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  1. This is what I have done, and its not working. I can't see what im missing. My torrent.rc file must be good as its clearly trying to use the correct port. Did you make any changes to the mulvad openVPN config files. It's the only other place I can see it going wrong.
  2. Then the only thing I can think is that perhaps your line endings have gone wrong. I have attached my config, minus my secrets. I marked the values that you need to replace with REPLACE_ME then replace your existing config with my one, as I know mine works. Make sure you use an editor that adheres to linux file line endings such as notepad++ oauth2_proxy.cfg
  3. Has anyone managed to get port forwarding working with Mullvad? I have the VPN connection working but rtorrent reports the port is closed.
  4. Can you confirm what files you have in /mnt/user/appdata/oauth2/ You should have emails.cfg and oauth2_proxy.cfg I couldn't tell from your screenshot.
  5. Everything there looks ok. Have you put an email in the emails.cfg file to authenticate against?
  6. I seem to be having issues with port forwarding on PIA? Are you able to help @binhex? Log attached. supervisord.log
  7. Minio is controlled via minio client https://docs.min.io/docs/minio-client-quickstart-guide.html Read those then you should better understand how to add users. FYI I've not done this myself
  8. Check the minio docs: https://docs.min.io/docs/minio-multi-user-quickstart-guide.html
  9. server { listen 80; server_name minio.yourdomain.com; return 301 https://$server_name$request_uri; } server { listen 443 ssl; server_name minio.yourdomain.com; ssl_certificate /config/keys/letsencrypt/fullchain.pem; ssl_certificate_key /config/keys/letsencrypt/privkey.pem; ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on; # To allow special characters in headers ignore_invalid_headers off; # Allow any size file to be uploaded. # Set to a value such as 1000m; to restrict file size to a specific value client_max_body_size 0; # To disable buffering proxy_buffering off; location / { proxy_set_header Host $http_host; proxy_pass http://X.X.X.X:9768; } }
  10. Head to /ghost not /login That should work
  11. I have just updated my instance with no trouble. Backed everything up just in case. I would backup your database, then empty it and restart the container to allow ghost to rebuild it. See if that helps. I would also backup your appdata folder, then delete it and restart the container to see that helps. Failing all of those, see if you can get some help at the ghost forum
  12. I haven't upgraded yet but that means i know that version 3.22.1 works. Screenshot of my config below: See if your settings match mine: <Config Name="Database IP" Target="database__connection__host" Default="" Mode="" Description="The IP for the machine hosting the database" Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="true" Mask="false"></Config> <Config Name="Database User" Target="database__connection__user" Default="ghost" Mode="" Description="The user for use with the database" Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="false" Mask="false">ghost</Config> <Config Name="Database Password" Target="database__connection__password" Default="" Mode="" Description="The password for the user used with the database" Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="false" Mask="true"></Config> <Config Name="Database Name" Target="database__connection__database" Default="ghost" Mode="" Description="The name of the database to create" Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="false" Mask="false">ghost</Config> <Config Name="URL" Target="url" Default="" Mode="" Description="Site URL" Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="false" Mask="false">https://squishedmooo.com/</Config> <Config Name="Mail Transport" Target="mail__transport" Default="" Mode="" Description="Mail transport method" Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="false" Mask="false"/> <Config Name="Mail Service" Target="mail__options__service" Default="" Mode="" Description="Mail service" Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="false" Mask="false"/> <Config Name="Mailgun Username" Target="mail__options__auth__user" Default="" Mode="" Description="Username for Mailgun" Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="false" Mask="false"/> <Config Name="Mailgun Password" Target="mail__options__auth__pass" Default="" Mode="" Description="Password for Mailgun" Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="false" Mask="false"/> <Config Name="Database Type" Target="database__client" Default="" Mode="" Description="Database Type: Leave as mysql" Type="Variable" Display="advanced" Required="false" Mask="false">mysql</Config> <Config Name="Appdata Location" Target="/var/lib/ghost/content" Default="/mnt/user/appdata/ghost" Mode="rw" Description="Container Path: /var/lib/ghost" Type="Path" Display="advanced" Required="true" Mask="false">/mnt/user/appdata/ghost</Config> <Config Name="Web" Target="2368" Default="2368" Mode="tcp" Description="Web port for Ghost" Type="Port" Display="advanced" Required="true" Mask="false">2368</Config> <Config Name="NODE_ENV" Target="NODE_ENV" Default="" Mode="" Description="Container Variable: NODE_ENV" Type="Variable" Display="advanced" Required="false" Mask="false">production</Config> Failing that, take a copy of your appdata folder, and then create a fresh blank appdata folder. Maybe something bad was carried back from the update.
  13. Have you just updated the container, as the docs have not changed. Variable is still database__connection__host You can read more info here. Have you made any other changes to either ghost or MariaDB? EDIT: Looks like an update was pushed 30 mins ago to the container. Id suggest forcing unRAID to pull version 3.22.1 by setting the repository to ghost:3.22.1 I'll keep an eye on updates to the container/docs to see if anything changes. Out of my hands this one.