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  1. Thanks JorgeB, just found that and came to reply to mine. I guess I'm going to have to read and understand the difference between spinning down and stopping.
  2. Thank you. I'm going to try that. I'll admit, as a quick fix, I just went and bought a DVORAK layout keyboard. Kind of weird, I'm used to the characters not matching what I type!
  3. I found the screen on Main for initially setting up my array with 2 drives a few days ago and set up the array with a single parity and single data disk. In the manual it says, to add a drive: 5. Assign the new storage device(s) to a disk slot(s) using the Unraid webGui. But when I go back to the screen that let me add drives, it shows me the 2 drives I added already, and not the rest of the slots. I've tried spinnig down the array to see if that would give me the list so I can add new drives. I did pre-clear the 2 new drives and they do show up in the unassigned devices list. (On the same page above, under boot disk) And it must be easy to find this GUI for adding a new drive, since I can't find any topics in the forum about how to add a new drive, so obviously millions of other people figured it out! But I've tried several times over the last couple days and I have failed to find it, so I'm asking the newbie question here.
  4. I've been using DVORAK since 1987, back when Microsoft included a driver for the DVORAK keyboard layout (and Mac quickly followed) ... and I'm having a real hard time typing in QWERTY. So before I go further with unraid ... how do I change the keyboard to the DVORAK layout. Unfortunately in this case, I'm a Windows/Android/iOS/iPadOS/Mac guy, and I haven't figured out from internet searches how to set the KB layout to DVORAK for UNRAID (Though I have successfully followed instructions for UBUNTU to do it.) Through the years I've had people ask me why I would use such a stupid keyboard and tell me to just use QWERTY ... so let me proactively answer it. I had carpel tunnel syndrome symptoms back in the early 1980's (yes I'm old enough that we used to barcode dinosaurs so we could scan them to tell quickly which were dangerous). Switching to DVORAK took me just over 20 days; Before I switched I had aching hands every day and massaged my hands on the drive home every day, after I switched I haven't once in nearly 40 years had the issues I had when tying QWERTY, and I still type dozens to hundreds of pages of text a day.
  5. Other info: The version I downloaded was 6.13.3 And I see my problem now. The screen has a big orange button "Redeem Activation Code" which I thought meant I needed to do something else. So yes, it turns out that the reason the web site goes in circles is because simply downloading and installing DID indeed give me a trial license.
  6. I have internet connection, all of the above steps where done from the machine that booted from the USB Key. (And yes, I also tried on 2 other computers, from 2 other browsers just in case that was the problem.)
  7. How do I get the free trial license? I click on "try free for 30 days' on your pricing page. That takes me do your download page. But I'm well past that - I have it running, just need the license. So I click on Free trial button. That brings me to the same download page. So I click on the download button. That brings me to the same download page. So I click on the "Free 30 day trial or purchase a license directly" "right here" link. That takes me back (around the circle) to the pricing page So I click on the 'Try free for 30 days' and it takes me back around the circle back to the download page. So I click on the Purchase button on the download page. That takes me to the "Pricing" page again. Round and round the circle, where it stops, nobody knows. So I click on the "Start a free 30 day trial" in the "Not ready to buy?" section. And … no surprises here, it takes me to the download page. I've been around your circle more than 30 times, I've had my wife, daughter and eldest son try. They all are trapped in your circle.
  8. I've gotten into the GUI for the initial setup. I'm trying to connect to get a free trial license to test. But the browser of course doesn't connect until I select the WiFi and enter in my WiFi password. I can't figure out where to go to set the WiFi up.
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