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  1. I bought myself a Pentium G5400 for 70 euros and it can HW transcode 4K HEVC without breaking a sweat. Awesomeness. Now if only plex would fix the washed out colors on HDR->SDR transcodes
  2. I don't have to use a Mac for work, I like the ecosystem along with my iOS devices. I prefer it for generic use and some occasional video editing. So I am willing to give hackintosh a try.
  3. Hello all, I am using Unraid for more than a year now for storage and docker apps. Could not be happier. I currently have a Mac Mini with an eGPU enclosure with an AMD Radeon 5700XT in it. I am going to upgrade the Unraid HW and I was thinking if I should invest on an i5/i7 put the 5700XT in the Unraid box and try and set up a Win10 VM for gaming and a MacOS VM for general use/video editing. Both of them need to be able to be GPU accelerated so I can get rid of the Mini and the eGPU enclosure. Browsing and reading for the last hour I cannot understand whether this is doable or not. There is the dreaded navi reset bug that I understand has not been resolved in Unraid 6.8.2 So what's possible at the moment. If one uses a NVidia GPU then there are no drivers for macOS. Is the whole thing non-approachable for the moment? If not then I will just buy a 9th gen Pentium G CPUjust for the HW transcode in Plex and abandon the whole VM scenario. Regards
  4. Has anyone managed to make an HP printer that is listed as "hpcups requires proprietary plugin". I can't make mine print.
  5. Hello all, I have a radarr, sonarr, bazarr setup going on and up to yesterday I could not figure out why most of my hard drives in the array would not spin down (or spinning up all the time). I have: Dynamix Cache plugin so filesystem structure / folder and file names are stored in RAM to avoid disk spin up Plugin that logs which files were accessed (cannot remember its name) Disabled "ignore subs with wrong fps" in Bazarr because I guessed that it will need to access the actual movie file in order to figure the fps. Disabled "check for embedded subs" for the same reason as above. No matter the settings in Bazarr when search for subtitles is running, media files are accessed and disks spin up. One cannot change the interval of the search and the default is 3 hours. Having both English and a secondary (rare) language as wanted, this means that every 3 hour interval subtitle search will search for subtitles for tons of media and spin up most of my disks. I know Bazarr uses subliminal for the actual subtitle search and download. I shut down Bazarr container last night, spun down all my disks, woke up this morning and all disks are still spun down. Any feedback to have subtitle search that will not wake up my disks would be greatly appreciated! Cheers.
  6. Hello all, I have my iTunes media stored in a folder on an Unraid share (array not cache). iTunes reports some 300GB of music. However if I right-click Get Info on this folder I get a 4.7TB folder size. This is only in macOS, krusader docker image on Unraid for example reports correct folder size. I also used DaisyDisk macOS app to calculate the folder size, this one also reports incorrect size. Drilling down to see what takes up so much space I get the folder "Compilations" of iTunes which is 66GB appearing like 20 times adding up to all these incorrectly reported terabytes. I reckon because this folder spreads across many disks macOS gets confused somehow? That's just a guess. Anyone else having this or similar issue? Regards
  7. Hello all, I am using letsencrypt to reverse proxy some of my services (nzbget/radarr/sonarr etc). All these applications support setting a base url so they will be accessed at : https://myname.duckdns.org:5678/service instead of just https://myname.duckdns.org:5678/ I tried Krusader and some other web based file browsers but none of them support running on a base url. They all run at the root of whatever port they use. Does something like that exist? Regards
  8. You can, you can also disable it altogether. Ok, I need to deeply understand how Folder Caching plugin works in order to fine-tune it. Cheers for all the info.
  9. Alright good to know. What if I leave it disabled? Won't plex scheduled scans wake everything up?
  10. I removed it. I now have designated all NAS grade disks to always be on and the rest to spin down after 30 minutes period. All non-NAS grade disks are now down. Will monitor it and let you guys know. Also (if it is indeed the plugins' fault) isn't it ironic that the folder caching plugin yields the exact opposite results of what it is supposed to do?
  11. I installed this in order to avoid disk spinning!