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  1. Just fighting the same problem, eventhough, I have tried to fix the AllowedIPs myself, it still does not work. Perhaps there need to be additional configuration done to Unraid such as enabling ip forwarding... Also IP forwarding seems a bit broken in my unraid 6.8.3 had to do quick fix sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 but this is not persistent
  2. +1 I just discovered that in order to get a protected NFS share, I need NFSv4! Well, I would expect this to be no.1 feature to have for a NAS OS, which Unraid is supposed to be.
  3. It looks like the plugin is broken in 6.9. beta 25 (did not try previous betas) When I go to settings of the plugin in web gui, I get a blank screen.
  4. Hi, I have been doing some trouble shooting with NVMe cache drives. I ended up using nvme-cli tools. It would be awesome to include it in the nerd pack. github link There is also a slackware package, which gets updates.
  5. This is just feedback for the guys. I totally love the WG VPN. Best part is, that it runs independently on the status of the array. Befare that, I had VPN dockers, which required the array to be started. I just had a power outage and thus my Unraid rebooted and required to manually start the array. And I could do that thanks to WG. The only issue I have is with windows client, which required rebooting and manual edits of the config to get it working. And the log is useless, is says, everything started, but it never got to handshake. Hopefully this will get resolved quic
  6. So after some tinkering, aparently the problem is caused by gfjardim's Hamachi docker connected to br0. In my opinion that should not happen as the dockers are designed not to interfere with the rest of the system. I will leave hamachi in favour to Wireguard.
  7. Some time and some more linux experience and tcpdump dubugging and here is an update: So I believe, that I found what is causing the issue: My domains share has 16 VM of size 1,5TB. When I change the default VM storage path to "domains2" which is emty, and delete the libvirt.img the packet fragmentation works. I tried also to leave the default VM storage path to "domains" and delete thr libvirt.img and let it rebuild, but any newly created VM has the bug with packet fragmentation. I believe, that by deleting vdiscs from "domains" I can isolate the
  8. I am concerned about other groups which have storage drives and memory violations can cause data corruption, which I wish to prevent. I guess I will try to do heavy testing to find out how reliable is to patch whole pcie tree.
  9. that does the same thing as downstream, which does not separate the chipset group entirely. It separates the NVMe SSDs but not the intel network card and USB controller. Combining the bios ACS patch with id:1022:43b1 does nothing.
  10. I wish to separate USB controller and intel network card into separate IOMMU groups. Unfortunatelly both are connected to chipset and in one IOMMU group. My motherboard is aorus x399 pro with TR 1950x. Here is the relevant part of IOMMU groupings: IOMMU group 0: [1022:1452] 00:01.0 Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Family 17h (Models 00h-1fh) PCIe Dummy Host Bridge [1022:1453] 00:01.1 PCI bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Family 17h (Models 00h-0fh) PCIe GPP Bridge [1022:1453] 00:01.2 PCI bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Family 17h (Mod
  11. No idea how to get the diagnostics out, since, no hdd is accessible. I proceed with fresh install and copy the configs from old installation.
  12. I updated first post with a solution. @trurl It make no sense to keep back from progress. In a few years there won't be 32GB drives available the same way as modern motherboards do not have USB 2.0 ports available on rear IO.
  13. I went to update from 6.7.0 to 6.8.3, after the update I boot up, but my netwotk card is not detected (ifconfig shows only br0 and lo) thus the web gui is not available. Also any USB device connected to AMD's USB ports is not working in unraid. I can get a keyboard working in Asmedia USB port. Weirdly pcie USB card and networkcard with realtek chips is also not working. My mobo is X399 aorus pro with 1950x How can I rollback the update from Terminal? And how can I provide logs from terminal?
  14. Well, today 128GB drives are so cheap and I have a supply of them from my employer. To me it seems, that 32GB is limit of the formatting tool integrated in the Unraid installer.
  15. Hi, I have a strange issue. I got a bunch of SanDisk Ultra Dual 128GB USB-C from work. I want to install unraid on it, but the windows installer does not pick the flashdrive eventhough, I can can make it bootable with Rufus. Is there any reason, why the installer can not use 128GB flash drive? I suppose, I will need to follow documentation and copy unraid to it manually. Do you guys have some thoughts on how to put Hiren-bootcd beside Unraid on the same flash drive in order to have some debugging tools available Solution: So it seems to be quite easy: 1)