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Community Answers

  1. From Beta to RC is "Soon™".
  2. Plex Transcode directory: 9.0G /tmp/transcode
  3. Three years later and still waiting on Multiple Arrays.
  4. Another option if feasible, upgrade the client's so transcoding isn't needed and they can direct play your media. But certainly check when playback is finished to make sure the transcode directory is cleaned up by whatever server app your running (plex/emby/jellyfin etc)
  5. It's your transcodes: 5.0G /tmp/Transcode
  6. Nerdpack is a dead plugin as called out in the recommended posts. Go ask in Nerd Tools.
  7. It also shows up for me without having that setting enabled, as expected. Edge x64 Dev and Stable browsers, EFF Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin extensions installed but whitefish the server. Using Azure unraid UI Theme.
  8. Worked fine for me in Edge-ium x64 both stable and dev versions with EFF Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin browser extensions installed. unRaid UI is set to "Azure" theme. Here's the CA settings for me --
  10. Cat 6A works fine for 10G.
  11. At the top right hand side ofthe Apps search results page is text "Click Here To Get More Results From DockerHub". Click there to get more results from DockerHub.
  12. Have you tried Emby? A blog entry about their iOS App updated with Carolyn at the end of 2020:
  13. Path of least resistance. XFS doesn't support that functionality natively, where as BTRFS does, and unraid doesn't support multiple arrays which would be needed for your parity driven cache pool.
  14. Maybe you could ssh/exec into the docker container and change the user and group files under /etc directory so those nexus "200"s are mapped to 100 / 99 instead?