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  1. Looks like minio have made some changes to their container. I'll read the docs and update the template this evening!
  2. Thanks for the update! @hmoney007 try frankman's suggestion.
  3. Like i said before I don't run Nginx proxy manager I run SWAG by linuxserver, but that uses nginx so my configs should work for you. I just wrote the one below and it loads fine on my server and domain. Just don't forget to change the XXX.XXX bit for your IP and change yourdomain for your domain. Also if your running cloudcmd on a different port to 8765 then you will have to change that also. This config assumes that you run cloudcmd as a sub domain rather than a sub directory e.g. not I hope that all makes sense 🙂 just shout if not.
  4. Have you tried reverting to version 4.0? You can do this by opening the container settings in the unRAID UI and then changing the repository value from "ghost" to "ghost:4" With regards to your friends question, I do not provide the container image. The ghost organisation builds and manages the image. I just provide a template for unRAID. This template will automatically use the latest image provided by the ghost organisation. There should be no issue with this but if you are concerned you can fix the version you run the same way I describe in the previous paragraph or you can turn
  5. My nginx config is below. I also use oauth2 proxy so you will need to remove those sections. server { listen 80; server_name; return 301 https://$server_name$request_uri; } server { listen 443 ssl; server_name; ssl_certificate /config/keys/letsencrypt/fullchain.pem; ssl_certificate_key /config/keys/letsencrypt/privkey.pem; ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on; add_header Strict-Transport-Security max-age=2592000; location /oauth2/ { proxy_pass http://UNRAID_IP:4180; proxy_set_header Host $host
  6. Have you checked you can connect to the db with the same username and password? I agree it's very strange but the only error it is reporting is connection refused.
  7. Have you tried removing the index as mentioned earlier?
  8. Looks like Ghost can't connect to your db. Check it's running and available from another service.
  9. Yes in the docker settings where it says repository change it from ghost to ghost:4.0 4.1.0 is the latest so that should roll you back a bit.
  10. I’m not 100% sure what’s going on, but it looks like ghost is trying to modify a database and a key that already exists. I don’t know how to fix this unfortunately and a quick google didn’t turn up anyone else having the same issue. I suggest you ask for help at If you link your post here I will keep an eye on it. Thanks and sorry I couldn’t help more
  11. I believe it is because ghost is expecting a connection over https. Your ssl cert is bound to your domain name so browsing to it via internal IP things are not gonna match up. Just browse it via your domain and you will be fine. You haven't done anything wrong.
  12. Still having issues: crond: USER root pid 8 cmd PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin /usr/bin/borgmatic prune create -v 1 --stats 2>&1 /etc/borgmatic.d/config.yaml: Running command for pre-backup hook Wed Nov 25 19:19:00 UTC 2020 - Starting backup Pruning archives Remote: Permission denied (publickey). Connection closed by remote host. Is borg working on the server? Error running actions for repository Command 'borg prune --keep-daily 3 --keep-weekly 4 --keep-monthly 12 --keep-ye
  13. Hi, im having issues with SSH key permissions. What should i set them to?