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  1. BRiT's post in Update to nerd tools for mcelog? was marked as the answer   
    It's part of the base Unraid OS since at least 6.11.3
  2. BRiT's post in Various Unraid issues after replacing CPU + motherboard was marked as the answer   
    Since you adjusted your mb/cpu/ram, have you validated your system is stable enough with a few cycles of MemTest?
  3. BRiT's post in High CPU usage, how to find the app responsible was marked as the answer   
  4. BRiT's post in 6.11.5 - MIssing "Unraid" User Share was marked as the answer   
    Since what you're describing is not a normal share, Maybe you did it via Unassigned Devices or had followed some Social Media Influenza unraider?
    Specifically this part of that post sounds similar, but you used a different name for it than "rootshare":
    * Intentional Letter Kenny reference
  5. BRiT's post in How to manually fix permissions. was marked as the answer   
    You're making it too complicated. Run newperms script with the parameter of the directory you want it to start in:
    /usr/local/sbin/newperms /mnt/user/backups-gdrive
  6. BRiT's post in after updating my unraid: server going into fake-hibernation shortly after boot was marked as the answer   
    Uninstall this plugin: dynamix.s3.sleep.plg
  7. BRiT's post in extra folder on flash drive was marked as the answer   
    They should be Slackware packaged builds, like what NERD utils typically uses, that can be used with "installpkg" / "upgradepkg" commands.
  8. BRiT's post in WiFi rather than Ethernet only for unRAID was marked as the answer   
    Use the Hack-Around mentioned earlier. Connect you unraid server via wire to a wireless Access Point that then connects to your WiFi above the drivers seat.