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  1. /mnt/user/ is just an aggregate of /mnt/disk#/ and /mnt/cache/, so if those are covered you don't need to explicitly cover /mnt/user/.
  2. I find it boggling that anyone uses a system designed for data integrity to not want the data integrity portions to function.
  3. If the images get downloads then they are not unused. Right? So if you're using an image hosted from a free account, its in your best interest to re-download them periodically. Edit: They do not enforce image retention and have moved over to resource pull limits instead:
  4. Fix the program configurations which are writing the new files to solve this issue going forward. Run Docker-Safe NewPermissions script to fix existing problems.
  5. Disabling WSDD prevents the problem 100% of the time...
  6. In most situations this is merely the size of the docker.img file. Unless you have something misconfigured or have hundreds of actual dockers configured you should not need more than the default size.
  7. Wikipedia may have the info you're looking for.
  8. That all needs to be withing the virual environment, in that case th specific docker you're running. Nothing runs on the host, its all within the container.
  9. Looks to be an lm-sensor thing for fan control with that specific device driver? Advice from a post years ago that never saw any responses:
  10. Officially listed Apps require support, so who would take on the support of these apps?
  11. There is a patch for newer version of WSDD to remove infinite loop under certain conditions. It was mentioned in one of these threads. Limetech could release patches / updates for their stable 6.8 build but they seem to have forgone that for a long time now to put out 6.9 beta and RCs.
  12. The source of sending to the array also needs to have 10 GbE, otherwise that xfer would be bottlenecked to 1 Gbps. So what sources are you going to be copying from that exceed 1 Gbps?
  13. It would be bottlenecked unless they also have 10 GB Ethernet setup too.
  14. That's a pure Catch-22 if this card is the only one you're using for networking, right? You can't get networking working with it until the plugin is installed but can't get plugin installed until the card is working.
  15. I dont know why they reset/overwrote this behavior from what was set.
  16. BRiT

    1PB Array?

    Impossible. The Array drive limit is below that.
  17. If they could fix the forced to click on the itty bitty tiny ball or star to go to first new unread post instead of being able to click on the Thread Title, that would be great. When I read the forums on my tablet, I have less than a 1 in 1000 chance of ever actually being able to click on that tiny speck.
  18. Any word on them fixing the other aspects they utterly broke?
  19. Nope, its entirely tied to Enable WSD. If you have WSD disabled, restarted, and are seeing high usage it is entirely a different issue.
  20. You don't find that as an improvement, along with all the other brokenness?
  21. @SpencerJ How do I fix whats broken in the Unread Activity? It used to display a thread only once, but now its utterly messed up and displays the thread multiple times. Notice how the thread "Neuer Server... würde mich über Beratung/Tipps freuen..." shows up so many time.
  22. Forums unread activity is broken. Instead of showing only 1 listing for the entire Thread it is showing every reply as a new activity. So this thread showed up 7 times. This makes the "unread" worthless and impossibly difficult to follow.