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  • 6.12 rc6 - Exclusive Shares Not Compatible with NFSv4.

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    This was emailed in as well. #25089


    From the remote host-

    root@kube01:~# mount -t nfs4 -o nfsvers=4.0,actimeo=1,soft,timeo=300,retry=2 test/ mount.nfs4: mounting failed, reason given by server: No such file or directory


    From Unraid
    root@Tower:/mnt/user# cat /etc/exports


    "/mnt/user/longhorn-backups" -fsid=105,async,no_subtree_check,rw,insecure,anongid=100,anonuid=99,all_squash)


    root@Tower:/mnt/user# ls -al /mnt/user 

    longhorn-backups -> /mnt/main/longhorn-backups/ 

    NFS Shares:

    root@Tower:/mnt/main/home/root# ./showNfsClients
    v3 clients: (via /var/lib/nfs/rmtab)

    v4 clients: (via /proc/fs/nfsd/clients)
    address: ""
    name: "Linux NFSv4.2 longhorn-manager-j2wk7"
    address: ""
    name: "Linux NFSv4.0 longhorn-manager-hgtt8/"
    address: ""
    name: "Linux NFSv4.2 instance-manager-r-23866f720a1af5bf2236875845f4f132"
    address: ""
    name: "Linux NFSv4.2 longhorn-manager-7txwq"
    address: ""
    name: "Linux NFSv4.2 instance-manager-r-9613737d8c4e4685af4dda69f50a4f50"
    address: ""
    name: "Linux NFSv4.2 instance-manager-r-ce2be797b831f1d30f228947e0bec7a3"

    To note, this ONLY impacts the following conditions:


    1. Remote client is using NFSv4, instead of NFSv3.

    2. Share, is "Exclusive share" added in rc6.

    3. ZFS may, or may not be a factor here. 



    I do believe this issue is due to nfsv4 not liking the symlink. 

    Adding a secondary storage, converting back to a FUSE/SHFS mount, addresses issue.


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    12 hours ago, dlandon said:

    Try putting a trailing slash on the mount directory: /mnt/user/longhorn-backups/.

    Did not help / change the issue.

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    I just ran a test and it worked for me.  Your path needs to be the actual share path.  The exclusive share may not be in /mnt/user/.  For example you have this as an exclusive share on a pool.  Your mapping should be '/mnt/pool/longhorn-backups/.

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    The ls -al output is in the top post.


    root@Tower:/mnt/user# ls -al /mnt/user 

    longhorn-backups -> /mnt/main/longhorn-backups/ 





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    To reproduce this issue-

    Create a new share. Just make sure the primary storage is a pool.


    Enable NFS.


    From another host, connect to it, using nfsv3.


    Notice, it works.


    Now, mount it using nfs v4.




    Notice it does NOT work.

    Modify the share to add a secondary storage (removing exclusive access).


    Mount it again.


    Works fine.

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    I did a little experiment and to mount the NFS share, you need to mount /mnt/cache/dummyshare/ and not /mnt/user/dummyshare/.

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    Logically- that makes sense. However, unraid doesn't export /mnt/cache.






    You ARE testing this using 6.12, RC6 with exclusive shares enabled, right?

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    13 minutes ago, XtremeOwnage said:

    You ARE testing this using 6.12, RC6 with exclusive shares enabled, right?

    Yes, and it works for me.

    Screenshot 2023-05-19 104519.pngScreenshot 2023-05-19 104548.png


    root@BackupServer:~# ls -la /mnt/cache/
    total 4
    drwxrwxrwx  5 nobody users   50 May 18 17:47 ./
    drwxr-xr-x 13 root   root   260 May 19 10:45 ../
    drwxrwxrwx  3 nobody users 4096 May 11 04:40 Syslogs/
    drwxrwxrwx  3 nobody users   32 Apr  4 13:42 Unraid/
    drwxrwxrwx  7 nobody users  105 Apr 28 18:40 appdata/


    And the UD mount to mount the share:

    May 19 10:49:04 MediaServer unassigned.devices: Mounting Remote Share 'BACKUPSERVER:/mnt/cache/Syslogs'...
    May 19 10:49:04 MediaServer unassigned.devices: Mount NFS command: /sbin/mount -t 'nfs4' -o rw,noacl 'BACKUPSERVER:/mnt/cache/Syslogs/' '/mnt/remotes/BACKUPSERVER_Syslogs'


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    I am not using unassigned devices to mount this.

    I am using the built-in functionality as of 6.12, in the form of adding zfs pools, and as of rc6, exclusive shares.

    This ticket, is not due to me needing a work-around, this ticket, is due to me reporting a bug introduced in the current rc6, where an exclusive pool-based share, will no longer function when accessed by a NFSv4 client. 

    I am testing the built-in functionality, and not third party plugins / apps.

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    I only gave you that UD mount as an example of what works.


    My example is the same as yours, with the exception that my share on a XFS formatted cache disk, and I use the server name instead of the IP address in the mount command.  Maybe one of those affects the mount in your case.


    Please post your diagnostics so I can have a better look.

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    Why are you mounting like this:

    main/longhorn-backups    14T  130G   14T   1% /mnt/main/longhorn-backups


    That will be a problem.


    Your dummy share is at /mnt/cache/:

    cache/dummyshare        1.7T  128K  1.7T   1% /mnt/cache/dummyshare


    So your should be able to access it.

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    This odd thing just happened.

    I rebooted the server due to having mover logging enabled earlier- causing diagnostics to crash when trying to generate a zip file.

    After... rebooting...

    root@kube01:~# mount -t nfs4 test/
    root@kube01:~/test# touch hi
    root@kube01:~/test# touch it works?


    root@Tower:/mnt/user/dummyshare# ls
    hi  it  works?

    cat /etc/exports

    "/mnt/user/dummyshare" -fsid=114,async,no_subtree_check *(rw,sec=sys,insecure,anongid=100,anonuid=99,all_squash)


    Relevant entries under /mnt/user




    Seems your earlier note of mounting the direct path, appears to work now, after rebooting... oddly.

    Wonder, why this didn't work before

    Mounting directly to /mnt/user doesn't work though.





    Could be slightly confusing to some users. Especially, if they add a secondary storage, and the NFS mount then breaks.


    Edit- Cleaned up non-relevant data.






    Edited by XtremeOwnage
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    Ah, it's the old reboot fix.  Funny how that clears up a lot of stuff sometimes.


    We re looking at the options.  The /mnt/user/share should work.  I'll leave this open and see if we can implement a fix for this.  You could then test it.

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    I wouldn't have thought to reboot- especially, since I just rebooted it yesterday! But, hey...

    Regarding testing- please do let me know. I would be happy to help test anything regarding the new ZFS implementations/rollouts. 

    Have already tested zpool expansions, and they worked fantastically well. Looking forward to seeing zfs-native encryption, ability to manage zfs snapshots via gui, and even potentially the ability to spin up zvols for VMs, instead of .img files on disk. (zvols do work with VMs, just need to pass /dev/zvol/..., but, this is all done via CLI)

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