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  1. Cool thanks for the reply. Maybe you can clarify something for me then. It's my understanding that: WireGuard is baked into the Linux kernel TailScale is built on top of WireGuard The Dynamix WireGuard plugin for UnRaid simply provides a web-ui to manage the WireGuard already baked into the kernel. Is all of that correct? If so, I'm curious how they don't conflict with each other.
  2. I currently have WireGuard working with UnRaid via the Dynamix WireGuard plugin. What do I need to do if I want to try out this TailScale? Can both run at the same time or do I need to uninstall the WireGuard plugin? I only have two clients, so I don't care if they're lost.
  3. Awesome work @HyperV thanks. It worked for me. Where is that code maintained? I wanted to see if it was fixed in a newer version of if we should file a bug. All I found was this which seems to be 5 years old and completely out of date. The DockerClient.php in that repo doesn't even have any Docker-Content-Digest.
  4. I'm having this issue as well. I'm also on 6.8.3... I haven't updated my images in 2 months. Now every one of them is showing "not available". I hopped on #unraid IRC channel on FreeNode and asked there too. It's pretty quiet there, but the one person who did check was also having the issue... again on 6.8.3 I wouldn't assume it's a problem with this specific version until we hear from someone on a different release saying "it works for me". That hasn't happened yet.
  5. I'm having this problem as well.... I constantly have to `umount` then `mount` the shares after getting stale NFS errors.
  6. Thanks, I had someone recommend WD Blue 3D. Neither Amazon or Newegg pages mentioned cache. Had to find some PDF which mentioned it. The Crucial MX500 I guess has a known issue with Unraid. I think I may go with this one unless someone can recommend another good value for 500GB.
  7. Backstory: I had a Samsung 840 120G working fine in Unraid. Son needed an SSD in his laptop, so I ordered a Samsung 860 500G and I'd give him the 120. Now I get CRC errors. Apparently this is a known issue between AMD controllers and Samung SSDs. My motherboard is an AMD 970 chipset. Reference: So... now I need a recommendation on a new drive for cache. It's difficult to find information on whether various drives have a DRAM cache or not. Even drives that have it don't advertise it up front and it takes research for each drive. Is DRAM cache important? Many options I see... Western Digital, Kingston, SanDick, Crucial, PNY, SK Hynix, ADATA, etc... What specific drives or brands should I go with? What drives should I definitely stay away from?
  8. I was just looking at the MX500. It's almost impossible to see on the specs whether these things have DRAM cache or not. It seems the Crucial has something called Momentum Cache but that uses your system RAM as a buffer and is only for Microsoft Windows.
  9. Thanks... I found some things on both Samsung and AMD website... none of them seem to acknowledge the issue. Is this only a problem on older AMD chipsets or even new ones? This is an old AMD 970 board. Would upgrading to a new Ryzen based system fix the issue? I can't justify spending money right now on a new system, but I'm curious for down the road. I just received the drive yesterday, so I should be able to return it to Amazon. From my research, it seemed Samsung EVO was the way to go for SSD with DRAM cache. What is the best 2nd choice?... what should I use instead of Samsung EVO 860? EDIT: I know it's more of an opinion, but I see many options, Western Digital, Kingston, SanDick, Crucial, PNY, SK Hynix, ADATA, etc... I can read reviews on Amazon but I'd like to know from an Unraid perspective if there are ones to use or ones to stay away from.
  10. Thanks. Can you point me to any documentation regarding this? Like, is there a list of SSDs or chipsets / controllers? The drive I upgraded from was a Samsung 840 120G, this is a Samsung 860 500G. Are the errors being caught and handled?... or should I replace the drive? This morning I see the count is now 21 after being idle last night. It seems to have a new error every 31 minutes or so.
  11. Just came across this: Someone said could be issue with AMD SATA controller and the drive. He recommended disabling NCQ but had a Windows registry solution. Is it possible to disable NCQ on Unraid?... is it advisable?
  12. Okay, just rebooted. Before bringing it down I had 12 errors, immediately upon bringing it back up it was 12, but now it has increased to 13 after less than 5 minutes. EDIT: by reboot I mean, powered down disconnected the drive, re-connected the drive, and powered back on.
  13. Yeah, I've read that. That's why I mentioned that it's using the same cable previously used with the drive it replaced. I have also heard that if it clicks, it's a good connection. I don't have a ton a cables lying around, and honestly it was working just fine with the old drive. I'll humor everyone and power it down tomorrow morning, and unplug/replug it back in. Are these numbers stored on the drive itself or in Unraid?... is there a way to reset it?
  14. I upgraded my cache drive today to a Samsung 860 EVO 500G. Before it was some other Samsung 120G. Now I'm getting "CRC error count" errors. This new drive replaced the old one.... same cable, same power connector, etc. Do I have a bad drive? The error count was 0 with the old drive. This thing has been up for just 2 hours and has 8 errors.
  15. Got this working although very slowly. I only have 2 clients on my Zero Tier network. I have this Unraid Docker container, and my cell phone. Browsing files via Total Commander did not work at all (some access denied error). Browsing via CX File Explorer worked but basically unusable due to slowness. Also tried SSH via Juice SSH. Again, basically unusable. It's not my mobile connection because I have a jump host on my network and connecting over internet to Unraid via my jumphost works fine and is fast/responsive. My phone is a Pixel 2. It should bet powerful enough right?