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  1. You can now switch to the new 'feature/audio-reset' of the vendor-reset. Just use @ich777's docker to compile your custom build as you need it. I can boot between Windows 10 20H2, Ubuntu 20.10 and macOS Big Sur 11.1 Afaik @derpuma runs catalina atm and he also reported that everything is working properly. In addition, even the old navi patch could not help him with his powercoler 5700xt. Oh, and he even just fully send it yesterday by force stopping a vm. After starting the vm again he could just go on as if nothing had happend. So this is not just an alternative,
  2. That is awesome! You are the 3rd to report a working navi card in this thread! Yesterday, @derpuma reported that he could even force stop a vm and boot afterwards As we should not hesitate.... can you try that, too?! Just kidding.... Have fun with it!!!
  3. I am running a custom build with nvidia support and the vendor-reset. Please do a new build with the kernel-helper but integrate nvidia support into it. Remove the nvidia plugin if you readded it.
  4. I can share my settings, but I feel like something went wrong with the build.. But I don't know for a fact kernel /bzimage append video=vesafb:off,efifb:off vfio_iommu_type1.allow_unsafe_interrupts=1 isolcpus=4-15,20-31 pcie_acs_override=downstream,multifunction initrd=/bzroot
  5. The vendor-reset got an update for navi users. I tested it on my system. I have no broken audio anymore after resets. For me this is a real breakthrough! I don't need the old navi patch anymore now. I can now boot between Windows 10 20H2, macOS Big Sur 11.1 and Ubuntu 20.10. For all navi user who wanna try it out: Force update the docker Edit the docker and add a variable like this: Try and hopefully enjoy! Keep in mind, this only fixes the specific audio issue for navi users. Please report your expierences here.
  6. That looks similar to the reported outputs for navi10.. So you've got the same problem like me. The vendor-reset does not work for you. But...there is a possible workaround for you: If you can not patch the kernel on your own, aks @ich777 for help. He has been very helpful for me for integrating the old navi patch.
  7. Please remove that entry. The vendor-reset has to be loaded as soon as possible on host boot. If this already has happend and you reload it again with your entry in the go file this might lead into issues. Please reboot unraid after that and try again. The vendor-reset is a wip. Maybe it just doesn't work right now. While your vega is a vega10, there is a reported issue for vega20. The vendor-reset for example breaks the audio on my 5700xt. Had to switch back to the old navi patch.. List of supported GPUs: |AMD|Polaris 10| |AMD|Polaris 11| |AMD|Polar
  8. I know its a completely different thing, but..... I would really love to see a cut down version of unraid for arm without support for vms. With that we could build power efficient backup servers and maybe even offload some containers from the main server. *Thinking about the rpi cm4*
  9. Hello @DemonWarrior, it is okay to use the version you prefer, no one can say anything about that as it is your decision. But this went way to far here. @ich777doesn't have to admit anything to you. You want to use something he provided to the community. If you want to benefit from that just update. If you don't want to update you miss an oppertunity here. But its your decision, not his... You should rather appreciate what he does for the community.
  10. For everyone who needs to mount an apfs volume Open terminal or ssh into server and work through these steps: mkdir -p /tmp/apfs && cd /tmp/apfs wget wget installpkg fuse3-3.10.1-x86_64-1.txz installpkg apfsfuse-v20200708-x86_64-1.txz rm -rf /tmp/apfs Now, all dependencies are available. The following steps show an example with an qcow2 image. This re
  11. In addition, I can confirm that the 5700xt runs just fine with macOS. I just had to reduce the refresh rate from 120Hz down to 100Hz.. This was all I had to do to fix that issue on my setup.
  12. Not an official one. @ich777's custom build may help. I can not guarantee this, but if you are up to test it I think we can find out. Seems that we do not have a lot of navi users around here..