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  1. BRiT

    What is the XML Tag for "post arguments" ???

    The documentation is use authoring mode in the UI. What is to be updated?
  2. BRiT

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Very hackish, but it seems to work to for 3 and 4 character octal permission maps: stat -c "%a %n" * | awk '{print substr($1, length($1)-2, 3), $2}'
  3. BRiT

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    I had SUID/SGID initially on my array as it was setup from before and I think one of my downloaders had it set. You could use the following to get octal permissions and take the right-most 3 character of the first portion (not shown below): stat -c "%a %n" * Or more verbose to compare between Octal and Human Readable form: stat -c "%a %A %n" *
  4. BRiT

    ISP says my IP is sending out spam

    But could it still issue remote shell commands without logging in?
  5. BRiT

    unRAID DVB Edition

    Pull down an earlier versioned CHBMB DVB Build and compare that .config to the standard unraid .config.
  6. BRiT

    Hidden Post | Burried Treasure

    Does Tapatalk show the Hide feature? If not, then maybe Tapatalk is translating Soft-Delete to Hide on Invision forums, and Hard-Delete to Delete? On XenForo when I had Tapatalk installed on my forum servers and used the Tapatalk-App, the Soft-Delete was a normal delete where the post could still be recovered by the Admins. The moderators could only do a normal delete, and only the admins had the choice between Delete and Hard-Delete. That was a while ago, I cancelled all my forums service with Tapatalk right around the time when Tapatalk decided to be unethical and steal everyone's content in order to make money for themselves.
  7. BRiT

    Hidden Post | Burried Treasure

    I deleted the post above this one.
  8. BRiT

    Hidden Post | Burried Treasure

    I will delete my post after this one.
  9. BRiT

    Hidden Post | Burried Treasure

    Seems like ... The Hide Button is just a "Soft Delete". Where it's capable of being brought back by Mods and Admins. So can Deleted Posts be brought back by Mods and Admins on this forum? On XenForo, its very configurable, but on my sites its setup as foklows... The users can not "delete" their own posts if someone has replied to it or a certain amount of time has passed, same with editing. Otherwise they csn "delete" their posts. The moderators can "delete" posts, but its just a "soft delete". The posts are merely flagged as being deleted and then not shown to users and moderators. The information is still in the database. Only Admins can see these posts after clicking on show deleted post content. The admins can UnDelete those posts if needed. The Admins can "hard delete" posts, where all of the post is removed from the database tables. These posts can not be Undeleted without doing database restores from earlier points in time.
  10. BRiT

    Hidden Post | Burried Treasure

    I can delete my own posts, but not sure if that's time-limited capabilities. I'm not sure if that capability is granted based on length of time registered, number of posts, or all approved members have it.
  11. BRiT

    Hidden Post | Burried Treasure

    I can't find anything anywhere at all on how to even get back to a "hidden" post. It doesn't even show up in your activity history from your own profile. Curious feature. Not seeing the usage scenario(s) for it. 👀
  12. BRiT

    Hidden Post | Burried Treasure

    Have you found the Seek Button yet? Deja-Vu.
  13. Have you tried running a SCRUB on the Docker Image from the GUI? http://tower/Settings/DockerSettings