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  1. BRiT

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc4 available

    Pedantic nitpic on the help text, the default setting is "No" and not "OFF" looking at the UI.
  2. BRiT

    How to save a docker container xml/path?

  3. BRiT

    How to save a docker container xml/path?

    There is. Its in my-templates on the boot usb drive.
  4. BRiT

    Ver: 4.5.6 upgrade to 6.6 help

    Is your hardware even 64bit capable?
  5. BRiT

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc3 available

    And that is why some folks no longer bother to reply to threads with varioous items to try.
  6. BRiT

    [Plugin] CA User Scripts

    Fully specify the config location.
  7. Not sure if anyone has tried the 9305-16i or 9400-16i, if they need or want Pcie 3.0 or nvme.
  8. BRiT

    New Emby Docker

    Post in the emby forums. They likely have better support for that specific situation.
  9. This certainly would be nice.
  10. BRiT

    New Emby Docker

    Of course not. I'm a Lazy Dev. I forget that not many folks around this forum is aware of that knee-jerk reaction joke. It shows up all the time on the graphical/game related forums. Frankly, developers' time is better spent developing than it is documenting, unless it's a fundamental breaking change that requires manual steps to adjust.
  11. BRiT

    New Emby Docker

    Lazy Devs.
  12. BRiT

    HGST Drives, what happened to them

    They were still out there a year ago when I was shopping around, but they seem to be harder to find at more typical retail and even some online shops.
  13. BRiT

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc2 available

    No. I did not forget that RC does not mean Release Candidate here. Other's have. That's why I asked why they don't ask for features.