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  1. Or to just compile it themselves using the other customized compiler tool.
  2. So what's in it for me to NOT vote for FreeNAS!? 🤔
  3. Post Diagnostics file in your Next post after the issues happen again and before you reboot or turn off the server. Your server may be compromised, so check the logs for any remote connections especially if you expose your server directly to the net.
  4. Maybe it needs new linux driver or was bug patched in later kernels?
  5. Do you mean Parity Sync or Parity Check? They are different. One builds the data, the other validates it.
  6. Yes. There are changes in 6.9 that affect cache. That's why I said you should check out unraid 6.9 series and see if the way you want to allocate your "cache pools" changes. You can have at least 30 different "drive pools", each with atleast 30+ drives. Somethere in there is the number 35, but I cant remember if it's drive pools or drives per pool. Needless to say. It's a Metric Ton of them. So you could segregate your writes and optimize your performance in different ways. So you may want a single SSD for docker/appdata and things that don't require more than a single SSD performance. Then you would use the other SSDs for VMs.
  7. I would possibly wait until or at least check out the unraid 6.9 Series and see if the way you want to allocate your "Cache Pools" changes.
  8. BRiT

    Any updates?

    You should be following this thread :
  9. I for one am waiting on the molecular data cubes shown ages ago.
  10. I dont use this, yet, but DZMM has shared many of his setups and others have said they have separate setup because the number of files, especially for music or personal backups.
  11. That's what many already do, use multiple team drives.
  12. Did you send any PM or email to @limetech or @jonp or @eschultz first?
  13. BRiT

    Ransomware resistance

    Try: find /mnt/disk2/Kino -type f -name \*.m4v -print if that produces what you what then: find /mnt/disk2/Kino -type f -name \*.m4v -exec chattr +i "{}" \;
  14. It looks like you have parity checks setup for every single day at 08:30, or at least the syslog indicates it running consecutive days. On one day it also kicked off at ~ 20:00 or so. Most users use a strategy of scheduling Parity Checks Once a Month. Then running parity checks before and after any substantial hardware changes or moving of the system.