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  1. BRiT

    Unraid version 1-4

    Boy does that bring back memories...
  2. Have you seen the unraid roadmap? If so could you share it with the rest of us? I'm sure we'd love to have a look at what future unraid versions will provide. Thanks!
  3. Any chance of a new poll or ability to change our vote as my choice has changed over the past 27 months since the Poll started?
  4. Are you certain it's not Power Supply related, if you have the GPU plugged in maybe it's pulling too much power and the drives are dropping offline because of that?
  5. There's a few posts in this thread that one might find useful for mini-ITX even if the initial focus was on lower power setups with cpus integrated. I'm interested in the Minisforum MS-01 system with 2 SFP+ ports and a free PCI-Express slot but they won't ship until April 20th or so. It would work well with an external 4-drive cage. I was looking for what networking options I could use on my Legion Go that has 40 Gbps USB-C ports. So the timing of this thread was convenient.
  6. The end on the 10Gb Network adapter is female. The ends on that "adapter cable" is female. How will you couple them?
  7. You shouldn't need the cable. That adapter seems to have it built in. I don't know how unraid will see the device and if it has drivers. Out of curiosity what MB do you have? From a review:
  8. I would advise to look at Serve The Home as they have reviewed a metric ton of mixed 2.5G / 10G switches which includes 10 GBase-T and SFP+ model variants.
  9. Last weekend, I upgraded straight from 6.10.x to 6.12.8 without issues.
  10. Not surprised, but still disappointed with this aspect (as it stands now):
  11. Those 3 are built into the base unRaid install.
  12. Yes, but unfortunately this forum software has absolutely horrible search functionality.
  13. Perhaps setup a VM with Steam installed?
  14. There is a verbose topic on this and offering different solutions or workarounds for it. I'm on mobile now, but if you search for it you should be able to find it.
  15. And what would those "compiler flags" be exactly?