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  1. Not feasible. Even if it were, it would be beyond foolish. Limited to under 28 MBps on each drive connected via the shared PCI bus.
  2. Plug in a monitor, boot the PC, take a picture, and post it in your next post.
  3. Front all of your traffic via CloudFlare, never have anything pointed directly to your home server(s). Their free plan works well. https://www.cloudflare.com/plans/
  4. Interesting, but then it becomes even more important to have server and the 2F Device synced to the proper time. One tablet I used had clock drift issues and would require time adjustments every other day to keep the 2F systems working. I have not looked into the implementation details of most 2FA systems, do they require internet connections to work or are they more of an algorithm with shared common seed using time as a mutator?
  5. BRiT

    Malware attempt?

    Never expose or put your server directly in the internet. Your server will be incredibly easy to find. There are search engines targetting IoT devices that have a large selection of unRaid servers listed. Some of the servers have no password set and are even easier pickings.
  6. But its not false positives at all. The files really don't match the checksums.
  7. Anyone know if there has been any actual fixes or changes to the WSDD codebase (SAMBA) to address this issue? Or has it remained rather raw?
  8. Or he could switch it to a "w"; technically removing the "v" and letting it find newer versions. I'll just show myself the way out...
  9. For the record, I highly recommend no one surfs the internet using the unRaid GUI boot mode and included web browser and no one exposes their server to the internet. In my opinion, those two issues are more dangerous than disabling these mitigations.
  10. Force Help to be displayed on the UI for any user with under 6000 forum posts. 🔎
  11. You don't have to use a Parity drive. You would then have just 2 drives shared as "disk1" and "disk2". With one being your 1x raid 10, and two being your 1x raid 6 from your hardware raid controller. Or you could setup friendly shares based off the root directories on the "1x raid 10" drive and the "1x raid 6" drive.
  12. Make sure you do not have your server directly exposed on the internet. It could be a kind person trying to give you a warning sign that your entire server is at risk without doing anything drastic.
  13. Support Thread for Preclear Plugin --
  14. They did not solve the legal issue with Oracle, they're rolling the dice and hoping they wont be sued. Linus Torvalds own personal take on it: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linus-Says-No-To-ZFS-Linux https://www.zdnet.com/article/linus-torvalds-avoid-oracles-zfs-kernel-code-on-linux-until-litigious-larry-signs-off/
  15. I'm trying to see ways of how you could but keep running into legal issues. Perhaps you could share the way forward without running into legal issues that you found?
  16. You can't just dismiss the huge Oracle court system win concerning API Copyrights. If the court case isn't overturned, I have no doubts Oracle will unleash lawsuits everywhere over every thing they have APIs for including Java and ZFS. There is no way of moving on unless that court case is overturned.
  17. Not a fan of BTRFS but at least BTRFS doesn't bring legal issues with it like anything Oracle owns or touches, such as ZFS. I wouldnt touch anything Oracle if I was a company like Limetech.
  18. No. 😜 It's all good. Though now that you mention it, HA and replication are great features I wish they'd add.
  19. As I have said in the past, we should have gotten multiple array support long before any and all of those. I'd gladly have traded the order of features added to move multiple array support earlier. Stop being silly goose, I am not proposing to use a time machine to change the past nor to remove features, just proposing to focus on NAS features. Once its added then go for the fringe cases.
  20. I am not confusing anything. I'd rather even just 5 minutes of LimeTech time be spent on genuine NAS functions and features than on any and all GPU-related work.
  21. I'd rather Limetech focus their limited development efforts and time on NAS functions and features. Sure, if they had unlimited time then include everything. Alas, that's not reality.