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  1. Thank you for the question answer. so if I understand it correct it should still be used as a cash pool and not as default storage
  2. Hey guys, Is it possible to put all drives in a pool and none in the array? or should a pool always be like a cache?
  3. Thanks! Would it be okay when you give the OS 2-4 thread and would there be any negatives in the file transfer speed with going to low?
  4. Hey guys! I have a question about how CPU pinning and isolation work. Is it right that when you pin a thread that it will just use that thread. And with CPU isolation that it will not use that thread? The reason I'm asking this is because that I always thought that it was the same thing.
  5. Thanks that seems to fix it! Was this just a weird hiccup by the GUI or something else?
  6. Hey sorry yes here you go
  7. hey guys! I have a question. I have a cachepool with 4 SSD in it. They are in raid 5. The weird thing is that just 3 of the 4 drive's are being written to. You can see in picture 1 that drive 4 has just 69(nice) reads to it and 0 writes. Is this because it is using the 4e drive as the "parity" one?
  8. hey I really love this docker, but the problem is that I can't sign in with me apple id. I keep getting the error"There was an error connecting to the Apple ID server." is there a way to let me login ?
  9. Okay I will need to take a look into that, but I have no experience with editting dockers at all. So is it possible to just ad it in ?
  10. Hey I want to use this to code python, but how do I download and install python within the docker?
  11. does your cpu need to have VT-D in order to get this to work ?
  12. I don't the ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000" and even when I add the ethernet0.virtualDev = "vmxnet3" I will get an error saying that the file is corrupted
  13. yea I already tough about that, but I can't seem to find any information about it on how to get it. I have already set it to bridged, but I think that unraid just can't seems to find the network driver, because when it can't find the dhcp server it should set an IP address from the apipa protocol. and I'm using workstation not esxi so I can't change the network adapter type
  14. Hello I 'm trying to run unraid on VMware Workstation, when I use the plop I don't get any ip adress, when I don't use it I will get the ip 169.254.X.X so it cant find the dhcp server even when I set the ip manualy it's still cant connect to anything. the rest I'm doing the same as Socrates
  15. Hello I want to setup unraid on my windows server 2016 with hyper-v, but after unraid is installed it can't find the nic. it does have an IP from the APIPA protocol, but even when I set the ip and the gateway manually I can't connect to it. does anybody have a idea?