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  1. BRiT

    Your server has run out of memory

    Still wrong. You should have 2 paths. One for /config and one for /media.
  2. BRiT

    running mdadm

    No. unRaid replaces the entire 'md' device driver.
  3. BRiT

    WD MyBook 10TB $145 & 8TB $126

    Do these have the reset issue where you might need to do something special for older connectors after shucking them?
  4. Can you ask a meeseeks to improve the forum search functionality?
  5. Also, these cmds are more meaningful for BTRfs since its special... btrfs fi us /mnt/cache btrfs fi show /mnt/cache btrfs filesystem df /mnt/cache ....... Also, I think Johnnie will have you run some sort of cmd that looks like the following, I dint know their exactness but this is something to give you a heads up. Caveat: dont run these specific examples that I typed out but wait for the exact cmds from Johnnie. btrfs balance start -m /mnt/cache Btrfs balance start -dusage=5 /mnt/cache
  6. What version? There's other manual commands you need to run on older unraids for BTRfs since it really wasn't ready for general use. Newer kernals with newer BTRfs may have addressed that issue. Then again, it might be some other BTRfs issue. I'm sure @johnnie.black will drop his knowledge on the issue(s) when he can.
  7. The only usable option I have seen is to entirely ignore or block users with animated avatars, because of the forum's lack of display avatar options.
  8. The one you named (squid) are not paid by the company. Only the following 4 @limetech, @jonp @eschultz and @SpencerJ as listed on this page: https://unraid.net/about Everyone else is just a member of the community.
  9. BRiT

    What is your longest Unraid up time?

    I mentioned this in the previous thread about this very topic ... It's close to well over a year, and then it was only because of a power outage that was nearly an entire day. One of the earlier thread that even had an actual poll ...
  10. It all depends ... if all clients need the server to transcode or if no clients need the server to transcode. Its far easier to support better clients that do not need server-side transcoding.
  11. BRiT

    New notification providers: Join & Telegram

    Can't one simply use email notification to integrate with Telegram? At least thats what their entire website says and pushes: https://etlgr.com Or is that not the telegram you're looking for?
  12. As shown earlier to someone else, you need to click on a few more places. In particular on the right hand side of your core 2/6, and core 1/5 and core 3/7 columns.
  13. BRiT

    v6 to v7 or v8 or v9 free ?

    Yes it is a company, but none of the posts in this thread are from LimeTech.
  14. BRiT

    v6 to v7 or v8 or v9 free ?

    Nothing is definitive and we dont work for the company and things could possibly change in the future, but here is how things have historically been treated from my personal experience: Your license is good for life for the version you purchased. Same license from 4.x has been valid for version 5.x upgrades. Same license from 4.x/5.x has been valid for version 6.x upgrades. There have been huge changes from version 4.x to version 6.x during its 10+ year span. The OS went through multitude of feature enhancements, from only supporting 32bit to supporting 64bit, from supporting ide to supporting sata, to supporting drives over 2tb, to supporting even higher number of data drives, to supporting dual parity, to supporting cache drive pools, to supporting virtual machines, to supporting device pass-through, to supporting docker containers, to supporting newer cpus, to supporting more cpu cores, to supporting more memory. Thats is why most feel comfortable in saying you will likely have the license for life and will be able to upgrade to the next version.
  15. BRiT

    Got Fiber, now slow sabnzbd speeds

    Have you tried NzbGet instead of SabNZBd to see what speeds that gets?