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  1. somehow, i slept on this, thinking it’s been done already. cheers for reminding me.
  2. anyone here can please point me to how to set up the server to be accessed remotely?
  3. you can start with the following: dockers > add container > (see below) and then hit apply. you‘ll see it with other containers on the main page. keep in mind there are some issues in regards to folder privilege and other aforementioned problems. but this is a good place to start.
  4. cheers for pushing the new update, but i don't see any changes regarding the ownership of the files even after adding key variables. also, soulseek settings are maintained as long as i don't edit the docker‘s template. any edit on the template, soulseek loses all configurations and have to resort to importing last saved config data and re-login. like mentioned before, the appdata config path appears to be empty.
  5. whenever changing the dockers template soulseek loses its configurations, any idea why is that happening and how to go about fixing it? it doesn't seem to save anything on /appdata folder either.
  6. guess it is better investing those 11 dollars to treat my belly with a burrito!
  7. okay… so let us say would this affect the performance of preclear, parity check, plex analysis, folder caching, and copying files from unassigned drives to array significantly?
  8. this is a retired old pc of mine, used almost ten years ago, for couple of years only, as a daily driver/gaming machine. i was about to throw it for scraps or give away its parts before a friend of mine suggested i turn it into an unraid nas as i had storage and also physical space problems with around 6–8x2tb wds lying around. this idea never even occurred to me in the first place, so why not have fun with it now! it has been running quite fantastic since december last year, and been serving me well in regards to my storage issues. it is not perfect, but it does the job. and as of now, only looking to add more memory and "horsepower" in it to reach its max.
  9. so in theory, this slashes half the time i wait to do a certain process?
  10. modified e5450 works on lga 775… and it's only 11 dollar upgrade.
  11. as the title suggests, since it is cheap anyways, i am thinking about upgrading my current processor from e8400 to e5450, but wondering if it would yield any benefits in my case. regularly, my unraid is used as nas for movies and music. occasionally, for encoding/re-encoding, and copying/backing up files to and from unassigned drives into array. current os: unraid 6.7.0 motherboard: ep43-ud3l cpu: e8400 ram: g.skill 2x2gb (4gb total) gpu: xfx radeon hd 5750 (off topic) also while i am at it, the chipset on this board does not support vt-d which renders the gpu in the system "useless." is there any way i could benefit from it here? cheers
  12. as usual @SpaceInvaderOne to the rescue. very simple walkthrough, should be easy to follow it with not issues. cheers mate, very much appreciated.
  13. meaning swapping sticks (without key files). btw new machine is setup on trial already.