  1. WOW!!! I clicked on this out of curiosity, but this little piece of info regarding HDMI dummy plugs is going to make my remote-VM life so much better! was so tired of constantly readjusting the resolution of my OSX VM. thank you!!! here's an updated link of the product, perhaps @techsperion could update his link!
  2. a little more info would be helpful, like what brand rx 580, which OS version and what unraid. but, maybe this helps: in unraid, shut down your VM's, go to settings, VM manager and look at the "PCIe ACS override" menu.... my unraid was running fine with gpu till i updated to 6.7, then no graphics card working. I had to change that function to "both" for it to work again and display in "about my mac" menu
  3. I just upgraded to Unraid 6.7. Everything ran smooth until I checked my VM's: Win works fine. OSX dead. 😭 Help. This was my 4th successful install via "spaceinvader one" tutorials and was running mojave, no issues, for a couple months. 🙏 Maybe its a simple fix 🙏, but i haven't encountered this error yet... feel free to ask me for any info i didn't already attach. (i removed the osx SMC privacy haiku) main error in log is: Domain id=3 is tainted: high-privileges Domain id=3 is tainted: custom-argv *<---- RED system error* Domain id=3 is tainted: host-cpu ANY HELP IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED. if not, guess ill just be reinstalling a new VM from scratch. haha osx vm xml.rtf
  4. I did not enjoy VNC through a browser when setting up my VM. All my issues were solved once I used a VNC software on a separate computer on the local network! for me, i ran "VNC Viewer" and TurboVNC Viewer" from my main mac.
  5. I started using unraid shortly before OS 6.6 became stable. since then, there have been a lot of stable releases, which is good! otherwise, i would say its around 3 months... would be longer if it weren't for those great (and now convenient) updates!!!
  6. Nope, I keep all my drives spinning all the time x2
  7. upgrade from 6.6.6 to 6.6.7 successful and smooth. thank you. no docker/vm/network issues.
  8. @speedyonthehill... good job spotting the the power inverter fan facing the wrong way. BUT, you really shouldn't have to worry about the cpu being a large heatsink, as long as the fan on it is blowing the right direction! To the REAR of the case. before you breakdown your case and hardware/flare: 1- make sure your cpu heatsink fan is blowing the right direction. normally there's an arrow on the fan itself, but doesn't hurt to check during step 3. 2- can you share a screenshot of overall system temps, aka, motherboard. (we know your drives are hot, but is the rest of the system hot?) 3- looking at your pics, you have a 3 layered front part. top is icydock, middle is empty with single fan all the way at front, bottom is icydock. When your system is on and running/during usage, can you open your windowed-sidewall for a few second and just place your hand behind the icydocks. just make sure that you feel those two fans actually working by blowing air FROM the drives into/towards the motherboard area. while you are at it, just make sure you can feel where the other internal fans are blowing to. then close your windowed-sidewall again.
  9. Certain big e-bay user accounts sell windows keys for $4 or $5.. mostly UK ebay accounts. just look for ones with huge stars/reviews in recent months. they normally say in description: get your key in message/email in 1-3 mins. I got mine in 1 minute. mostly its computer recycling companies that rip the keys off of recycled computers. for personal use/gaming, there is zero issue with it. I've had mine running for about 1 yr so far, no problems.
  10. Just curious, have you tried the web-vnc on a different browser? I am also MacOS based and when i connect to my windows VM, i have to adjust the vnc connection on the browser (a small configuration setup i have to adjust) but i have noticed that different browsers work differently on MacOS
  11. @jovdk this video is pretty helpful when first learning about unraid. bear in mind, its a bit older and his tutorials now are much better! there are ways to make very high performance read/write folders or systems, but that's more hardware and workflow based. hope this video helps!
  12. I'm currently at 40 (excluding parity, unassigned and cache...) but I am only using 6 of the 15 slots. if only i won a very small lotto ticket, it would be full!
  13. @Squid I just saw the fix common problems message pop up today.. and yes, it was scary!!!! I dont think i setup anything wrong, but a little sleepy typing could lead to sleepless nights... so i deleted it. haha
  14. I 100% agree. Even in big cities with rare power issues, there is often a testing period with on and offs. I also just wait till i am home before restarting the system.
  15. brian, thank you for your persistence through that loss and following through with the detective work! it helped me relax after reading the title of your thread. and possibly help prevent me from making a similar mistake. ps: i still dont have personal data on my unraid as i am still learning the ins and outs of the os... but threads like this help me error proof my setup!