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  1. And ? After all, containers don't have their own kernel, so how would they have an oom killer. I do not see the connection. There is a limited ram for the container, the container has reached the limit, the process of this container has been annihilated by the oom-killer, everything was done according to the assumptions of docker. Did you find somewhere in the logs that docker daemon was stopped by oom-killer?
  2. OOM is within one container due to the memory limit for this container (8GB), the entire server is 64GB and is far from using all the operational memory.
  3. I have the following problem from time to time. It happens that the problem occurs two days in a row, and then does not occur for a month. wolverine-diagnostics-20230522-1837.zip
  4. So why You are using gui image? Get some bind9 image from docker hub You can try to copy config files. db.local and db.127 are files for loopback interface db.0 and db.255 are for broadcast You can create all of them but are not required to run the container, check their contents, you probably don't have entries there. Maybe you haven't verified yet, but my image doesn't provide any configuration files or zone files. I don't impose any configuration, you can create each zone, including loopback and broadcast, as you wish. The named.conf file also doesn't come with the image, it's only created when you click after logging into the GUI. Bind is very flexible in terms of configuration, you can put the contents of all these files inside named.conf or include hundreds of files if that's more convenient for you. Default configuration depends on the webmin, which in this case acts as webUI. I don't remember if the configuration is different for other base images, I've made some tests on ubuntu, but alpine linux is much smaller. I suppose that the creator of the image you used so far decided for you and used to include several configuration files in his image.
  5. I will try to recreate this behavior and try to find the cause There is a clear info, You have some configuration in bacula config files about database, but database looks epmpty (no tables). Have you used this image before?
  6. @tuxbass there is no simple way to migrate 1. You should backup Your bind/etc 2. Run container from my image 3. Create config from GUI 4. Create zones 5. Compare and update configuration in named.conf* files 6. Copy CONTENT zone files About Your second question: Host and custom bridge should work properly. Bridge could not work because there is dnsmasq listenning on port 53
  7. @murkus You can try to switch Your's installation to latest image with vchanger build in. Could You please write some instruction how You configure it? Or maybe by PM.
  8. official image repository is available low demand end of support
  9. I'll try to merge it before the weekend (when jenkins is building new versions)
  10. @chaosratt "You may write a command that retrieves the data you need and include it in the user parameter in the agent configuration file ('UserParameter' configuration parameter)." docs "Allowed volumes for the Zabbix agent container /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.d The volume allows include *.conf files and extend Zabbix agent using UserParameter feature." more info So You should add another docker volume /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.d And make some .conf files inside
  11. @autumnwalker try to set /mnt/user as Host path
  12. @b0m541 there is alpha version with vchanger compiled: bacula-server:11-sq3-vchanger bacula-server:11-pg-vchanger You can test it, but remember that You must mount disk into docker container as path, and use path in the vchanger config, and it will be better for You if You make config file in the bacula config path instead every path in the container filesystem.
  13. @eagle470 You can run one as master, and second as slave dns. Master after zone modification can send query to slaves, then slaves know that they must get update from master.
  14. Postgres Client v14.5 at the next update