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  1. In that case it's an issue with your proxy. I haven't used proxy manager, but take a look at my link. It should give you some pointers. https://github.com/novnc/noVNC/wiki/Proxying-with-nginx
  2. Are you able to use the web UI locally? Any errors in the logs?
  3. The only way is to open advanced mode on the docker page, then force update the container. I don't know of any automated way. @Squid will auto update no longer work for this image?
  4. This page will provide support for setting up BOINC specifically on unRAID. It's seems with your question is more about grcpool not related to unRAID, so here is not the best place to ask.
  5. The creator of the image this template uses has put up an EOL notice on the image. As such he is no longer pushing builds for it. I'm working on an alternative, in the mean time, you could potentially build the image yourself from the github repo. https://github.com/ConSol/docker-headless-vnc-container
  6. I am using ghost my self and it is up 24/7 no issues for me. I don't have it on auto update, so that could be causing issues. Until we have some logs it's going to be hard to find the problem. You might be able to find some bugs in the logs in your database.
  7. I understand the idea behind the change but personally I think it's a PITA. I do not create the docker image, just the unraid template. As such I have no control over the docker image host. Now I will have to make any users of the template aware that to update it they must open advanced options and force an update. Does this change affect the way automatic updates work? Will the script not attempt a pull as unraid says its unavailable?
  8. I use the Oauth2 Proxy template which uses the image quay.io/pusher/oauth2_proxy unRAID used to show that an update was always available, even if that wasn't the case. This wasn't an issue as I would just do a manual update every now and again. However, I have recently noticed it is now showing Update Unavailable preventing my from pulling any updates. I can open advanced mode and force an update, but its not ideal. I have just updated to 6.8.3, so not sure if this issue was introduced then. Is there anything that can do done to fix/change this behaviour.
  9. Try adding the variable database__connection__port with the port of your running the database on.
  10. In my case I'm running MySQL on my unRAID machine. My unRAID machine has an IP of so that is the IP I used in the Ghost docker template. No port number was necessary for me. Can you confirm that you can connect to the database with the same details from another service? Maybe try some database administration software like HeidiSQL
  11. Hey @Josh.5 Thanks for making LANcache Bundle! Just in the process of depreciating Steamcache bundle in favour of your LANcache Bundle! So things may get a little busier here 😛 Thanks again!
  12. @dockerPolice @Squid Hi Both @mlebjerg and I are depreciating steamcache bundle in favour of using Lancache bundle by Josh.5 Is it possible to notify all current users of steamcache bundle. What's the easiest way to have it removed from CA?
  13. Your a star! I love your videos! Please keep doing what your doing 😊 I'm sure this will help lots of people.
  14. I would assume either would work but seeing as I don't know anything about your reverse proxy setup I can't comment. If you can't get it to work, please post some more info.
  15. https://github.com/dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs/wiki/Enabling-admin-page In short, use any tool you like to generate something random. You could also slap your keyboard a few times.... 🤣 But it can be anything you like, it's just a password.