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  1. Update available: - fixed TZ env - fixed GUI_USER env
  2. Yes You are right, but if someone have for example pihole container or something else what needs dns port... I can't know
  3. find /mnt/user/surveillance_camera/cam[12] -type f -mtime +14 -delete find /mnt/user/surveillance_camera/cam[12] -type d -empty -delete
  4. DNS requests mostly working on UDP, haproxy working on TCP.
  5. You can do this by logging in as root: docker exec -it --user=root zabbix-agent2 /bin/bash Next, edit group file (/etc/group) in vim or sed. If You not familiar with vim, sed will be easier: sed -i "s/docker:x:281:/docker:x:281:zabbix/g" /etc/group Next, type "exit" to exit container shell, then You can restart container from Unraid GUI BTW: Some trick could be used for things that not working from zabbix container, by setting up cron in User Scripts Plugin, this cron could monitor something, and write to file, which could be read by zabbix-agent, for example: my script read parameters from ups tools, writing output to file on cache pool, zabbix-agent read this file and parse output to different items in zabbix.
  6. Because zabbix-agent2 in this container is running by the user without permissions to docker socket. There is a possibility to run this, but You must have basic knowledge about linux shell systems. You must check GID of docker group on Host (Unraid Server). Log in to zabbix-agent2 container as root user (default running "Console" from Unraid GUI made it but as zabbix user) Add group docker (with same gid as on host/unraid server) inside zabbix-agent2 container. Add user zabbix to this group. Restart zabbix-agent2 container. Note: You must do this again after every container update.
  7. From now there will be weekly system update, every Sunday. But every changes in application, as always, will be reported in this thread.
  8. TemplateURL is deprecated: You can simply ignore that error.
  9. If You are using other DNS service, You could change network settings to custom bridge and assign other ip address for bind.
  10. Update: - Fixed env variables (setting admin password should now work properly) - Fixed bind starting script (starting/restarting bind from webUI)
  11. Yes You can. This change should resolve this problem. You cannot change port to 5353, because DNS Service is using port 53, and all operating systems are using this port to resolve hostnames by default. Maybe You have another service using this port, for example pihole container. Can You please post some error message, and some logs from this container or maybe send me PM with this informations as You prefer? There is a fix in progress, by the way of searching for solution, I found some other bugs.
  12. @Owner did You have any error message? If You have error like attached below, this is not image problem. But known problem that sometimes pointing to /mnt/user is crashing. Let me know if message is different maybe.
  13. I found another similar bug, array can't be stopped if Polish is active, but when switched to English, all working fine. In English there is a popup asking that I'm sure to stop array, or cancel parity checking, in Polish nothing is happend when I click the button.