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Community Answers

  1. Have you tried embeding the contents of the User Manual page inside a div in the current page using javascript?
  2. Yes you can. If you do a search with Community Apps it will show results from DockerHub that are not direct,y supported from the community.
  3. Smells like a process for Cache Dirs. Maybe push that into excludes list setting for the cachedirs plugin?
  4. I thought the process was you simply download the software and boot up the system. If it doesn't find a key license on the USB then it assumes it's a trial.
  5. I think you want to run this on the unraid device such as /dev/md# so you're doing it on the drives inside the parity protected array. If you run it on /dev/sdx#/ then you are invalidating the parity since you are writing below the devicemapper. Also, you need to run it on a partition, such as /dev/sdc1 (first partition). Specifying /dev/sdc is for the entire drive. That is why it can't find any valid filesystems.. The /dev/md# syntax may have changed on 6.12 unraid versions for ZFS tomfoolery, so check what the right device name is. I'm still on 6.11 where it's /dev/md1 for first partition of the first drive in the array. Only use /dev/sdX1 if you are recovering to another drive.
  6. Perhaps start at the end, like this post seems like it may be useful:
  7. So, what happened earlier today, where the forums were completely broken? Was it another "nothing was changed" event? 🤣
  8. Isn't that for "Re-add" as in add back in?
  9. Search using Community Apps for "wazuh" and it should find their dockers that are listed at
  10. What about other plugins, would they need to hack around these limitations too? If so, then it seems like maybe instead of having every single plugin attempt to work around this, having the system itself change is the more efficient approach? 🤷‍♂️
  11. Looks like you need to install the development tools like GCC (gnu c compiler) and possibly others in that Ubuntu vm.
  12. That should be 2 separate commands: unzip -d unRAIDServer cd unRAIDServer