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  1. That error will be fixed with the next version. No, that is actually not the reason. Temporary fix should be: chmod +x /usr/local/bin/cpsumoncli mkdir /usr/local/bin/cpsumon mv /usr/local/bin/cpsumoncli /usr/local/bin/cpsumon
  2. Hi [emoji2321] Yes, AX1500i should work. AX760i AX860i AX1200i AX1500i [emoji3516] The listed PSUs are covered by cpsumoncli. Make sure to select AXi series in the settings.
  3. Good news for you! In the meantime there was another user with this psu. We already have a new version of corsairmi which supports hx1500i. It is not released yet, but I will send you the executable via pn as soon as possible.
  4. You are correct. I changed the location but forgot to to change it there as well. Older users weren't affected because the binary is still at the mentioned location. I will fix that. You are using a dongle?
  5. Thank you very much. I am currently working but I will send you a pn later today with a test version of the corresponding executable needed for hxi series psus.
  6. Perfect, the other user is not answering at the moment. Please post the output of lsusb [emoji4]
  7. Okay, that is not to be expected. You could check your log and see what happens to the usb device or the corresponding hid device. At the moment, I don't see any new features coming. I have to admit, I think the stock fan curves are good enough. Would you like to spin it up earlier?
  8. chmod +x was not necessary. corsairmi reports that no compatible device was found. You said you have an rm850i, correct? Does it have USB-C as a connector? It is possible that you got a different revision, so please post the output of lsusb.
  9. Go to Settings, set to default and try again pls. If it is not working, go to terminal and post the output of corsairmi.
  10. Oh looks like something went wron there.. for now I disabled md5 checking. You sbould be able to install now. The difference to his version is that it doesn't support unraid's new dashboard implemented with v.6.12.0-beta7. Installing his version results in an empty dashboard page. That's also the reason why they removed the ability to install it via CA.
  11. The plugin you installed is not supported by your is version. You need to install my version. If you get an md5 error try installing again. Is anyone else getting an md5 error?
  12. Or go for an low end AXi series psu Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  13. What do you mean? You can just look for an hx1000i on Amazon and that’s it?
  14. It has USB-C, am I correct? Please post the output of lsusb.
  15. Note: Although /usr/local/bin is included in $PATH, his server somehow doesn't care for the subfolder cpsumon which results in the fact that the command is not found. Echo'ing $PATH showed, that his output and mine were completely identical. cpsumoncli gets found on my system but not on his. Using PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin/cpsumon makes cpsumoncli available for him.