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  1. Yes, it took me like a month to find out a proper combination of settings to get my GPU to passthrough properly. Luckily I didn't give up
  2. I tried passing just my nvme controller and doesn't work either. So, for some reason my vfio-pci.cfg is not loading. Downgrade unraid maybe? edit: Got it working by editing my XML.
  3. Because doing that will also pass through all the usb controllers including the one unraid is plugged into.
  4. Version: 6.8.0-rc7 syslinux.cfg label Unraid OS menu default kernel /bzimage append vfio-pci.ids=1987:5012 isolcpus=3-11,15-23 initrd=/bzroot video=efifb:off 1987:5012 is my nvme drive. I will try running in safemode to see if it does anything.
  5. I added BIND=07:00.0 07:00.1 07:00.3 to vfio-pci.cfg but for some reason the usb controllers is not showing in my "Other Devices" in my VM templates. It's like unraid is not loading the file. Am I doing something wrong? vfio-pci.cfg is located in /boot/config/vfio-pci.cfg
  6. Crap those are not usb controllers from my motherboard.....I guess mine didn't passthrough correctly.
  7. I think I got mine passed through but I tried plugging in a usb device and windows doesn't detect it. Is it normal that it says it's an Nvidia usb controller? Also, in device manager one of the controllers is not working. Any I missing something? I accessed the unraid flash drive via Flash share in windows and created the vfio-pci.cfg file inside the config folder with the following content: "BIND=07:00.0 07:00.1 07:00.3" That should've worked right?
  8. Can't seem to run them in Win10 VM. I tried both Nox and Bluestack and they both get stuck at 99%. Anyone have success running these programs?
  9. Alright restarted VM again and it took about 10 minutes before I can see anything on the screen.
  10. Just installed 7daystodie docker. How do I manage the server?
  11. Can someone make a Miscreated server!!! Please! Love that game!
  12. I'm running a Gigabyte X570 and Ryzen 3900X and I want to monitor my CPU temps. When I go into the /boot folder in Krusader. I see no files....
  13. Windows 8.1 working!!!!! Yay I can game again! Now I need to buy a license key! im also the user sleepyme! Sorry for creating a duplicate account. Forgot password for this this account.