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  1. Make sure to look at all your extras and plugins on the flash as well as dockers to make sure its not self-reinstalling on shutdown or restarts.
  2. Answered earlier in the thread. In the past people may not have been exposing their server to the internet but now they may want the "My Servers" functionality so they tried to do something. They forwarded too many ports or DMZed their server and simply didn't secure it properly to start with. Nothing wrong with "My Servers", but it may have been the push for some to try out things they really shouldn't have. Humans are flawed. They tend to skip instructions or pick parts randomly to follow and ignore the rest.
  3. Google Auth supports multiple devices too.
  4. Just noting possible cause and effects -- why some may be opening up ports or putting servers into DMZ. It was asked "Why now and not before", well there's an answer. Never said anything was wrong with the implementation of "My Servers".
  5. More folks opening up ports for the early preview feature of "" to link back to their own server?
  6. Exactly. Give us the ability to flat out ban connections from certain countries or white-list only certain countries. For a US server I would ban everything outside of North America (US and Canada). For Europe I would ban anything in China, Russia, India or other Hotspot hacker regions for a start.
  7. Other mentioned possibilities included from ( ) Username: admin / Password: motorola Username: admin / Password: admin admin/password
  8. Is it your router or your Cable Modem? If its your cable modem, there is new firmware pushed because of California and other State Laws. The new firmware sets a default username password and forces a change after first login. My ISP has this documented in their online forums, but I saw my answer in DSLReport forums. For Motorola cable modems what you need to know is: Username: admin Password: last 8 of the Serial Number.
  9. On the right hand side at the bottom in all white is the ATX 24 Pin connection. Right above that is a single EPS connection (8 pin). A little bit above that one is the other EPS connection.
  10. They're saying your new motherboard requires it for power.
  11. Most likely its telegraf and how its "monitoring" drives. Pause/Stop that to see if the drives spin down in due time.
  12. This is why no one should set up their servers to be exposed to the internet.
  13. Step 1) Read the forum announcement thread to be aware of any special steps needed.
  14. Summary: Shop for dedicated router with 2.5 GBit support. I like my EdgeRouter ER-4, but its a couple years old now and doesn't support beyond Gigabit. It does max out my Gigabit network. Faster than Gigabit seems to be teased with newer Cable Modems with 2.5 Gbit support. I hear good things about various Mikrotik routers and 2.5 Gbit SFP adapters being put to work. Some have it working with 5Gbit SFP modules too. Both have their own OS. I think both focus on wired lines. Though Mikrotik may have a model with Wifi support. I prefer to run WiFi AP separately