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  1. I've clicked on it and did a cursory look at it - depression is a hell'va mind-block, so I'm trying to get into it. However, I plan on doing it, as back in October I sort-a committed myself to it. I'm also behind on upfiring, never did hear back from their Devs on the network ports, so I might put that out as, "here try this. What bugs are there?"
  2. Interesting video, I'll be interested to see what else you produce with this series. I posted this on another one of your threads, I don't know if you saw it, but the first-half might be of interest to you for this thread.
  3. I've been pleased with my Prime X399-A. I haven't updated it for a while, but I've outline my build here: Give you some ideas of what I've been able to do with the board.
  4. Again, thank you for everyone's assistance and your time.
  5. Going to change subject/tag to solved as the culprit seems to be identified. After having identified errors in PassMark memtest86 I ran tests with memtest+ after several passes that found errors. Removed 64GB (a memory kit), from the second quad-channel, ran memtest for eight passes - no errors. Removed the 64GB kit from first quad channel; replaced it with other 64GB kit into first quad channel - ran that for eight passes no errors. I then put in the first 64GB kit back into the second quad-channel (admittingly skipping a step here...) went into BIOS and set ram from default XMP profile to AUTO -- ran memtest for four passes, passed. I'm currently running parity check, correcting. Once that finishes I'll re-run parity (looking for errors=0). If second pass produces errors then I probably have a bad MLB or CPU.
  6. I skimmed over this last time,have you checked/swapped network cable for your Unraid host? If a laptop can't reach your webgui that suggests to me a problem with the host. On your laptop can you ping your Unraid host? If so you may be able to SSH into your box. There's a CLI to build diagnostics (I admit I don't remember it) and then could run, shutdown -h -t: now to do a graceful shutdown.
  7. I would try, Windows button, Settings, "Update & Security," then "Troubleshoot" (left-side column) >> "Internet Conections" and Network adapter. I would also double check that Unraid host can get out on the internet (ping your router; and ping, and some other outside domain -- just to rule-out HOST wide issue versus VM issue.
  8. Also since the shop said it was, "broken" getting free download of HDTune http://www.hdtune.com/ might be worth your time (to check SMART status and run a surface scan for bad blocks). Other cleanup utilities for Windows that I trust: (I usually run them in this order - all the free versions) 1. rkill https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/rkill/ 2. JRT https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/junkware-removal-tool/ 3. RogueKiller https://www.adlice.com/download/roguekiller/ 4. MalwareBytes https://www.malwarebytes.com 5. ccleaner https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner 6. Antivirus software(s) a. Only have one installed at a time; bad mojo to have multiple installed. b. I personally don't like McAfee products. c. Free options I tend to use: Avast!, Avira, and some times AVG. 7. autoruns https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/autoruns 8. Revo Uninstaller - If there is broken programs you want to uninstall. https://www.revouninstaller.com/ Also should note as Roguekiller and MalwareBytes like to default as TSR-applications, when I'm done with them I tend to uninstall them. I tend to download all these applications onto a USB drive and do them on the "infected" system. If Windows gets REALLY fubared All-in-one Repair Utility can some times help, but I've also had it make Windows worse off so careful with this one https://www.tweaking.com/content/page/windows_repair_all_in_one.html Last thing, in case you did not know this, if that laptop still has the product key sticker that code can be used to activate Windows 10 - so no reason to buy a copy.
  9. I started with the PassMark memtest86, rather than the older memtest+ program on Unraids boot loader. After 30 some odd minutes it found a memory error - that's when I started hearing voices in my head (@johnnie.black and @turl) saying, "I told you so." PassMark Memtest86 just finished pass 2 of 4, which it found one error on pass #1 and has found five errors on pass #2. Mentally I'm debating whether I still want to run memtest+, on Unraid's boot loader, for academic purposes. One observation I made is that PassMark memtest ran in SMP-mode by default, checking on all cores in Parallel, where as on Friday memtest+ defaulted to single-core mode, staying on CPU0. Second observation, coupled with my first, is that memory errors have been on CPU-cores other than core-0. Third observation I made, is that PassMark's license for their Free-version is, "MemTest86 Free Edition is free to download with no restrictions on usage," which makes me wonder if I should put in a feature request to LimeTech/Unraid - to add memtest86 (or possibly replace memtest+) to bootloader options. Now I'm in hardware-troubleshooting phase(s) of tracking down the DIMM(s) and/or memory-channels with issues, P.I.T.A. but, "not my first rodeo."
  10. Memory would be a main suspect for parity errors not getting corrected. And, I just compared the logs of both parity checks, and it seems to be finding the errors in different sectors than before, so that makes me think even more that it is a memory problem. Given that the suspect is memory, I'm thinking I should cancel the current parity-check (assume that it is bad/corrupt and therefore wasting time). Then I'm going to run memtest from Unraid boot for 3 or 4 passes, to look for errors. I'll then follow that up with another memtest, from PassMark https://www.memtest86.com/download.htm , just in-case memory errors aren't being detected by older version of memtest. The two memtests should be about 7 or 8 passes and provide (imo) a good indication of bad ram. The bad news, is that my home system will be down for 24 - 48 hours; also probably be the next time frame which I'll post in this thread. Thoughts/critiques?
  11. On subject of memtest, I will probably do that again. As when I build systems for clients I like to run multiple passes in succession to avoid false-positive results.
  12. Yes, correct I did start a second parity-check. Although I thought I had unchecked the box to just look for errors re-appearing; then again morning was a very drowsy time, so I wont put a certainty-percentage on that. However looking at the syslog yes, it is correcting.
  13. Yes I did that two days ago, per suggestion of Jonnie.black; I did one pass which found 0 errors. I can do this again, but each pass takes about 7.5 hours.