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  1. @johnny121b I can try to kill impi but I am also headless. I did disconnect all HDs with the same results. I have been in touch with LT also without any luck figuring it out. Thanks for letting me know i am not alone
  2. Attempted to upgraded from 6.4.1 to 6.5.3 again today. You can see my initial attempt here: I manually downgraded it back to 6.4.1, run all updates for plugins and dockers, ran common mistakes plugin, cleaned up the small things it found, then ran the upgrade check tool. All came back clean. I then initiated the update from the GUI and rebooted. Same result. Boot halts right around the Starting Samba part, sometimes before. Specs: Gigabyte ga7pesh1 2 Intel Xeon 2660 96Gb ram Etc. Have ran unraid on this build for years and would love to get this upgrade working. Thanks
  3. Found an old copy of 6.3.5. Copied the BZ* files to the root of the drive. Boots right up. For sure something weird on 6.5.X. Any way I can troubleshoot this?
  4. Tried to use a fresh install. Same thing. Removed my dedicated gpu, went down to one stick of ram, removed extra nic card, disconnected drives. Same thing. Maybe I need an older version that what is currently on the site. Not sure of the exact version I had but it was older than 6.5.2 Any know issues with the c602 chipset boards? Running a Gigabyte GA-7PESH1 board with dual Xeons and about 96gb of memory.
  5. Installed to a new usb key with the installer. Copied my config folder to the drive, ejected, booted on server. Same thing..... Odd
  6. Ran it. Found bunch of errors, coverted lost chains to rec files. Ran it again with the switches /f /r /x Completed, ejected, inserted into server. Stopped at starting SAMBA again. I have a backup of the config file. I might just try to move it to a new drive. Any other ideas?
  7. 6.5.3 stopped at starting NTP 6.5.2 stopped at the same Network Status Monitor bad usb drive???
  8. Memory tested fine. I am at a loss at this point.
  9. It seems to hang up somewhere in that area of the boot. This last time it was at the "compiling GSettings" Will Test Ram and Report back.
  10. I updated to the latest stable version and now my system will not boot. This is the prompt it stops at: I have tried to boot in safe mode without luck. Sometimes it will hang at the "strarting RPC NSM" prompt also. I have tried removing all my custom lines in the go file along with the sysconfig file without luck. Any ideas?
  11. It's actually on onboard controller on an gigabyte server mobo. None of the drive report issues. Hmm. Everything seems to read/write correctly. Diag attached.
  12. Averages at around 6-9mb, should take about a week to finish. Most drives (all but 4 and the cache drives) are connected by an onboard lsi controller in IT mode, including parity.
  13. I have this same issue. Only happening on TrueHD and DTS-HD. Would love this fixed.
  14. I have most of my basic VM's running off an unassigned drive outside the array. It would be nice to be able to keep these vms running even then the array is stopped as they have no real ties to the array. Would be awesome for PfSense and the like.
  15. A good overview of virtualization. Hmm video isn't loading for me on here. Can view here: https://www. Remove Spaces