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  1. Hello, by default every 300 seconds the container sends out a ping to one.one.one.one by default. If this domain is unreachable the container will shutdown, and normally automatically restart. This normally happens if the connection with the VPN is not working anymore. Could you verify the following: Click the jackettvpn Docker, select Edit, in the top right change to slider to Advanced View and check if Extra Parameters has the following: `--restart unless-stopped` This makes it so that the container automatically restarts if it goes offline when the domain is unreachable.
  2. Ik zal zelf best wel mee willen helpen aan wat vertalingen, maar ik zie nu al aardig wat dingen waarvan ik denk hmmmmm niet echt de beste vertalingen. In plaats van dat ik zelf alles in een keer omgooi, wil ik eerst weten of sommige vertalingen bewust zijn gekozen of hoe deze tot stand zijn gekomen. Zoals de vertaling van 'Are you sure' naar 'Bent u zeker', in plaats van 'Weet je het zeker' / 'Weet u het zeker'. Of bijvoorbeeld bij Docker 'WebUI' vertaald naar 'Venter'. In plaats van bijvoorbeeld 'Webinterface'. Ik weet niet wie de leidende-vertaler is van de Nederlandse vertaling, maar ik vind zelf ook dat er wel wat Engelse woorden gemixt kunnen worden in de Nederlandse vertalingen. Bij een Unraid gebruiker verwacht ik wel enige mate van Engelse kennis en computer terminologie. Ook want inconsistentie; op het dashboard 'Niet toegewezen' [Unassigned] en bij Main heet het opeens 'Gegevensopslag' [Unassigned Devices]? Daarbij dat 'Array' (toch wel een kernwoord in Unraid) vertaald is als 'opslagsysteem' vind ik ook scheef, wat mij betreft kan hier na toe gewoon als 'de array' verwezen worden. Sommige vertalingen/Strings vind ik ook lastig te vinden in Unraid waardoor het plaatsen in de context lastig is. Ik ben geen professionele vertaler, maar vertalen van Engels naar Nederlands zou voor mij geen probleem zijn. Zelf denk ik dat er niet veel mensen de vertaling zullen gaan gebruiken, maar ik vind het wel fijn dat de optie er is voor de mensen die het wel willen.
  3. That's a good question, however, how Magneticod exactly works is beyond my knowledge. From my own testing I noticed that a higher neighbor count increases the amount of torrents found per hour, and lower numbers resulted in lower results, so it seems logicial that it has to do with to how many nodes it connect. However, when running `netstat` on my machine to check the amount of connections I didn't see a significant change in open connections. magnetico has, in my opinion, no real good documentation about this. The GitHub Issues page of magnetico often gets replies from people with more knowledge about it. If you wish to know how it works you can ask there 😄
  4. Welcome to the third Docker Container that I've ever created. owncloud-client. A Docker to synchronize with other ownCloud like environments, a project forked from the GitHub user toughIQ and altered to my wishes, with Unraid in mind. I couldn't find something that did this, thus I made it myself. Overview: This Docker runs an owncloudcmd instance that connects to an ownCloud-like environment and authorises using netrc The reason I created this is because I wanted to sync Trans IP's STACK to my Unraid server. That product is based on Nextcloud/ownCloud. This Docker should therefore work with any of those environments. This Docker can also be used to sync with a Nextcloud server that a friend hosts for example. Base: Debian 10 Automated Build: No Application: https://github.com/owncloud/client Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/dyonr/owncloud-client/ GitHub: https://github.com/DyonR/docker-owncloud-client
  5. Hey all, I was wondering if it is possible to change my display name on this forum. My current name is an old alias of my that I do not want to be associated with anymore. I checked the settings of my profile, but it doesn't seem to be possible. Could any moderator or admin perhaps change it for me? I'd like to get a DM if so 😄 Greetings, Dyon
  6. magneticod does not support proxies. Hence the Docker does also not support this. I do recommend routing the Docker through another Docker that suppots a VPN. Spaceinvader One has an amazing video about how to do this right here:
  7. Awesome! You can also play around with the neighbors value to see at what point it stops works. I believe that the neighbors value basically means with how many nodes magneticod will connect, so the more the better. Also, don't forget to disable verbose. Since the log file can build up quite quickly.
  8. Could you do the same but with MAGNETICOD_NEIGHBORS set to 100?
  9. That is quite odd. Out of the box without any configuration it should work fine. It could be possible that your network/router blocks the traffic, since it's a quite heavy application on the network. I personally route the container through a VPN (I do it via my Firewall, but routing it through any of Binhex's VPN containers should work also, for reference check out this Spaceinvader One tutorial about on how to do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znSu_FuKFW0. Could you set the environment variable 'MAGNETICOD_VERBOSE' to 'true', open the console of the container and execute the following command: 'tail -f ./Logs/magneticod.txt' This is what a normal working environment should look like: If yours doens't look like this, most likely not 'Fetching' anything, I recommend submitting an issue to the magnetico GitHub. Note, there are multipe reports about magneticod not discovering torrents, but these are all quite old: https://github.com/boramalper/magnetico/issues/85 https://github.com/boramalper/magnetico/issues/132 Edit: another thing that you could try is lowering the MAGNETICOD_NEIGHBORS to 100 for example, default is 1000. Edit 2: About the databases, you can take the database of someone else and use that, but you can also let magneticod generate it's own database, this is what gets generated in /mnt/user/appdata/magnetico, you don't need to place anything there.
  10. Magneticod indexes the DHT network. Before it is able to find torrents, it needs to crawl around on the DHT network and find torrents. It is kinda like hosting your own torrent website, but it does look for torrents by itself and not depend on submissions of .torrent. Note that I did not develop magneticod or magneticow, thus I recommend looking at the project page over here: https://github.com/boramalper/magnetico There is also a community database dump, in which multiple people that run magnetico all merged their database together: https://github.com/boramalper/magnetico/issues/218 The latest dump is from the GitHub user kescherCode and can be found here: https://www.kescher.at/magneticod-db. This database contains about 13 million torrents and is about 40GB decompressed. I really think this project in interesting, thus I decided to make a Docker container for it, since it's more flexable than the Dockers provided by magnetico itself
  11. Welcome to my second Docker Container that I've ever created. magnetico-environment. A Docker to run the magnetico project. Overview: This Docker runs a magneticow and magneticod instance. In short: magneticod crawls the BitTorrent DHT and adds torrent information that it finds to its database. magneticow is the simple http interface that you can use to search the database. Base: Debian 10 Automated Build: No Application: https://github.com/boramalper/magnetico Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/dyonr/magnetico-environment/ GitHub: https://github.com/DyonR/docker-magnetico-environment
  12. I do not maintain linuxserver/jackett, however, you can try force updating the container by selecting advanced view in the top right in the Docker tab of unRAID. Then it will show you more information about all containers, including a Force Update button next to the container.
  13. The last update from 3 hours ago should've fixed it. The creators of Jackett accidentally removed a line in their program: https://github.com/Jackett/Jackett/releases/tag/v0.14.299 Please update your Docker in unraid to fix it
  14. I haven't had report of users yet. Have you already tried to remove the Docker, appdata and completely re-install jackettvpn? It's hard for me to troubleshoot an issue that only one user so far reported.
  15. If a new version of Jackett gets released, a new Docker gets build. Edit: you don't need to update when a new version gets released. But if you don't it is possible that some of the trackers/websites you use in Jackett won't work. That's pretty weird. It still should work fine. I'll look at this in a few moments.