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  1. I've got a quick question on the third note/warning on Pihole: When that says "cannot", is that in the sense that it can't point to the IP of a docker, but if it points to the IP of a router which then in turn points to a docker, that's fine. Or is it in the sense that no matter how many hops there are, Unraid should never end up looking to an internal Docker for DNS? Thanks for the clarification.
  2. With Cloudberry Labs now MSP360, is there any concern that this software will go away? I'm finally getting around to setting up cloud backup for my server, and am debating going this way or just using rclone. Endpoint will be Backblaze B2 regardless.
  3. So based on your screenshot I manually connected via IP from withing Insurgency and also included the port. I was able to successfully connect. Previously I didn't need to include the port. I also noted that the server isn't showing up in the community server browser as it was before. Pretty sure my port forwarding is correct, as it hasn't changed. I'll have to dig into it some more. EDIT: I'm a moron. My Steam GSLT was expired... Thanks for the help and the great dockers!
  4. Is anyone still using the Insurgency Sandstorm docker? I used to work great and now it seems like the server never accepts any connections.
  5. I just set this up and am starting to consider what I should be backing up. I like the idea of a full system image, but frankly I probably don't need it since I can pretty easily re-install Windows and re-download Steam I'm curious what everyone else is doing--full images? Documents/Pictures only?
  6. Sorry for the delay--been busy. I'm using Milestone with two Dahua 1080p cameras, with plans to add more in the future. Milestone seems to be running fine, and I have no issues viewing the feeds via the software or the mobile app on wifi. On cell service the quality drops, but that is to be expected. I haven't passed through a GPU, but I'm not totally against the idea. I recall that it helps with the video rendering, but I don't know if its worth it for only two cameras. About the only complaint is that it generats a ton of video footage, as I record 24/7. I just finished setting this up, and that's the way I decided to go. Seems to be working great. Just gave the disk a name of 'security' and shared out the whole thing.
  7. I have a Milestone VM running on Unraid that I want to store the footage from. I don't think I really need parity, so where's the best place to store it? I'm thinking since I have an SSD cache drive that I'd like to reduce my writes on it, so maybe one disk through unassigned drives? TIA for suggestions.
  8. Having an issue with the Mordhau docker. I left all settings default and launched the server. I get stuck in a loop trying to start due to a missing file/directory. Any thoughts?
  9. Ok, that's basically where I am. I'm up on my firewalling and VLANing, but I do see a lot of folks using Letsencrypt and a reverse proxy and I'm not up to speed on those. Would that do anything for me?
  10. So I'm at the point where I'd like to start exposing some services externally. For instance I have a Windows 10 VM running Milestone for my security cameras, and a static IP from my ISP. I want to see the live view from the Milestone Mobile app, so I've port forwarded the two ports Milestone Mobile uses. I also run the UniFi controller docker, and have a couple of external sites I manage, so I've simply port forwarded the couple of ports I needed for that. Should I be handling these situations differently, or is this the best practice from a security standpoint?
  11. Alright here's a dumb one for your Saturday afternoon. I have an old Windows 10 VM that I want to nuke, however I need to double check that I have all my files off of it before I do. The catch is that I already reinstalled using it's activation code on another machine. So effectively I'd like to boot it up with no network and use an in browser console connection. Is this possible?
  12. Had another crash. Other than updates to dockers/apps, the only thing that changed is that I installed a pihole docker. Screenshot of the tail end of the kernel panic attached.
  13. I had a crash last night for the first time in years, so I'm a little rusty on troubleshooting (thanks LT?). Where can I find logs from the time of the crash? (~2:30a last night) I have the diags, but they don't seem to be showing me too much from the time of the issue. Attached.
  14. Has anyone ran across good solutions for cheaper, lower end gear to use as a secondary data backup server at a remote site? Something compact with 2-4 drives would be great. All data would be copied across, but no VM’s or Docers would be ran on it.