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  1. Jcloud

    Supermicro Servers Hacked?

    Another article and more fuel to the fire - the plot thickens. EDIT: Being overly-dramatic.
  2. I saw this link about the new Windows 10 1809, Fall creators update, and how some users are loosing their user folders to an update. The article reminded me of this post, how Unraid users, by nature of the disk array, have better storage options than a typical bare-metal-user.
  3. Jcloud


    I'd bet it should work, although I think Unraid is missing the python interpreter, because I saw it in "Nerd Tools" plugin. If you don't have the Nerd Tools plugin already, I would download that plugin and from there install Python - afterwards try your script again.
  4. If all you are looking to do delete everything: Open the terminal (top-right of your screen shot), type command: cd /mnt/user/Time Machine/ Make sure you are in the directory you want to delete all data, could do: ls -al Does the listing look correct and everything you want to delete? If not stop here, because the next command is destructive to data!! If this is the correct location then type: rm -rf ./*
  5. Jcloud

    Unraid OS version 6.6.1 available

    Hardcore, you guys really are awesome, to consider rolling out another release so soon to please your customers - on a Friday. 6.6.0-rc4 to 6.6.1-stable nice and boring. 4K versus 1080p versus 1024x768, and everything else, that's got to be tricky with scaling. Thank you Devs for your hard work and expertise, I can't wait to see what's next.
  6. I'd take a look in your system BIOS, before unRAID boots, to see if you can make the onboard video the primary graphics. Also, is there a video output on the main logic board? If so I would plug the monitor into that port; those two changes should make the onboard video be Unraid's default. Later, it can be possible (assuming your MLB isn't picky over it) for a VM to take over the card and use it (this is what I do). Glad to see things are moving forward; that's a wicked wide-screen monitor you have there.
  7. Jcloud

    General Windows VM issues (SOLVED)

    No you're not wrong You're correct, the general consensus is that Stable releases are greater-than lower version RC's - there's always the option to revert back to your previous version of Unraid.
  8. Single GPU is a good thing to start with. I also noticed on your previous posts you weren't passing through the sound card on the video card (assuming it is there).
  9. Sorry for the frustration, I admit my first month with Unraid, almost two years ago, was a series of incremental steps. My first VM was simply VNC video and passed through keyboard and mouse; then GPU; then devices/USB passthru. You're right it's frustrating to watch a video see a series of clicks, mimic the steps and have it not work the same way - the problem is everyone's hardware is not the same and Unraid is essentially a Live Boot Disc image, so trying to hit all edge-cases is difficult. As Jonathanm stated VM hardware passthrough is picky. If it was me in your situation, I would take a break from this particular VM setup. Start a new Windows 10 vm template, start small pass the GPU keyboard and mouse. Once that is working try passing another device to the working vm and build up the layers. I know it's not the answer you wanted, but I'm a believer in K.I.S.S. then adding complexity/extra functionality.
  10. Okay that's different (to me) from your screenshot I would try the UEFI QEMU DVD-ROM QM00001 option and if that doesn't work the second one, and see if that boots the Windows ISO.
  11. I think the EFI shell command to reboot is "reset" (no quotes), perhaps monitor was a sleep and missed the "hit any key to boot off of CD-ROM" message that first comes up from Windows ISO image. Also you could try changing the bus the from IDE to SATA; IDK if that is playing a factor, but that's a setting I typically change on my VMs.
  12. Tried all the of the ports on the back of the card, in case it likes use a particular port for default? Do we know, I don't know, if the GPU you're passing has a ROM which needs to be dumped to an file and loaded in XML? Here's SpaceInvader's video on subject of GPU rom dumping:
  13. Don't know anything about the card, but I was wondering if you could spoof/re-assign the MAC address inside your guest OS and if that would work?
  14. Jcloud

    Windows 10 Gaming VM Best Settings

    If you don't print or fax from VM you can disable Print Spooler service. Other than Spooler, lately I've been pretty stock with my Windows 10 config. I turn off/don't use cortana. I also uncheck all the boxes, at the end of initial setup of Windows, for ad-ID, handwriting, etc. I also disable the Windows Page file as RAM isn't an issue with my box. I also have a tendency of running from power/command shell (once): powercfg /hibernate off granted this doesn't give much, or anything for performance, but saves me space on my vdisk files.
  15. Jcloud

    Connection issue with Unraid

    My guess is you have a IP address conflict, between Unraid and network attached, or at least aware, printer. I'd bet one of these devices (unraid or the printer) has a static IP assigned with-in a DHCP pool and the two are conflicting with each other. Short answer - yes, try a different IP address for your Unraid server.