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  1. True, it uses all it can get its hands on, but I also heard the iGPU in the 10th gen and up is pretty good at plex hardware encoding.
  2. Yea, good point, but for a fileserver that will not run any VMs with GPu passthough and the hardest thing will be Plex encoding, I dont think its worth it.
  3. Hello Im windows shopping for an upgrade to my home server and I cant see any real difference between the Intel Gen11 i7 and i9 that is currently available (11700 and 11900) beside cost. They have more or less same core and boost speed, same amount of cores, same igpu. Anything Im missing here?
  4. Just a thing I found out, just in case someone has the same problem and did not know: Tried to update the certs today but got the message that authentication did not work. Found out that since my domain is now on Cloudflare, I had to turn off the proxy for the subdomains SWAG is using, then the authentication worked and then I could turn the proxy setting on again.
  5. Aha, so I just follow the rest of the guide? Edit: got it to work Works fine for the formats supported. One day I may upgrade the server to an 10th gen to get more supported formats and better quality, but it works just fine.
  6. Is this guide still the way to go for quicksync under 6.9.1? Edit: I just checked, I dont have the "/dev/dri" not even after I added "i915.alpha_support=1" to the "syslinux.cfg" I guess unraid does not support the quicksync on the 4th gen cpus
  7. So the main difference between a FileIO and DiscIO is the speed. Thanks
  8. This was easier than I thought Been wanting to setup ssh keys for my server for a while now, thanks!
  9. with multiply cache pools coming up, is it possible to set an pool as an iSCSI LUN? I guess that is no problem with an fileIO at least. Is there any benefits with DiscIO over FileIO or the other way around?
  10. No, no upgrade or anything like that. So the drive should be formatted in Unraid before setting it up for iSCSI, because that is the only way to set the pass-through flag. I tried that and it showed up in Windows10 as formatted and ready to use, so seems to work as intended
  11. Yup, it was gone from the Unraid GUI at least, I did not check the drive if the files was there. Now Im testing out BlockIO as I have a spare 1TB I can test with, it also works right out of the box as long as the drive was not formatted in Unraid it worked as I expected it. But the unassigned dives plugin can still format the drive, so I guess its best to be careful and remember what drive you use for what until this is a part of Unraid officially. Oh, and yes, I get the expected write speed to the BlockIO LUN It is not a problem connecting different LUNs to the same IQN as long as its the same computer they are connected to? I know you should not use same IQN for different computers, that may/will result in data corruption.
  12. Ok, I see what you mean about the reboot thing, I had to shut down the server to add some discs and when I rebooted the entire iSCSI plugin was gone XD I added the fileIO as new, just used the same name in the GUI and the data was there
  13. WriteBack was default false so that is off, can I enable that without recreating the LUN? CPU i7-4790, cache is an old WD green 2TB, parity is an WD red 10TB and the array is a mix where the newest ones are WD Red 10TB Edit: Tried with an new LUN with writeback enabled, now it goes over 100MB/Sec for some time, then drops to 3-4MB/sec, then back to over 100MB and so on. Looks to me a cache is filling up, then waiting for the drive, then filling the cache and so on. This was tested on a FileIO on the cache drive. Same happens with the LUN on the array. Going to try on a BlockLUN when I can, but I only have old WD green 2TB drives laying around. Read speeds was way better, 95% over 150MB/sec (from both WriteBack on and off LUNs), and read is more important for me than write so at least that is good
  14. So Im testing around both fileIO on array and on the cache but both gives me the same speed, around 5MB/sec I cant seem to figure out why it is so slow. Connected on a 2.5Gbit link directly to server Unraid 6.9 Beta 35
  15. Are they bundled together? Because I installed only the "iSCSI Target" plugin and got the gui under "settings"
  16. Good to know For now I don't use it with any important data.
  17. Hello I`m testing the iSCSI beta plugin and got it to work, but I have a question: On the 3--LUN page, when I choose the IQN + Volume and click "Create FileIO LUN" nothing shows on the page, is it suppose to show something here at all? Its clearly the button works as I got the iSCSI volume up and running on my W10 PC. Also both buttons says "Create FileIO LUN", I guess the bottom one should say "Create Block LUN" Keep up the good work Looking forward to see how this evolves!
  18. I have done it, and did it just like ChatNoir describes. As far as I know, Unraid uses the serials on the drives to identify them so what port they are connected to does not matter.
  19. How much pci-e bandwidth is really needed for gpu trans-coding? Is it enough to put an gpu in a 1x slot?
  20. So I take it once the nvidia drivers are part of core unraid, this version will be no more?
  21. Thanks Now I finally got me ordered one too
  22. Any one tried it or know more? Since my new motherboard in my desktop has the same card integrated I was thinking of putting one in my server to get more transfer speed
  23. Anyone got Plex to work with reverse proxy? I tried the sample config but gets bad gateway and my plex account does not find server. Tried with both "bridge" and the custom made "proxynet" networks
  24. Works fine after latest update
  25. VENDOR="nvidia" GPUID="0" TEMPFORMAT="C"