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  1. It may not since it doesn't alter special bits (set group or id) , but this might work to clear those on directories: chmod 0777
  2. Look to see if places like Toast.Net offer services in you area. For most areas they are AT&T resellers that offer plans far cheaper and without data limits.
  3. If you're on WOW (Wide Open West) cable, this might be relevant as some users have encountered issues trying to route to I haven't experienced it, but I have seen other places that have also messed up as it's used in too many examples. https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r32875282-What-is-this-tomfoolery-with-1-1-1-1-not-cool
  4. Http://Tower/ for the web ui. There's Terminal links from there. Or you could use Putty in windows to telnet orssh into your system depending on what you have enabled. Or whatever you named your system.
  5. You need to do an advanced rma replacement with cross-shipping option so you absolutely get a new to you replacement drive.
  6. Yeah, as far as I know any and all customizations made outside the unraid Web UI are reset upon every reboot. There may be a plugin or two that provides persistent home locations across reboot. You'd have to search for them though.
  7. Are you talking about changes to unraid settings or are you talking about customizations to Firefox browser like bookmarks and menu bars to show?
  8. And the support issues will be exponentially expanded through the roof as every card seems to require its own driver and has its own set of quirks.
  9. Another alternative is using MOCA Adapters, bonded 2.5 preferably, if you have coax runs in your building. They work exceptionally well.
  10. Why? Is your server portable? Are you moving it around your house?
  11. Has anyone having NFS issues actually tried posting diagnostics and logs and working with the devs at Limetech or other forum users to troubleshoot the issues? All I see are claims of issues but never anyone filing bug reports with information on how to reproduce the issues.
  12. Did you reboot after uninstalling?
  13. Thats why they suggest using Service Accounts in the rclone thread. They have the means to automatically cycle through them to remove these limits when using rclone.
  14. Its fully encrypted where only you have the decryption keys.
  15. You should check out this thread on how Google Drives and Rclone can provide unlimited storage for around $12 a month. They don't actually require 5 users and they don't limit storage to 1TB when less than 5 users. Some users have well over 200 TBs. https://gsuite.google.com/pricing.html
  16. Personally, I dont factor price in when it comes to data security. More drives means more chances of failure. Older drives means more chances of failures, especially if they're older than 4 years. So I would dump all the old ancient tiny drives and upgrade to larger drives. They have 16 TB drives now so the smallest I would think of using today would be 8TB.
  17. No. Plex is not required. Check out Emby or jellyFin.
  18. If it was easy to do, then it should be easy for a writeup with detailed instructions for anyone to follow.
  19. Look into Unassigned Devices. You can setup scripts for when certain devices are plugged in. At least that's where I would start.
  20. Try: /usr/sbin/rclone copy /mnt/user/nextcloud GoogleDriveBackupCrypt:/unraid/nextcloud
  21. No. Not to where the plugin is installed from, but where the rclone is installed to. From an unraid terminal, type in the following command to see where it's installed to, such as /usr/local/bin/ or /usr/local/sbin/ . which rclone For example, which mover, returns /usr/local/sbin/mover .
  22. Rclone might not be in the default path, so try setting the path variable to include it before first calling rclone or try using absolute path to rclone on each line.
  23. You should probably post in the specific docker support thread for the container, which is available from the docker menu. You may be using this one, but I wouldn't know, but it showed up in CA :