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  1. Hey, thanks for reading and trying to help me out, I appreciate the example. I've since resolved my issue by changing the Docker containers I use, streamlined things for my given task-set. I wasn't sure how helpful it would be, but thought maybe it held some insight for you - described symptoms seemed the same/similar to me. But that's all I presently got. GL Have a good one everyone.
  2. [BACKGROUND:] I would call this an edge-case, and just annoyance level of a bug - however I found this to be very annoying when caught in it. The Unraid webui, TOWER/Docker/, can be thrown into a refresh-loop - causing a number of page functions to stop working, or greyed-out, while the UI waits for the loop/task to stop. This was found trying to setup a VPN-client container and pointing a Torrent client container to the VPN container. [ISSUE:] When a Docker container fails to be edited/created (the container becomes orphaned) - expected behavior. If a container is link
  3. It appears that you aren't the only one: https://github.com/bubuntux/nordvpn/issues/75 Question of my own, what's the syntax format for the "Location" variable? I tried to use: "us8297.nordvpn.com" which resulted in, "[Warning] could not determine server tag" and "[Error] picking servers: no servers found" in the log window. If I leave the "Location" variable empty (let the docker/app auto-detect the server) the log stops at "Connecting..." 2021-06-03T10:01:46-05:00] Firewall is up, everything has to go through the vpn [2021-06-03T10:01:46-05:00] Enabling connection t
  4. Full disclaimer, I'm not an expert, however I did notice you're using q35-5.0 machine type in your VM's-XML; my w10-vm uses pc-i440fx and it was just last week I upgraded from 6.8.3 to 6.9.1 without issue. Perhaps this is part of your boot issue? Why it would have been working while Unraid was 6.8.3 versus 6.9.x I do not know, but (on my system) starting a new "Windows 10" template the machine type defaults to the i440fx type. Are there specifics why you're using q35 machine type (I'm just curious)? ... Never mind, I just made a VM with q35 machine type and it booted up no issue,
  5. I think that's a great summation. I love Unraid but if I needed a straight up NAS solution I'd take a hard look at FreeNAS (and Synology). I had a DM chat with a FreeNAS user on Imgur; I was impressed with a few FreeNAS features, but the BSD-hypervisor was badly lacking in comparison to Unraid's/Linux-KVM (which makes Unraid the winner for my use-cases). Okay, I'm done beating the dead horse. Have a good one, everyone.
  6. I know the original post is old, but this could very well not be of any fault of Unraid or pass-through. I've seen 100% disk usage on Window10 systems all the time, at my shop. Typically you can click on Processes tab, and then sort by disk usage. Often times I've found Window services to be the culprit (indexing/searching, WMI, fault-reporting/diagnostics). Other times it's a combination of dirty file system; windows files; registry; or multiple installed antivirus applications. Easy first things to try: 1. Run from Admin-command prompt: chkdsk /f /x c: Say yes to
  7. Sorry for the very late reply, I haven't been keeping an eye on forums lately. Wes I do still have plenty of codes. Sending @TomW1605 and @horus1963 direct messages with the coupon codes shortly.
  8. Jcloud


    I'd bet a five'r the Dev's have this on their radar, but just in case... Saw this on Slashdot, The popular article and CVE-2019-14899 (from pop-article); noticed it mentions WireGuard (6.8-rc#s), and OpenVPN (number of Docker's in CA Store). The experts can figure out what can/should be done about it. Hope everyone is having a good week.
  9. I haven't tried to run a camera server off of Unraid yet, but I've thought about it (would like to at some point). So, I have no experience but my first thought was also the Unassigned drives plugin.
  10. Post is getting old, but I need to stay awake at work. My specs are in the link of my signature, although it's a bit out-dated, I've updated my cache drive, swapped some drives in array (upped capacity), and in process of removing last Icy Dock bay for a Super Micro unit. Cache is 2TB ssd; storage capacity is about 42TB; RTX 2070 & GTX1050 for VM's; Tripplite UPS (not luck getting it work with APC UPS plugin - so really helps with brownouts, line-conditioning, and clean shutdown IF I'm there). Currently running Unraid 6.8.0-rc4. Docker Apps: Runs on Array st
  11. This is roughly my setup I'm using. Plex Docker (Plex's official container from CA Apps), allocated four CPU threads - basically 1-4 streams in theory (Threadripper / no gpu), Streaming to a Raspberry Pi3 - RasPlex, pushing out 1080p on local network; however pushing over the internet my Plex clients get 720p - set on purpose due to limited upstream bandwidth. Media is MKV, some mp4, mostly H.264 encoding some H.265, file sizes 2 - 14GB; I've found the RP3 tends to choke on my H.265 media as it gets directplayed and not transcoded (RPi3 doesn't have the hardware to do H.265 decoding native)
  12. I've seen this at work, customer's computer (native Windows install - not a VM). It's case of bad video drivers, and Chrome has hardware acceleration turned on. You might even notice some of Windows boxes, some of the buttons might have X through them. I would try going into Device Manager, uninstall the Graphics Driver (delete driver files check-box) then re-install drivers; should only have to do it once, if you find you need to do it multiple times I'd guess some bad hardware or drivers.
  13. I'm betting you've already seen this, but I figured, "just in case." https://thehackernews.com/2019/10/linux-sudo-run-as-root-flaw.html https://www.sudo.ws/repos/sudo/rev/83db8dba09e7 I just seen it on Slashdot today. Have a good one everyone.
  14. Just saw this (paid attention to forums) I'll take a look at it in a few, do some reading, probably make the tweeks. Thanks for pushing on my radar. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Tapatalk
  15. Thank you, I missed that. (Obviously) Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Tapatalk