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  1. I started a Gather operation for about 6TB of data. It is showing 105hrs remaining and the transfer speed is continuously slowing down (from 105Mbps to now 14.5Mbps) So what happens if i stop the process? Also the disks support much faster transfer speeds so why is it so slow? I have no docker containers and those disks aren't being used at all over the network.
  2. @ChatNoir Thanks, I didn't know about unBALANCE, it is perfect for what i want to do.
  3. I have a share that i specified to span over 3 selected disks. All data of the share is scattered in these 3 disks. Now i wont be changing data for this share so I want to move all the data to another drive in the array. Basically not have it span 3 disks but move all the data to another specified disk in the array. Is there any automatic method in which this can be achieved?
  4. Do you think that i should replace the disk with bad sectors? Also just for my understanding, when parity checking fixes errors is it changing data in the parity drives or the data drives? Also is it possible the parity checking with fixed errors can cause data to be corrupted?
  5. Sorry I should have attached the diagnostics in the first place. I have attached them. Thanks for the help tower-diagnostics-20200427-1652.zip
  6. Hello, I am running Unraid 6.8.0 and i havent done a parity check in a long time. I have dual parity drives. I ran a parity check and i got Sync Errors Corrected: 13624. I had 1 drive in my array with a few bad sectors. So does this mean that my parity will also be corrupt? Will my other data on other disks get corrupted? Or does this mean that parity fixed the data on the drive that was not readable due to bad sectors? Thanks for the help.
  7. I having having problems with HGST 10TB SAS drives. 2 keep repeating at 99%. Only 1 finished preclear.
  8. Ok sorry i wasnt able to explain what i am looking for. When a VM is created and i specify the size of the vdisk to something like 120gb. When unraid creates the disk it should only take up the space used. So if my vm disk is in my cache disk, my cache shows 120gb used. So is there a way that in which i can specify a maximum size for the vdisk like 120gb but it would use only what it really is using?
  9. Ok, just so i understand this correctly. For example if i am creating a windows 10 VM and i set the vdisk size to 120GB. Once that VM is created and then i use a tool like Krusader to backup the disk file. I have to copy a 120GB file even though its only using around 30GB. So there must be something that i am doing wrong.
  10. Is there an option in Unraid that lets me create a vdisk for a vm that is dynamically expanding? There is a feature like this in Hyper-V. The problem is that disks in Unraid VM's take all the space allocated to them. It would be far more efficient if they can grow dynamically.
  11. Someone please help, i Can't preclear my drives they keep looping and never end the preclear process, is there anything i can do about this?
  12. I have put 2 10TB SAS drives for Preclear. They both reach 99% and then restart the zeroing process. They finish the pre-read part but never get to the post read part, because they keep restarting the zeroing process. What could be the problem?
  13. Thanks Squid, I was mistaken about how the rebuilds work.