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  1. I've just upgraded from 6.8.3 to this beta and Wake-on-lan is working fine for me just as it was before. I think it's more a motherboard setting than Unraid... My sleep settings show set "g" before going to sleep.
  2. This is great! I've been coming back to this forum multiple times a day waiting for an update. Just today I'd decided to clear & reformat my cache as I don't really trust btrfs, and this update has come just at the right time for me to upgrade with an empty cache and reconfigure things nicely. Hope that the "various non-work-related challenges" have all been resolved and you and your families are safe & well. Thanks for providing such a great system. Will be moving to this in the next day.
  3. Awesome, thanks for confirming.
  4. Any chance this could be acknowledged and marked for a future fix (even if it's not in 6.9) ? To reproduce: Make a VM with a disk (I called it TEST). Don't set it to start straight after creating. Change the name of the VM (to TEST2 for example). Edit the VM (I changed the memory allocation). Click "UPDATE" and wait... Give up and click on the "VMS" tab to get away from the hang. Note that on going back in to Edit the VM, your change didn't stick. Workaround: When editing the VM (in "FORM VIEW") note that the "Primary vDisk location" is set
  5. It's been doing this for ages (for me at least). If the drive images are not in a folder that matches the machine name then you can't update it because the vDisk location defaults to "Auto". Change this to Manual and it works fine. This needs changing really - if the location doesn't match auto, can the editor show Manual and the real location?
  6. Don't know if things have changed, but when I first started out with Unraid - or when I did some additional playing around - I found that the tool didn't set the keyboard, which caused me issues when using the GUI mode (a temporary thing). Some of us get used to the " and @ keys being in certain places... Still not sure that was ever resolved. Totally get that Unraid is a GUI, and should start off as such with the installer. The options setting in the imager are important in helping new (and old) users avoid the command line, in the same way the browser interface sorts out (nearly?) all t
  7. I run Unraid headless, and use the default (non-gui) option. Yes 2,4,8,10 should be isolated. I've just checked that the IsolCPUs setting matches the flash setting and it does, so have rebooted. Flash settings are OK. I go to settings / CPU pinning and the banner appears as soon as I do that. Isolated CPUs match the flash settings. I try removing the all cpu pinning in the settings page, check that they've been removed from the flash settings (they have) and reboot. When I go into the cpu pinning settings I no longer get the banner. Might go back to this. I dec
  8. Thanks for your reply. I think I'll leave it as is, though I might see if I can restrict it to a single disk and move other shares to other drives. Although perhaps I'm trying to be too neat with it. Beats the pain of trying to copy the files to another disk (which seemed problematic when I tried it briefly).
  9. I really like what it's doing, having de-duped backups of a number of systems is great. Thanks @binhex for building and maintaining this docker. Now, a few questions... I am noticing that when a backup is running (full image backup in this case) that urbackup maxes out one cpu core. It alternates every minute or so which one it is, but it 's unusual in doing this. Also, I initially allocated a single disk for backups, outside of the array. Then I thought I might run out of space, so set it to be inside the array instead (avoiding cache). Due to the number of links
  10. Thanks both for your posts. It's odd then. The boot settings show the same "isolcpus" as the CPU pinning page. (as did /boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg) A few days ago I swapped motherboards (& processor), and had gone in to reset the pinnings, saved & rebooted, then got this message. I've just rebooted and had the same problem. Looking at the Flash config I see some old & invalid stub settings in the GUI version which I have removed, and have rebooted again. Gone into that page and it's flashed up the banner again. What else can I check?
  11. As soon as I visit Settings > CPU Pinning I get the banner with the title "CPU Isolation: A reboot is required to apply changes" The banner persists even though I make no changes. It shows itself when logging into the dashboard on another browser. It clears when the server is rebooted. I'm not expecting this banner to show unless I make changes to the "CPU Isolation" section. I should be able to make and apply VM or docker pinning changes without a reboot. Don't think diagnostics should be necessary but including them anyway. Note that I've recently made some hardware changes
  12. That's the issue, my switches only support Static Link aggregation. Thanks Netgear. I'm connecting 2 ports from my Unraid box to a Netgear GS116Ev2 where the ports can be set for Static LAG. That connects via 2 ports to a Netgear GS908E with LAG set up at both ends. Then into my windows box which I can configure for static LAG. I've been trying to improve the speed (just for the sake of it) without spending too much. Looks like the best way might be to put a card in each machine and use a direct cable run (avoiding the switches), but I've got to use the existing cables as putting in
  13. Also interested to know if Static LAG is possible. Most discussions around this sort of thing seem to result in a recommendation to use 10GBe - I'm keen to avoid the cost of this (seems more expensive in the UK).
  14. Sorry, can't remember. Assuming you mean Windows drivers in the guest VM, then I would have updated to the latest ones ASAP. I keep changing things around to suit other family members, and am moving at least one (what will be a heavily used gaming based machine) back to physical. Keep the virtual for remote desktopping into and an occasional, low use KVM machine.
  15. Would love to see a special deal for a limited licence which allows for just a single drive (possibly a parity as well) - I would like to have a second unraid box just for a few dockers and VMs - PFSense mainly.