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  1. A feature request- Instead of adding the entire appdata directory to a single .tar, It would be nice to have the option of backing up each top-level folder under appdata as its own .tar. That way- if I ever say, need to pull a specific file from a specific folder, I don't have to first download the ENTIRE 50+ GB compressed tarball, and extract it.
  2. Gotcha. Sorry for reporting you earlier as well, lol. It was not intentional. I will toss it into a 2.o port later. I did want to post and ensure it was a known issue.
  3. (Attempt #2 at making a proper reply) 16 days of uptime before this issue randomly occured. If indeed there is an incompatibility issue with USB3.0, there should be a bug reported opened up for it. For my particular issue, a work-around is not required, as rebooting the system cleaned up this random one-off error.
  4. Had a random issue- Went to check my dashboard, and nothing was working properly. Tons of errors when trying to look at docker/vms/etc... Under the array, noticed it was rather weird, my ssd had an impossible number of writes. SSH-d into the host, discovered /boot was not mounted. So- I assumed my brand new flash drive somehow ended up corrupted.... So, i copied a backup of my flash drive, and got ready to start the process of moving everything over. After getting my local backup flash drive ready, I rebooted the host. Acts like nothing at all was wrong. Works fine now. I do have the syslog configured to record to a Splunk instance, and I did attach the files, if they are of use to anybody... or can be used to identify a bug-fix for a future issue. log_dump_3.txt