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  1. I'm presently working on a rough build, based on Ubuntu - because that's what I've been able to figure out, so far. I'm not sure I like it, seems to have lots of extras, but I want to make something that works first, then worry about making a slim-lined version. The image is weighing in at 1.43GB; when I compare that to some of the other gui-images I've downloaded it's fairly similar in size. I still have a number of items to test and work out before I release it. For the curious folks, I found and modifying, this docker: https://github.com/ConSol/docker-headless-vnc-container as the GUI-platform. And a screen shot of the docker, first build that runs (still needs testing).
  2. Jcloud

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc1 available

    Just installed and no issues with install. From LimeTech's feature listing I like the "under-the-hood" changes, and while I'm getting used to the new dashboard I like it. My only initial criticism would be the banner info (top right-hand corner) and the first cell of the new dashboard is redundant information - then again, I've notice people have removed their banner, so this makes sense. And yes, I know I can minimize the cell. Second small criticism, I think that initial panel should have the Unraid version listed since it is listing banner info. Thank you for all your work!
  3. Jcloud

    Unraid OS version 6.6.6 available

    Upgraded from 6.6.5 to 6.6.6 without issue. Log file looks clean; up-time of ~12 hours, so far.
  4. Ouch, I mean nice collection. I did find https://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Video/Encoders-Converter-DIVX-Related/SubC-Subtitle-Converter.shtml Still not a Docker app, and not sure if it will do batch-conversion.
  5. Jcloud

    Please Add NUMAD

    I would assume the board would have to support NUMA for this to be effective? From past posts I know my board doesn't have this option (that I've found yet) so my TR is all lumped together. Then again this hasn't effected me that much, or at least to a noticeable degree, on my "daily-driving." Looks interesting/cool for the folks with the know-how.
  6. I didn't find one, or know of one directly. Could try something like https://subtitletools.com/convert-to-srt-online to convert your subtitles and then use Handbrake for the rest. Haven't used that particular site before, but was second hit on web search. Perhaps this will work for you?
  7. Jcloud

    TR2 2950x Build - Upgrade Path?

    I've found Kingston HyperX modules to be a great default product to start with, if you have no others. I've heard good things about that board over all. If you want an alternative motherboard, a few community members and myself are using ASUS PRIME X399-A. I've been very satisfied with my motherboard's performance.
  8. Jcloud

    Moving from Amahi to Unraid

    Looks like fun. $5 bet with self, you'll get there.
  9. Jcloud

    Moving from Amahi to Unraid

    Since it's all new to you my advice would be to compose a list tasks/goals to where you want to be (Unraid configuration and software running). This way you don't get frustrations and/or expectations too high. It might also help you focus on what questions you may need to ask if you run into problems. Might be something like: Initial setup and configuration. Get your Unraid system on your network. What do you want your User shares to look like? Configure these. Importing / copying data. Can I see my data on my network? What plugins interest me? Install and setup. What Docker Applications interest me? Install and setup. . . . At least that's what I like to do when I find myself in the relative novice category.
  10. Jcloud

    Monitoring Unraid via Tablets

    You might be interested in ControlR mobile app, which provides stats and controls for Unraid, but I'm not sure it's what you are asking/looking for. Hope that's helpful, if not at least interesting.
  11. Jcloud

    Unraid OS version 6.6.5 available

    From naughty-v6.6.4 to v6.6.5 no issues. The initialization of array apps and the VM seemed faster then previous version (.4), but the observation is strictly qualitative. Thank you Developers.
  12. Jcloud

    Unraid OS version 6.6.4 available

    No errors updating from version 6.6.3. Thank you for everyone's hard work.
  13. Just as an FYI, I updated my parity from a WD Blue drive to a WD Gold drive; I saw my parity checks go down in, "time taken to check." I don't have exact numbers anymore (forgot), but I want to say Blue drive would take roughly 14 hours, and Gold drive takes roughly 12.5 hours (I'll have to run again and check, but it is less than blue). Oh, and for scale, my parity is 4TB.
  14. Jcloud

    ISP says my IP is sending out spam

    That's what Jonathanm was referring to, what ports on the router-firewall have been opened up and forwarded to your Unraid machine and it's hosted services (such Docker containers, virtual machines, and anything else). As an example, you mentioned your Transmission service.
  15. Have you tried setting up a new network location and test? https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202480 I know this is one of Apple's quick-fix tries for networking issues on software level, and it's not that intrusive of a fix.