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  1. The server verifies logged users against the Minecraft main servers to make sure they are licenced... If for some reason, your server can't reach Mojang servers, the user will be refused... To mitigate that, you can change a line in your "" file, in appdata to false online-mode=true I am new to this (been running my server for less than 2 weeks), but this source helped me a lot with setting up the server:
  2. Your server cannot connect to mojang to authentify the user if I am not mistaken... There is an option in the docker version of most Minecraft docker images I have seen to disable "Online mode"... Or you can ensure your server has access to the Internet to query for the username
  3. Hello, noob question here, I need directions to the right place for my researches! I have been searching for 2 days on how server mods work... Clearly, I am not using the right terminology for my search! I would like to know if it is possible to implement mods in the binhex Minecraft server on Unraid... I was able to load mods on my son's local install (based on the fabric stuff...) but I can't find how to load them on our family Unraid server.. By the way, the vanilla docker image is working like magic... 1 click deploy stuff! and it boots fast! Mods I am interested in: Performance boost, like Sodium Ressource packs Shaders (can that run on the server?) Alternate game modes for my kids and their friends to play I am basically experimenting with the kids and teaching them server stuff while learning myself! It also creates a safe "bubble" for the kids to play in without weirdos interacting with them!
  4. Ok... I changed my mounting method from soft to: hard,intr I know this will get me other kinds of issues if the server goes down, but at least, I am able to upload files now!
  5. I am running Pop!OS 20.10 (Ubuntu derivative) When I force nfs V2 in /etc/fstab, I get the "protocol not supported" error
  6. I tried, but I get this response: mount.nfs: Protocol not supported
  7. There might be some issues here... The block size seems huge... doesn't it? I will try mounting with V2 instead of V3 and report EDIT: V2 does not even work, server refuses...
  8. Yeah, me too! I have been using NFS for years... And using it in Unraid for some time too. I had a new error I have never seen before just now... Maybe it will give off a clue... It said "Splicing error" and again, the I/O thing I remember trying to mount my NFS shares with an older version of NFS before, but can't remember if it helped... When I transfer files, I see that the client's buffer fills super fast before the transfer starts (like 2Gb in a few seconds)... that is why I suspect cache or buffer issue.
  9. Sorry for bumping my own thread again... but this has become a nightmare! I can't send medium to large files to my server because they always give me I/O errors. I am mostly certain it has something to do with caching, but I can't figure-out how to solve it...
  10. I searched for the answer for a couple of hours without success... So I figured I would ask here! Recently, I had to do a fresh install of Pop!OS on my main rig because I managed to destroy it! Since then, when trying to transfer large file to my Unraid server through NFS, I always get I/O errors and file corruption. I have a feeling it has to do with caching but I am not certain... can someone point me in the right direction? here is an example of how my shares are mounted in fstab: [unraid server ip]:/mnt/user/[mount point] /home/normand/NFS/NORMAND-NAS-01/[mount point] nfs defaults,timeo=14,soft 0 0 I remember having similar issues in the past but can't remember what I did to fix it. Have a nice day all!
  11. I found the solution... The default path on unraid is not supported by Postgress I changed /mnt/user to /mnt/cache and it works... Bu I have read that is is not the safest way to do things and I can't tell why... And here is a quick and dirty (and functionnal) letsencrypt / nginx .conf example (replace "server_name openproject.* with the name of your chosen subdomain and upstream_app openproject with the name of your container) # Open Project server server { listen 443 ssl; server_name openproject.*; include /config/nginx/ssl.conf; client_max_body_size 0; location / { include /config/nginx/proxy.conf; resolver valid=30s; set $upstream_app openproject; set $upstream_port 80; set $upstream_proto http; proxy_pass $upstream_proto://$upstream_app:$upstream_port; } }
  12. I am sorry to ask again... But I looked hard in the forums and could not find the exact source of the issue.. Some are talking about file permission, but nothing really comprehensible. When you launch an instance yourself, do you let it create it's own DB or do you connect it to an existing one?
  13. Hello, I tried to use your UNRAID docker image and I get this: -----> Starting the all-in-one OpenProject setup at /app/docker/supervisord... -----> Database cluster not found. Creating a new one in /var/openproject/pgdata... The files belonging to this database system will be owned by user "postgres". This user must also own the server process. The database cluster will be initialized with locale "C.UTF-8". The default text search configuration will be set to "english". Data page checksums are disabled. fixing permissions on existing directory /var/openproject/pgdata ... ok creating subdirectories ... ok selecting default max_connections ... 100 selecting default shared_buffers ... 128MB selecting default timezone ... America/Los_Angeles selecting dynamic shared memory implementation ... posix creating configuration files ... ok LOG: could not link file "pg_xlog/xlogtemp.35" to "pg_xlog/000000010000000000000001": Function not implemented FATAL: could not open file "pg_xlog/000000010000000000000001": No such file or directory child process exited with exit code 1 initdb: removing contents of data directory "/var/openproject/pgdata" running bootstrap script ... Can you tell me where I should search before asking you guys :P Thank you!
  14. Okay, but do you use a VPN on UNRAID? and if so, how did you set it up?
  15. Thanks for your answer... I added my home network to the list of subnets in the web Ui.. is that what you refer to?