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  1. BRiT

    Is it worth it?

    Also, you can't really go wrong with getting more capable and performant client hardware.
  2. From the command line or from the UI showing the usage. df -h /var/lib/docker
  3. Was that you using insmod directly? Use modprobe instead. And use lsmod to see what is loaded. That SFC module loaded fine for me using modprobe. Of course I dont have the hardware. Also, are you using unraid or unraid-nvidia or unraid-dvb (one of those custom community version)?
  4. Did you try manually loading those kernel modules, at least the SFC?
  5. The list of UnRaid 6.8.1 configuration for the kernel is located in /usr/src/linux-4.19.94-Unraid/.config and I attached it as a zip file to this post. unraid681.config.zip Maybe you need to load some modules? It has the following specified -- CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_SOLARFLARE=y CONFIG_SFC=m CONFIG_SFC_MCDI_MON=y CONFIG_SFC_SRIOV=y CONFIG_SFC_MCDI_LOGGING=y CONFIG_SFC_FALCON=m
  6. TLDR: It's complicated. It is impossible for any company to know the exact state of support for all hardware as it is possible for bugs to be introduced on newer versions of the Linux kernel that could break hardware support, or a hardware company could stop supporting Linux entirely or not bother to port their hardware drivers to newer kernels. So many things can happen that is outside the control of LimeTech. A solid positive and benefit is LimeTech supplies trial versions so if you have the hardware already and are uncertain about hardware support you can try it out before hand.
  7. Emby has DVR support included for some tuners (HDHomeRun ?) but dont know if that requires premium or not.
  8. If you want real fun, when you're done with the .bat version, port it over to powershell.
  9. Wonder if user mentions work at all... @jonp @SpencerJ @limetech @Squid @trurl ...
  10. Tapatalk is entirely a different set of problems, but this latest isn't one of them.
  11. And here I thought everyone just figured out how to solve their own issues and no one needed to reply or post new topics.
  12. /var/log/ is is RAM. It will all be removed on reboots. Since it's in memory, the more you store the more it uses. If you don't have enough memory it will lead to OOM - Out of Memory errors and the kernel will pick randomly what programs to kill.
  13. Not sure how this would be any faster than that. This: 1) reading entirely from disk to memory 2) writing from memory to cache 3) reading from cache to memory to be used That: 1) reading entirely from disk to memory to be used. Probably bigger speedup would come from increasing your server's memory.
  14. If I followed properly ... From the other thread about Nvidia, there are many extremely time consuming tasks still required to be sorted, like the OOT WireGuard drivers. Not to take anything away from the amazing efforts of CHMB and LSIO, but to appease those who need to be on latest and greatest ... I will once again suggest those who can to go ahead and replace your DVB hardware with ethernet based tuners or use your USB based Tuners on a RasPi device and expose them that way. This way you will be able to use mainline unRaid.