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  1. Are you looking to use any VLAN tagging? Are all the devices on the same wall? If I had all the RecRoom devices in the same area I'd rather have a 16 port switch than 2 8 Ports. In my rec-room I have 2 8 ports, first one on the end wall near the entertainment center for all the consoles and streaming devices, second one on the side wall for all the PCs at a desk. I still have spare ports so I have Switch B (Entertainment Center) plugged to Switch A (PCs) and Switch A plugged to communication nexus located elsewhere. The communication nexus is just a central Switch C that connects to the different rooms (Rec Room, Living Room, Bedroom A, B, and C) and the Router which then connects to the Cable modem.
  2. Docker Logs maybe? There is overhead in the docker image because of all the layers it has to do, so there is some space lost to that, think of it like file-system overhead. I have less than 3 GB used on my Docker Image of 15 GB from nearly 3 years of usage with usenet, torrents, and a media server included. If you have rapid docker usage growth without new installations, you have something misconfigured.
  3. Yes, please do whatever you can to deliver a Toronto win. 🦎
  4. Have you looked under here? https://github.com/linuxserver/Unraid-DVB/tree/master/build_scripts In particular https://github.com/linuxserver/Unraid-DVB/blob/master/build_scripts/kernel-compile-module.sh
  5. Change the default boot option to be MEMTEST. 👿
  6. If you value your own time and sanity, then all drives should be exercised and tested before you trust your data to them.
  7. Never underestimate the problems users can cause. 🤡
  8. Upgraded to 6.7.0 from 6.5.3 and so far so good with nothing standing out as an issue, personal preference for a friendly colorful UI instead of the monotone aside.
  9. I found this explanation: On unraid 6.3.5 there are options for the following, so I imagine they are still there in later versions: md_num_stripes md_sync_window md_sync_thresh What disappeared was md_write_limit. Here is explanation of the older tunables:
  10. No. Those are different, IIRC.
  11. No. A stable system should not be impacted by usage. I moved my entire array from 4TB to 8TB drives while my Parity was SMR drives and never had any issues.
  12. In 10 years this thread will be old enough to drink even in the US.
  13. But at least you get benefits from having to relive all those moments... There's none of that here from bringing up decade old threads.
  14. I have had worse luck with the smaller and thus much older drives than newer drives. I think the newer drives have greatly improved reliability regardless of the manufacturer. I would never use older drives because of this, even if they were cheap or free. I know not everyone can afford to do the same, but it really has cut down on issues for me. My 3 cycle PreClear failures ratio is something like 4 2TB failures, only 1 4TB failure, and 0 8TB failures. I had hard failures of 2 2TB drives (luckily failed in the array at different times), and 0 failures of the 4TB and 8TB after the same duration and usage pattern of write once read many. After the drives were removed from the array I used them outside as extra backup drives. At the end of the drives usage, all 6 of 6 2TB drives showed trouble signs, such as pending sector or reallocated sector, where only 2 of 5 4TB drives showed trouble signs. All 4 8TB are still in the array, so no end of life reports there. My 2TBs were WDC, the 4TB were the untouchable HGST, and the 8TB are Seagates, so its not about manufacturers. (Touch wood)
  15. Did you run any tests or preclear the drive before you added it into the array less than a year ago?
  16. Unraid will only disable a drive when it encounters a write error. Post your full diagnostic file.
  17. Or just set all the drives. This should be a good for everything setting, right?
  18. Look into User Scripts plugin, create a new one, and set it to start at Array Startup.
  19. beep That works on my system with 6.5.3. Here's advanced beepage: beep -f 659 -l 460 -n -f 784 -l 340 -n -f 659 -l 230 -n -f 659 -l 110 -n -f 880 -l 230 -n -f 659 -l 230 -n -f 587 -l 230 -n -f 659 -l 460 -n -f 988 -l 340 -n -f 659 -l 230 -n -f 659 -l 110 -n -f 1047-l 230 -n -f 988 -l 230 -n -f 784 -l 230 -n -f 659 -l 230 -n -f 988 -l 230 -n -f 1318 -l 230 -n -f 659 -l 110 -n -f 587 -l 230 -n -f 587 -l 110 -n -f 494 -l 230 -n -f 740 -l 230 -n -f 659 -l 460 https://github.com/adamrees89/beep-songs
  20. Just look at the various forum threads on building an AMD Ryzen systems. They chronicle the journey many have had to go through to get AMD systems to last more than an hour.
  21. Oh, absolutely. I don't and can't fault LT for the security patches. LT's prompt responses for security concerns are to be commended. It just seems like the entire software industry is jumping through so many hoops for what are infinitely small possible attack vectors on consumer devices.
  22. This isn't about unraid, more of general rant... At this point, I'd rather have an option to enable and disable the patches which are focused and directed on cloud-hosted servers or servers that would be targeted and have actual secure data to protect. Why should normal consumers be forced to run performance heavy security patches? They should be set as a compliance level, like DOD. General security patches are fine since they dont come with 30% perf hits.