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  1. You can use the iGPUs resources for VMs while unraid is also still able to use them, yes. Just connect via a service like sunshine/moonlight, parsec, rdp or vnc. If you need a physical monitor use an usb to hdmi dongle. But keep in mind, this plugin relies on a repo which seems to be no longer maintained. So don't just sell your gpu atm 😄 Once there is more information about the future of this plugin, it will be posted here.
  2. Don't bind the gpu to vfio. Did you manually add modprobe i915 to your /boot/config/go file?
  3. For now you can ignore the VFIO_MAP_DMA errors. Is the vm running 24/7? Please post Diagnostics.
  4. Sorry for the late answer. Can you please do the following: uninstall all intel igpu related plugins -> full shutdown of the server -> start server and install intel_gpu_top and afterwards install the sriov plugin -> go to sriov plugin settings page and hit "enable now" and set VFs to 2 and save to file -> reboot Don't touch any files manually. after the reboot check log files etc and repost diagnostics please. Please also test in terminal and post the outcome: intel_gpu_top -d sriov
  5. No, you should find a way to bypass your limitations.
  6. Then you are doing it wrong. You mustn’t passthrough the iGPU itself. You have to passtrough one of its VFs
  7. I don’t see any VF in your list. Which device did you exactly passtrough?
  8. Hi! With SR-IOV you are able to share the devices resources with VMs. The device is still usable for the host system. In simple terms, the host and dockers use .. .. while you passthrough one of these VFs to a VM. The amount of VFs (Virtual Functions) can be increased if needed and is for example limited to 7 for Intel iGPUs as far as I have seen.
  9. QuickSync should work. Did you check if device manager reports issues like code 43 or something else? Sunshine for example uses QuickSync. I can use Sunshine, but handbrake fails on both of my systems, although I know someone with an N100 on which the windows vm can utilize QuickSync in handbrake.
  10. I can verify that you can use a physical monitor but you can not use the onboard hdmi/dp ports. With Intel GVT-g it was possible to use an usb to hdmi adapter. This also works with the new iGPUs, just passtrough the usb device and give it a go.. With my adapter I had to install a driver first, this may not be the case for every adapter.