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  1. Did you start off with an entirely new/fresh database? Or was it restored from an earlier backup?
  2. As typical, @Squid is correct. No good reason to duplicate a well supported plugin.
  3. What else would you be doing over the holidays? 🍬 🦃 🕯️ 🕎 🎅 🎆
  4. I believe there is already a separate rclone plugin.
  5. The 6.8-RC notes states they upgraded to FUSE-3, so maybe rclone needs to be recompiled for this new target?
  6. Was your system performance changed much through changes in these tunables on the older versions? My system performance wasn't drastically changed on older versions, just minor improvements so I suppose I'll be alright. But seeing how vastly different other systems are I would think the new unraid would require some sort of knobs to tune.
  7. That isn't a fix. While it may be an acceptable workaround for some, it's not for others.
  8. So this is something to report to Limetech and they will have to make the changes required in order to get solid performance on wider variety of hardware?
  9. Try with using different drives for all your reads -- 2 of your reads are from the same drive, disk 9.
  10. Give it some time. It takes hours of work to get each new version ready for distribution.
  11. Looks like the 6.8 series will present a new set of challenges on tuning... In particular:
  12. As stated earlier, new and current info is available at the active thread:
  13. On your shares configurations, two of them in particular, you have "prefer" configured for the Use Cache setting. This means that when Mover runs, it will copy data from the Array Drives to the Cache drive. Double check that those shares are not using up the space. d----e.cfg t-------e.cfg
  14. So files created by the docker can have the proper ownership (user and group) set without you having to run any sort of "Fix Permissions" script with unRaid. Not all systems running a docker container (Emby or Plex for instance) will have files owned by NOBODY / USERS. Not all systems will have the user mapped to UID 99 or group mapped to GID 100. Remember, dockers are not unraid specific, they can be run on other Linux systems or even Windows.
  15. Anyone with physical access to the USB drive and the array system can get access to files that are not encrypted. They can wipe out the password fields entirely on the flash drive from a different system, insert the modified flash drive into the unraid system and turn it on. After boot up, they will have the system without passwords. The way to protect against that is using drive encryption with a passphrase only you know that is not stored on anything they have physical access to. However, I am unable to answer the question if your brother is smart enough to do this.