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  1. I imagine it’s overwriting your changes because those files are not meant to be edited by the user. All UI changes should be set in a theme. As for changes to the ownership and permissions those will be set by the docker container which is built and provided by ghost. Is there a reason you need them to be different. Id suggest reading the ghost docs and asking for further help over at the Ghost forum. I only made the unRAID template not the whole docker image so I’m far from an expert. Hopefully they will be able to clear things up further.
  2. Have you read the instructions at
  3. I run backups to my Minio instance every night without issue. So here is my minio config and my share config that i backup to. As for and issue with my version, the only thing I have done is created the template. It uses the official container image. So the issue lies somewhere with its use specifically on unRAID. Failing spotting any issues with the above, I would look at raising an issue on the Minio github. I would stick as much of your logs as you can in a pastebin for the guys over there.
  4. Are you accessing mimio via a reverse proxy? You might have a max file upload size set there. Try uploading via the local IP address.
  5. No one has successfully as of yet. One guy did try so read back through some previous posts. Apart from that it will be trial and error to see if you can get it to work. Most of the docs are here: Please do let us know how you get on.
  6. Not a problem at all. We are all here to help each other regardless of the issue! Glad you got it sorted 😀
  7. No offence taken! Just wanted to make sure you had all the info. One thing you can try is to set the free space for the share larger than the largest file you'll use. That way, the files go to the cache till it's full and then go to the array, in theory. Failing that this might be a question for some of the docker/unRAID experts on the forum 😂
  8. I don’t personally use cache arrays so I’m not super savvy with the way they work. So from my understanding you want to move files from an SMB share on a different host to an unRAID share that is cache enabled? If I’m correct then you need to ensure you have the share mapped in cloudcommander and not the specific cache disk. It also believe that the cache settings for the share need to be correct. I super encourage you to watch this video by space invader one to fully understand all the options.
  9. Don’t hold me to this as I have not tried it but I think you can creat a variable called MINIO_VOLUMES in the container settings and set it to.{1...4}/minio you will also need to change the data variable to just /mnt so it can access all the disks however be careful writing to specific disks as I’m not sure how unraid will respond to this. if I had a test unsaid setup I’d give it a try myself but I only have a production server and I don’t want to screw with it 😂 Good luck
  10. I’m having this issue also. Any solution?
  11. Your trying to mount one directory in the container to two different directories in the host. That's the issue.
  12. I don't maintain the docker image. Only the template for UNRAID. I'd suggest asking by creating an issue at
  13. In theory yes! However you might find that it doesn't last through container reboots. Give it a go installing it and shout if you have any issues. We will try to help.
  14. Morning! I have just updated from RELEASE.2021-12-10T23-03-39Z to the latest which is RELEASE.2021-12-29T06:49:06Z I have had no issues with this at all. So I would try an update to the latest now and see how you get on. Failing that I would start asking questions over at the minio forums because as far as i can see in the docs, there are no changes that should prevent a successful upgrade. Thanks,
  15. I'll look into this and see what I can find out. Hopefully there is just a migration command you can use.