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  1. Nope, it didn't. I managed to sell it and bought an NVidia 1050 ti Card instead. I don't like using custom unraid versions and patched kernels. I am hearing that 6700XT does not suffer from the reset bug, so when and if GPUs become reasonally priced again I might buy a flaghip GPU again.
  2. In my case, when the 5700XT was on board the mobo would disable the iGPU if no monitor was attached to it. I had to use a dummy HDMI plug to keep it active in order to pass it to the Plex container.
  3. So, today I started once again from scratch. I deleted macinabox related: ISOs Domains Docker AppData Docket Template Custom OVF Then reinstalled macinabox with default settings (Catalina, download method 1). This installed properly (as the previous time) and I reached the macOS Catalina desktop. I shut down the VM and took a copy of the vdisk. I then booted it up again and upgraded to big sur from system preferences. After a couple of restarts I ended up in the Big Sur desktop. Note that I never completed the SpaceInva
  4. I just installed catalina, kept a copy of the vdisk and now I am upgrading to big sur. Will let everyone know if that works.
  5. what are the big navi cards and what's the fix?
  6. I would not do that, I would just like to know if by booting up with a patched kernel will modify Unraid permanently somehow and I wouldn't be able to go back if needed. Is my insanity for cautiousness that kicked in - again thanks for the replies
  7. Gotcha, thanks for the detailed response. If one runs a rig with AMD GPU only i reckon it's safe to use? Also is going back and forth between pathed and official kernel possible? I guess it's a matter of copying the patched/unpatched *bz files back and forth into the usb stick right?
  8. Thanks for this. Is there hope that it will ever be?
  9. So I bought a new MS Sculpt Keyboard to replace an older MS Keyboard/Mouse set. I pass through the USB dongle to my Win10 VM and everything works fine except if I do not move the mouse for 3-5 seconds then it stops responding (both mouse and keyboard). If I use the attach/detach USB plugin I get it to work again but lose it again if I leave it idle. If I move the mouse constantly it works fine! I guess some weird battery-saving mode is kicking in when left idle and subsequent movement never triggers normal mode back again. The problem is that I cannot return
  10. OK then RC2 here I come this weekend! Question about patching. What happens in future Unraid updates? Do I install the official update and the repatch?
  11. Hello all, owner of a 5700 XT here. I need to clarify a few things. 1. I have read that if a VM is shut down gracefully (clean shutdown) then GPU gets reset as it should. That is not the case for me. Even with a clean shut down I get the AMD reset error if I try to Start the VM again. 2. I tried the AMD reset script following @SpaceInvaderOne video. After the reset I can start the VM but it will stuck at boot after one or two spinning wheel rotations. The only way to start the VM and have it boot properly is if I do a full server restart. 3. I understand that
  12. Hello all, I have watched the video carefully, I have deleted everything and started from scratch like 10 times, and I still cannot install Big Sur. I managed to install Catalina. What I do to retry: 1. delete docker container macinabox 2. delete container template 3. delete macinabox in appdata 4. delete downloaded isos 5. delete macOS vms 6. delete macos domains Issues that I face. - Scripts only installed if Catalina is selected - Big Sur with method 1 in download will always download Catalina - If method 2 i
  13. I bought myself a Pentium G5400 for 70 euros and it can HW transcode 4K HEVC without breaking a sweat. Awesomeness. Now if only plex would fix the washed out colors on HDR->SDR transcodes