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  1. Firstly, the Emby Beta was updated around the same day as the Unraid server, so this may be emby's issue, but may also be something I have to configure on unraid for the 6.9.1 upgrade (I was on 6.8.3 beforehand). The issue - the emby conversion process is burning in closed captions - it did not used to do that. I have a cheap NVidia GPU card in my server as it is AMD with no onboard graphics and needed something to boot with. I dont pass it in to VM's or anything. I notice some stuff in the 6.9.x about making mods for built in graphics drivers - not sure if this relat
  2. I noticed the backups are smaller than my orginals. I have no idea why mine gained the extra files over time, likely not needed now. some are file system check files I believe. I may do the restore procedure and format of the USB to 'freshen it all up'
  3. I got it all working, had a play, then just removed the port forward so the remote stuff 'con's' are not there. More stuff may be added over time so I am happy to leave it as a glorified USB saving device until then. My remote access requirements are covered by tailscale to all my devices securely using wireguard (2FA linked to gmail) with no need of opening ports, firewall mods, ssl certs etc etc.
  4. With regards to port forwarding, am I able to enter the actual subnets that require forwarding, rather than anyone on the internet ? I currently only allow cloudflare IP's to access my home nginx server and re-direct that way. I have in the past used tailscale for access to unraid, and various other servers securely with zero config.
  5. another week and no crashes - lets assume that is the back of it!!!!
  6. This started happening to me as of today. My DNS however is set to cloudflares 'newer' and DNS servers. The ones with malware protection are Maybe whatever unraid is using has got onto that list of nasties ?
  7. Been 4 days and no console crash. Fingers crossed it has settled down.
  8. Thanks for that - the first issue was waiting for me to climb in the loft of all places. I replaced my pfsense with ubiquiti USG (all on another thread as pfsense VM let me down), so I had to change the wifi's. This old laptop up in the loft is taking CCTV and storing it there every 5 minutes....... so robbers can be recorded and if they steal the unraid server, they are still on film. That is fixed now. Its just the console that is crashing. That support thing has not been an issue for me in the years of running unraid.
  9. Nope....... I assumed the diagnostics was wanted when the issue was in place. The issue causes no console, so I could not use the console to stop the array - or read the flash drive. In hindsight, I assume I could have figured out how to copy the diagnostics from the flash via the command line - as in I could cd to there, but not sure how I would have copied it off there.
  10. Oh dear - after restarting this c.php-fpm this time, all my console is white (not black) and in the top right I have 'missing key file' in red. If I click on that, and try to paste in my install key from the email from years back, I get Error (1) the bottom of the screen keeps f;ashing something about 'starting services', then warning something but it is too quick. to make matters worse, I cant stop the array as it says 'mover is running' to do a restart. In the end - a power off and on with the big button - and now the parity check I could do without !
  11. And this has happened again. While it was stopped, I took the liberty to again run the disagnistics from the command line. Pulled the flash drive and inserted it into the PC and copied the zip file to here as instructed. tower-diagnostics-20210329-1829.zip
  12. so this has happened again. This time, I just restarted php-fpm. root@Tower:~# /etc/rc.d/rc.php-fpm restart Gracefully shutting down php-fpm . done Starting php-fpm done root@Tower:~# This MUST be an issue with the latest unraid release - as I have never had this before. Do I raise this as an issue ? I just dont seem to get any replies. I seem to just be posting replies to my self.
  13. Ubiquiti USG is in and operational. Prob about 4 hours to move about 2 years of pfsense config/tweaking onto it. I must say I am loving the interface. VPN's requirements now being done with windows VM's. Was initially worried about the IDS/IPS limiting routing to 85Mbps, but I can still saturate my 100Mbps internet plan.
  14. more searching and then I found this which is the missing piece - whatever that is/does : /etc/rc.d/rc.php-fpm restart
  15. So.... broke out the kill command....... root@Tower:~# /etc/rc.d/rc.nginx stop Shutdown Nginx gracefully... root@Tower:~# ps -ef | grep nginx nobody 2725 9941 0 02:00 ? 00:02:16 nginx: worker process nobody 2726 9941 0 02:00 ? 00:00:25 nginx: worker process root 9243 1 0 Mar23 ? 00:00:00 nginx: master process /usr/sbin/nginx -c /etc/nginx/nginx.conf root 9244 9243 0 Mar23 ? 00:05:34 nginx: worker process is shutting down root 9935 9543 0 Mar23 ? 00:00:00 s6-supervise nginx root 9941 9935 0