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  1. Works fine after latest update
  2. VENDOR="nvidia" GPUID="0" TEMPFORMAT="C"
  3. Tried this and it worked on first try Easier to setup than OpenVPN. I guess only things you access on the LAN side is tunneled, not everything on the client? This will come in handy when Im setting up a remote server someday edit: Found out how to pipe everything from client through the tunnel
  4. Server to server backup and iscsi would be nice
  5. Any way to connect to the server console?
  6. But the rest of the cpu will work just fine?
  7. Is that not for the iGPU support on 9th gen?
  8. Hello My current main unraid server (mostly used for plex, fileserver and a minecraft VM) is running a 1st gen i7 (9xx) and it is soon time for an upgrade. Im wondering about an i5-9400, anyone tried that cpu here?
  9. That what was I wondered Thanks for the answer.
  10. There is not possible still to encrypt a drive without loosing the data on it?
  11. When I try nextcloud and tries to upload many files at once, the client looses the connection to the server all the time and dont seems to be able to upload anything. Happens on both windows and iOS client. May this have something to do with the share for nextcloud using the cache drive or is it just my server that is too slow? (i7-970) edit: dug a bit more into it, looks like it goes into a deadlock when hitting the database with a lot of updates at once.
  12. thanks Easy to get confused when some calls it a raid cards and others a jbod card
  13. another question, do you know if all of the LSI SAS9201-8i cards supports JBOD or one and one disk out of the box? I see on a lot of the ebay listings that they say raid on the ones from Europe sellers. I also know from earlier that some jbod cards presents all disks as one to the OS and some presents the inviudal disks to the OS.
  14. The NIC for PfSense is passthought to the VM?