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  1. Maor

    RTX2080 passthrough surprise

    The USB is great step towards VMs. That will solve all my problems with not having enough PCIe for additional USB cards.
  2. Maor

    GPU slicing like "Nvidia Grid" in Unraid.

    Would like to know what are the options? What about AMD MxGPU? I could not find anything on the state in jvm, but AMD has downloady for KVM available.
  3. In BIOS you should be able to choose, which GPU will be primary for booting. Unraid than takes that GPU from BIOS. If you do not have such an option in BIOS, than put your nVidia GPU in first slot and AMD GPU in second slot. Performance wise it does not matter, because PCIe x8 is fast enough for the Radeon. https://us.informatiweb.net/tutorials/it/9-bios/230--force-the-use-of-the-internal-graphics-card-onboard-vga.html
  4. I believe that the ITE chip is connected to the ISA bridge. Unraid did not allowed me to pass ISA bridge, since it is not an endpoint device. Also I believe, that bios would lost access to the chip, so the bios fan controll would be broken with passthrough. I will probably build an arduino fan tachometer, if this is not resolved, but interfacing arduino with Unraid would be problem, I have no idea how to make a plugin, so the functionality would be limited to userscripts.
  5. I have UNRAID 6.6.5 and setup a VM with Xubuntu 18.04 (kernel 4.15.0-20) When I try to use apt It get stuck with the following: sudo apt-get update 0% [Waiting for headers] [Waiting for headers] I found out, that it is due to problem with MTU size. When the MTU of the "enp2s0" virtual netwotk interface is set to 1500, it simply does not work. When I set it to MTU = 1472 or similar smaller value it works. Can someone please explain what is wrong? I never had to touch MTU size before, my Unraid server has MTU = 1500 and I never had a problem.
  6. So I tried to compile it myself from this repo: https://github.com/a1wong/it87.git (in Ubuntu forums people claim it working with kernel 4.18) I installed make, gcc, dkms Still having this issue make: error while loading shared libraries: libguile-2.2.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory where do I get the libguile for unraid? attached list of packages I have installed pkg.txt
  7. Maor

    WiFi rather than Ethernet only for unRAID

    +1 here, Now I have set up a VM with the wifi(rtl8812au) and bridge the wifi to the main virtual network bridge. Still have some issues with it. Nicer would be to have a dedicated plugin/docker for the wifi.
  8. Maor

    Logmein Hamachi Docker

    So I finally got somewhat working docker from gfjardim on 6.6.5 I do not know why I had to restart the docker like 8times, before it was able to send the attach request. I think there is room to fix some bugs and make log more verbose. In case someone needs an icon Here
  9. just experienced the same issue with 6.6.1 and 6.6.5 after a bit of playing I believe there is some issue with the vdisk set on auto. choosing manual path worked for me
  10. Thanks for the icons! Here are few I got from deviantart for my Windows VMs
  11. Maor

    Unraid OS version 6.6.5 available

    Thanks for the warning feature of the flash public share. Very usefull and important step to make UNRAID safer for new users.
  12. I know, that the maintainer dropped the support for the driver, because Asus does not like linux. I mean, is there a way to update only some parts of UNRAID to get some of the new features such as new GUI and have the old OOT IT87 driver working? Or have anyone tested it with the latest Unraid? I will most probably try to compile the driver for myself, just to see how much pain is it.
  13. is there any solution to the in tree it87 driver? with the unraid 6.6.1 the modprobe stopped working, the default readings I have only the CPU temp on asus X370 strix. Before I was able to read fan speeds and temp from external sensor.
  14. Maor

    Logmein Hamachi Docker

    There is another docker https://hub.docker.com/r/lolhens/hamachi/ which is favored by the community apps search. So I have installed it with network as host, priviledged and addec variable account. I got it successfully linked to my logmein account and set the docker client as GATE. But I have a problem, that the network is not active. In the GUI version of hamachi for windows client there is need to manually enable the network. How do I turn the GATE network on? Another problem is, when I restart the docker I got this: /usr/local/hamachi Sending attach request to account@logmein without networks .. failed, busy ./hamachi.sh: line 50: pgrep: command not found The client is already attached, so it will fail with the attach requests. And it shuts down the docker.
  15. Maor

    Telegram Bot Notifications

    The most easy way for me to receive notifictions via Telegram is by using this bot: https://t.me/gmailbot You just setup notifications via email to some gmail account and than login to the account with the bot.