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  1. The preclear Docker container works well. I used it to test and validate a new drive the other month before I had to replace a failed data drive.
  2. They suggested you use Multiple Cache Pools, not Data Pools. So essentially every chia drive is its own cache pool.
  3. You don't seem to be eager to help yourself. If you were, by merely reading 7 posts before your question you would see all that you need is posted by trurl. I'll try to link to it, but mobile doesn't do to well with linking, so if it doesn't go to exact post, you'll have to do the work yourself...
  4. I run monthly parity checks. I don't understand how anyone could be comfortable with only running 2 full parity checks over an entire year. At the least, I would pick a schedule that allows a full parity check to complete within the month.
  5. It would be for more than just the UI.
  6. @xrqp did you order from "Seagate Store" which now shows as HyperHawk storefront on Amazon? I've been going through the Q&A on the X18s and X16s trying to figure out which resellers are with full 5 years and which are OEM meaning no direct coverage from Seagate. It's a bit of a hassle, but its a savings of $75 for 1 drive or $225 for 3, which I'm looking to pickup. I'll definitely need to setup Parity Tuner if I expand to 16TB or 18TB drives. I had a power outage last week Thursday that killed an 8TB drive completely, despite being on UPS. It won't power up even in other systems or enclosures. The other 3 drives are fine. I ordered an 8TB drive that could be delivered Friday. The preclear took 33-35 hours for 1 Pass to ensure the drive was suitable. I started the data rebuild this morning. Should be finished in another 6-8 hours. It will be nice to be back on a protected array.
  7. I see some slightly older model Seagate Exos X16 16TB drives around $325 or around $20.32 TB. I see some saying the warranty starts from date of manufacturing and not date of sales. It all depends if you get an OEM or Retail unit. That seems rather difficult to find out on some of the Amazon listings. I also see statements where "The limited warranty extends only to the OEM and may not be assigned or transferred without Seagate’s consent."
  8. Which Preclear version? The docker Binhex version? Or the other one? Both have their own dedicated support threads, so you'll have better chances of getting support there. The support link is shown in the Community Apps lasting.
  9. I think your docker.img file is full. This is likely a sign that you have a docker misconfigured program somewhere and it is writing data inside the img file. There's a FAQ entry on this.
  10. Speaking of which, what does the new icon at the far left do, other than take up space? Pretty sure it wasn't there before. They still show up even on Desktop mode in Chrome browser. It's annoying.
  11. Use client streaming devices which do not need to transcode 4K content, that will improve your experience the most.
  12. What you wrote is confused. Unraid is not raid. It only uses Raid systems for the Cache Pools or if you used the ZFS plugins. Did you only ever had Cache Pool drives? Were you using ZFS plugins? Likely you did neither, and only had data drives. Every data disk in unRaid is its own self contained filesystem. The Parity drives hold values from a mathematical formula to offer protection and be able to recover data from failed drives. As to steps for recovery, try what Jonathanm wrote. When you reassign drives in a new setup, never ever assign a drive as Parity if you are uncertain. The system will detect if the drives contain a valid filesystem if assigned as a data drive. When a drive is assigned as parity, it will begin overwriting what's on it with the calculated information. You dont want to do that with data drives.
  13. Enable advanced search inside CA and use this one from results?